Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 43

43 – Ancient Energy Absorbing Tree

Bella and the other aristocratic youngsters listened to Gars introduction, revealing a trace of longing. Ordinary states couldn’t be as extravagant as St. Kaulin City, they couldn’t casually plant such precious plants like Sun Light Trees on both sides of the road.

Excluding St. Kaulin City, the other six miracle cities as well as some top-notch Warlock forces, most of the land within Turandot Subcontinent was at the level of medieval europe. Bella and the rest of the aristocratic youngsters were much more experienced than commoners, but they were still country bumpkins when compared to second generation Warlocks like Gars.

The inside of St. Kaulin City was tidy and orderly, the roads were smooth, everyone was dressed in gorgeous clothing and had rosy complexions. Every building within the city had a unique style. Many large buildings were brimming with an artistic beauty. The city was lacking the scenes or ordinary cities, such as mud everywhere, with animal feces being common as well as flows of sewage. It was even more beautiful, clean, lively and flourishing than the cities of earth’s modern europe.

Yang Feng, as someone who had an enormous convoy of 2,000, after he entered St. Kaulin City, he attracted the attentions of countless onlookers. Especially that up to 6m tall mechanical Bladed-troop as well as other similar battle robots, they attracted the gazes of countless onlookers.

Mechanical golems were not rare in Turandot Subcontinent, but the majority of those mechanical golems were in the hands of official Warlocks, ordinary people seldom could see such large battle golems like the Bladed-troop.

Although the real estate prices in St. Kaulin City were ridiculously high, but after negotiating with Warlock College Antalya, at a price of 10,000 Magic Stones, Yang Feng bought a small manor within St. Kaulin City via the name of Steel Lord Yang Ye.

After Yang Feng and his entourage entered the small manor in the evening for a rest – under the Gars guidance, they then went towards the direction of Warlock College Antalya.

Warlock College Antalya was located in the center of St. Kaulin City, it was a city within a city with a diameter of up to 30Km. The area within 1,000m of Warlock College Antalya’s entrance had lush trees surrounded by grass, without any signs of human habitations to be seen. Yet outside that 1,000m area, it was bustling with activity, with countless shops everywhere.

This was the day that Warlock College Antalya recruited new students, resulting in the road leading towards Warlock College Antalya being crowded.

“Mechanical golems!”

“Those mechanical golems are so big!”

“Who is that person? To actually have such terrifying mechanical golems acting as his guards!”

Suddenly, bursts of discussions were heard among the crowd as it parted.

Under the guard of 8 level-7 battle robots, Yang Feng and his entourage arrived outside the entrance of Warlock College Antalya. The nearby crowd watched those battle robots beside Yang Feng as a whiff of reverence flashed in their eyes.

Every one of those mechanical Bladed-troops was 6m tall and equipped with a lot of tyrannical weapons. At a glance it would make people realize that unless one possessed Warlock rank battle prowess, otherwise, one couldn’t defeat those big guys. The person guarded by those steel freaks, was a Daren that absolutely couldn’t be offended.

In the crowd, a blonde and blue-eyed, fiery figure, with extremely alluring features, approximately 16 year old young lady fiercely stared at Yang Feng and murmured full of resentment: “He’s Steel Lord’s sole kin!”

A middle-aged man standing beside the beautiful young lady whispered: “Princess, Your Royal Highness, I beg You to not act blindly without thinking! The Steel Lord is a lunatic! If you gave him a pretext, then our Fernandro Clan would be in danger.”

That beautiful princess’ eyes flashed with a whiff of confidence and she said coldly: “I know! I won’t act rashly without thinking, but I also absolutely won’t let him have it easy!”

Yang Feng and his entourage, under the guard of the 8 battle robots arrived at the place 1,000m from the entrance of Warlock College Antalya and only then stopped.

Warlock College Antalya’s rules were very strict, the 1,000m path can only be journeyed by those youngsters that were going to participate in Warlock College Antalya’s entrance examination, all the servants and guards, once they step onto that path at best they would get severely punished, at worst they would be directly killed or forced to act as alchemic materials.

Under Gars guidance, Yang Feng followed the close to 10,000 youngsters from the Southern States Coalition towards Warlock College Antalya in great strides.

“Such a big tree!”

Yang Feng arrived at Warlock College Antalya’s gate and looked towards its depth, there was a giant tree above a high mountain, the giant tree was towering, with countless branches and emitted traces of rainbow-like radiance.

Gars said proudly: “This is an Ancient Energy Absorbing Tree, its a special extremely ancient tree from the same plane as the Sun Light Trees! It can absorb the drifting energies from the space and condense them into the Magic Crystal Pool, even on the main continent, it would also be considered a rare treasure. If the Ancient Energy Absorbing Tree hadn’t been already merged with Warlock College Antalya, then perhaps it would have already been taken by the experts from the main continent.”

Magic Stones were ores with extraordinary energy, they were divided into four grades: inferior Magic Stones, intermediate Magic Stones, superior Magic Stones and top-notch Magic Stones. The exchange rate for each successive grade was at 100: 1. Above the top-notch Magic Stones, there were still treasures such as Magic Crystals. The Ancient Energy Absorbing Tree could absorb the drifting energies from the space and condense them into the Magic Crystal Pool, its value could be imagined.

In Turandot Subcontinent, there were many forces with Great Warlock rank experts, but those forces were by far inferior to Warlock College Antalya and the other six great forces. That was because those forces’ roots were much more shallow then those of the six great forces. This Ancient Energy Absorbing Tree was one of Warlock College Antalya’s roots.

At the gate of Warlock College Antalya, there were ten tables, behind every table sat a level-1 Warlock emitting formidable fluctuation of life force.

A crystal used to examine those youngsters’, that were thirsty for admission, spirit aptitude was placed above each table.

An elderly man dressed in a black Pao looked indifferently at the surroundings as his voice sounded: “15 years old, inferior level-3 spirit aptitude. Not qualified!”

A youngster dressed in a gorgeous attire had his complexion change slightly, he clenched his teeth and left with an unwilling expression.

Warlock College Antalya’s enrollment was very strict, the spirit aptitude must have reached inferior level-4, only then can one join it. Some small Warlock forces let one join them as long one had a spirit aptitude of intermediate level-2.

“14 years old, inferior level-4 spirit aptitude, qualified!”

“16 years old, superior level-4 spirit aptitude, qualified!”

“15 years old, inferior level-5 spirit aptitude, qualified!”

“15 years old, superior level-3 spirit aptitude, not qualified!”

The voices sounded time and again, pronouncing the fates of those youngsters from Southern States Coalition. Those that had been declared as qualified looked very hapy, those that had been declared as not qualified, their faces were deathly pale as if they just lost a parent.

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