Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 44

44 – Malicious Ridicule

“14 years old, superior level-6 spirit aptitude, qualified!”

The spirit aptitude of most of the youngsters was basically between level-4 and level-5, suddenly, a somewhat excited voice sounded and the gazes focused on a blond and blue-eyed beautiful young lady with a fiery figure.

The level-1 Warlock in front of that blond and blue-eyed beautiful young lady was very excited, he looked at the beautiful young lady as if looking at a treasure.

That level-1 Warlock seemed to be 35 or 36 years old, his gaze soft, handed the beautiful young lady a slip of paper as he gently said: “I’m Nice, an official level-1 Warlock of Warlock College Antalya. If you want to become my personal disciple, please contact me. Here my means of contact.”

The students that looked at the beautiful young lady, their eyes were brimming with envy.

Nice previously gave the other students the cold shoulder, yet he handed an olive branch to that beautiful young lady. This showed that he was extremely optimistic about the future of the beautiful young lady.

With superior level-6 spirit aptitude, if there were no accidents and there was an abundance of resources, promoting to a level-1 Warlock was basically a sure deal. Only, when breaking through to level-2 Warlock would a bottle neck and a the possibility of failure arise. Naturally, such a student made Nice very tempted.

With regards to even an Apprentice Warlock that wasn’t an ordinary student, receiving pointers from an official level-1 Warlock was definitely an opportunity for which one even yearned in one’s dreams. It could spare one a lot of detours as well as gain large amounts of resources.

That beautiful young lady bowed slightly towards Nice in salute and tactfully declined: “Many thank for Your care Nice Daren, I’ll consider it!”

Nice somewhat regretfully swept that young lady with a glance, then his gaze fell on the rest of the youngsters and he regained his indifference: “Next!”

The youngsters continued to step forward and examine their aptitudes.

Yang Feng has been observing and discovered that the majority of the youngsters had level-4 spirit aptitudes and only a few of them had level-5 spirit aptitudes, as for level-6 spirit aptitudes, there was only that beautiful young lady.

After approximately more than 1,000 youngsters went through the examination, suddenly there was a slight uproar. A 14 year old lesser aristocratic youngster, his examination showed a reading of lesser level-6 spirit aptitude. This time, the lesser aristocratic youngster directly chose to become a personal disciple of the official Warlock.

The majority of the youngsters that chose to join Warlock College Antalya were eager to become personal disciples of those official Warlocks. Only those who possessed a formidable background and already had selected a talented teacher in advance, only then would they choose to tactfully decline an official Warlocks recruitment.

After yet another several hundred youngsters went through their examinations, only then was it finally Yang Feng’s turn.

In front of Yang Feng was a male Warlock, he was approximately 36 or 37 years old – he gave Yang Feng a glance, his eyebrows creased slightly and said: “Our Warlock College Antalya, the enrollment this time is for students under the age of 16, your age is to high and doesn’t meet our requirements, leave!

“I’m Yang Feng, the nephew of the Steel Lord! This is my special enrollment certificate!” Yang Feng, in a calm and unhurried manner, took out a badge that emitted faint magic fluctuations and handed it to the Warlock.

That Warlock took the badge, then after carefully looking at it for a while, creased his eyebrows slightly and said coldly: “Place your hand on the crystal.”

Yang Feng at once placed his hand of the crystal.

After a few moments, that crystal released traces of weak murky grey radiance.

“25 years old, inferior level-1 spirit aptitude, qualified!” That Warlock looked at the crystal, his complexion marvelous, and said while almost gnashing his teeth.

Inferior level-1 spirit aptitude, that was the worst possible talent, even a lot of peasants couldn’t compare with. Only some premature infants, useless people that destroy their bodies with women and alcohol, or those injured while inside the womb, only then would one have such a terrible spirit aptitude.

“Inferior level-1 spirit aptitude! How can such a person be qualified?”

“How can one qualify with such an aptitude?”

“Inferior level 1 spirit aptitude, this is the worst spirit aptitude that I have ever seen! My family’s groom (a person that grooms horses) might have a much higher spirit aptitude than him!”

One after another, discussions sounded, they all questioned the legitimacy of Yang Feng’s admission qualifications.

Warlock College Antalya was one of the six peak Warlock forces in Turandot Subcontinent. Those who wish to enter Warlock College Antalya to study were like a school of silver carp (aka, numerous) – every year, less than a 1,000 people could enter Warlock College Antalya to cultivate on their Warlock Path.

The examination of the spirit aptitude was only the first one, there was still a second screening. Those students with a level-5 or higher spirit aptitude could basically stay and cultivate in Warlock College Antalya, and students with a level-4 spirit aptitude still need to be screened and weeded out.

A place to cultivate in Warlock College Antalya, if sold on the black market, then even if it would cost 1,000 Gold Coins there would be a lot of greater aristocrats willing to pay for it.

Yang Feng’s spirit aptitude was only at inferior level-1, him entering Warlock College Antalya, naturally attracted jealousy and dissatisfaction of countless people.

A large number of youngsters condemned Yang Feng. Yang Feng thickened his face and acted as if he didn’t hear anything.

However, it was evident that those official Warlock teachers also didn’t had a favorable impression of Yang Feng, they looked coldly from the sidelines and allowed those youngsters condemn Yang Feng.

A blond and blue-eyed, handsome and brawny youngster ridiculed maliciously: “These oriental yellow monkeys don’t know shame! Inferior level-1 spirit aptitude, to even dare and come to Warlock College Antalya. I suggest that we arrest them all, stuff them into cages, feed them bananas and then throw them out!”1

Yang Feng listened to those malicious words, creased his eyebrows slightly, turned and looked at the youngster.

He observed that blond and blue-eyed youngster that stood with several extraordinary youngsters beside the young lady with a superior level-6 spirit aptitude, forming a small group. The entire small group of youngsters had looks of ridicule, they dismissively looked at Yang Feng with eyes full of undisguised contempt and malice.

A lot of people’s memories were stored in Nr.3796’s database. By reading those people’s memories, Yang Feng had some understanding of Turandot Subcontinent’s local conditions, customs and social order.

The society in Turandot Subcontinent was predominantly composed of white people. In addition to the white people, there were also some orientals from the main continent wandering about.2

In Turandot Subcontinent, there were a lot of white people and they discriminated greatly against orientals, they believed that when those orientals arrived they would steal their jobs, achievements, land and the opportunities of becoming a Warlock.3

Originally, Zhao Jiang’s ancestor, under Fernandro Principality, had enough merits to be conferred the title of Viscount, but under the suppression of the other aristocrats he could only reluctantly receive the title of Baron – furthermore he was banished to the remote Autumn-Leaf Village. That all happened because of discrimination and suppression.

It was very difficult for orientals to integrate in the mainstream society, it may require several, perhaps maybe even more that a dozen generations of great effort, only then might they be fully integrated in Turandot Subcontinent’s mainstream society.

1 – racism and lolies, the only way the guy knows how, is there even any other way? xD

2 – what about black people?

3 –

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