Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 45

45 – We’ll Fight to the Death

Yang Feng with his inferior level-1 spirit aptitude could actually join Warlock College Antalya, it made so that all the youngsters here were full of grievances. Even though they also felt that the youngsters words were extremely malicious, yet the majority kept silent and observed the scene coldly from the sidelines.

Yang Feng swept that youngster with a glance, a whiff of killing intent flashing in his eyes and he said coldly: “Who are you?”

That young man swept Yang Feng with a glance and smiled in ridicule as he spoke: ” I’m Bantania, the third successor to Tutania Principality’s Sanger Clan! Why, you want to duel with me, yellow monkey?”

Yang Feng smiled faintly and then said: “I’m Yang Feng, the only kin of Steel City’s master and I’m Steel City’s only successor! Due to you humiliating our Steel City! On behalf of our Steel City, I’m issuing a formal declaration of war against your Tutania Principality! Our Steel City’s 100,000 mechanical golem legion is going to flatten your Tutania Principality, we won’t withdraw until your Sanger Clan is uprooted!”

“What?! Steel City actually wants to go to war against Tutania Principality?”

“Steel City, in the end what is this force?”

“Is Steel City that Warlock group that just a short time ago defeated Fernandro Principality and killed an official level-2 Warlock of Fernandro Principality?

“No! Reportedly, it was the three great forces Demonic Snake’s Eye, White Ivory and Fernandro Clan that attacked Steel City and were defeated by it. Supposedly, nearly half of Fernandro Clan’s Blood Bat Knights were killed!”

The majority of the youngsters gathered at the Warlock College Antalya were from greater aristocratic clans from the many states of the Southern States Coalition. Many even came from some formidable Warlock Clans, their sources of knowledge and information have by far surpassed that of ordinary people. The news of Steel City defeating Fernando Principality shocked the entire Southern States Coalition, the majority of them knew about this news. Only some ordinary students that had a commoners’ background didn’t had this information.

When Bantania heard those words, his complexion at once became incomparably pale and his whole body trembled somewhat from fear. He originally thought to enrage Yang Feng into a duel with him, if it where that way, by relying o his strength as a high-level Warrior, he was certain of defeating and even heavily injuring Yang Feng, ruthlessly humiliating him once again. He didn’t thought that because of this one sentence, his clan would sink into a war with Steel City.

Bantania considered it, then regained a bit of his calm and with a paled complexion forcibly said in a loud voice: “Impossible! You’re merely the Steel Lord’s nephew – even if you are his only kin, you still can’t represent the entire Steel City to declare war against our Tutania Principality!”

The rest of the aristocratic youngsters’ eyes also flashed with a whiff of suspicion as they looked at Yang Feng.

Neglecting war begets danger, courting war begets death. Every formidable force was very cautious when it comes to starting a new war. Those militant forces that continuously start new wars, they would quickly decline because of those same wars. No successor of a Warlock group, not even the first successor, could represent a force and randomly declare war against another Warlock group.

Under the suspicious gazes of the various people – Yang Feng took out a square palm-sized steel box in a calm and unhurried manner and lightly pressed on it.

That steel box flickered with a radiance that condensed in the air into the image of an up to 2m tall middle-aged man, he was dressed in a silver-white Warlock’s Changpao with a silver thread on the cuffs.

Yang Feng bowed slightly to the image of the middle-aged man in the air and said: “This is Bantania, the third successor to Tutania Principality’s Sanger Clan! He made a malicious statement and discriminated against our ethnicity. On behalf of Steel City, I had formally declared war against Tutania Principality, without withdrawing until the Sanger Clan is uprooted!”

Countless gazes were concentrated on Yang Feng’s fabrication that was Steel Lord Yang Ye. A 100,000 mechanical golem legion, with each golem being comparable to a Knight rank, in Turandot Subcontinent, only those forces with level-3 Warlocks or higher might be able to contend against one or two mechanical golem legions, only those peak Warlock forces that have a Great Warlock as their backer may be able to grasp victory.

In the Southern States Coalition, only Warlock College Antalya had Great Warlock rank experts. The other forces only had a level-3 Warlock as their strongest backer. Steel City was among the key great forces in the Southern States Coalition and its every move was eye-catching.

Bantania looked at Yang Ye’s image in the air, he had a pale complexion and was trembling, as if awaiting trial.

The beautiful young lady with superior level-6 spirit aptitude also stared at Yang Ye’s image in the air and a whiff of hostility flashed in her beautiful eyes.

Yang Ye’s image in the air nodded slightly and said gently with a trace of indulgence: “You’re right! I will issue a declaration of war to Tutania Principality. Moreover, I’ll immediately send troop to attack Tutania Principality and uproot the Sanger Clan! All forces that ally themselves with Tutania Principality, my mechanical golem legion will mercilessly destroy them! Until there’s nothing left of them!”

Yang Ye’s image pointed at Bantania’s small group, and said with a voice full of cruelty and killing intent: “As for you, who stay together with this Sangers Clan’s waste, is it to assume that your clans are going to join forces with his and have a war of extermination against our Steel City?

An aristocratic youngster standing beside Bantania bowed politely in salute towards Yang Ye and said: “Respected Steel City’s City Master Daren, I’m Mankis of Lex Principality and Botani Clan’s eighth successor. I’ve just met Bantania, and there isn’t any deep friendship between us. Our clan also doesn’t wished to be enemies with You!”

Finished speaking, Mankis immediately left the small group and coldly observed from the sidelines.

“Respected Steel City’s City Master Daren …”

Members of the small group, one after another, respectfully bowed in salute towards Yang Ye’s image and them immediately separated themselves from Bantania.

The members of the small group were all elites from their respective clans, although in their hearts they were also full of scorn and discrimination towards the oriental Yang Feng, yet they wouldn’t rashly reveal it. Especially in the face of a formidable Warlock capable of killing level-2 Warlocks, they would be humble.

In front of a Warlock, mortals must be humble! This was the first rule of all the states in Turandot Subcontinent. Those that violate this rule, even if the one killed by an official Warlock was an aristocrat, legal means still couldn’t be used to sanction that official Warlock.

This is a world of Warlocks!1

1 – consult your doctor and see if being a Warlock is for you; might not be applicable to orientals

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