Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 35

35 – Hunting Tooth Wilderness

Hunting Tooth Wilderness is the only way that leads towards Warlock College Antalya from the following three great principalities: Fernandro Principality, Senarus Principality and Poten Principality. It belongs to Senarus Principality.

Hunting Tooth Wilderness had an extremely strange climate, it was basically unable of growing food. Senarus Principality was an agriculture oriented state, thus within Hunting Toot Wilderness were only a few large pastures. The remaining area was unregulated.

Countless criminals, thugs and scum from the three great principalities converged and formed groups of violent bandits within Hunting Tooth Wilderness, threatening those that left for Warlock College Antalya.

Whenever the bandits’ forces flourished, Warlock College Antalya would send a formidable Warlock for a clean up. Only those bandits could never completely eliminated, every time a group was exterminated, another one would sprout out after a brief respite, never to be completely eliminated.

Those bandits were desperate and extremely violent. The three great principalities had lots of people leave for Warlock College Antalya every year and die tragically en route at the bandits’ hands. Thus, this Hunting Tooth Wilderness was an extremely dangerous place in the eyes of mortals.

On the main road of Hunting Tooth Wilderness, an extremely huge caravan was currently slowly moving forward.

Within the caravan, there were more than 500 carriages, with each carriage being modified, becoming faster and longer as well as packed tight with merchandise. The caravan was also guarded by more than 2,000 people.


A voice reverberated in the caravan, the huge caravan halted its movement at once.

Extremely skilled cooks came down from the carriages, took out various kinds of tools and started cooking.

The door to a modified luxurious carriage opened and Yang Feng came down from within.

Like a ghost, Shi Xue also jumped down from the carriage and followed closely after Yang Feng as if a small tail.

A small practice field, littered with different kinds of weapons, was erected.

Yang Feng walked into the small practice field with large strides. Within the practice field, there were already 4 expressionless robots waiting while holding clubs.

“Begin!” Yang Feng went to the center of the small practice field, took a deep breath and operated Magic Note’s Titan, all of his muscles were at once stretched taut and bulged up, swelling up slightly into small circles.

The 4 expressionless robots holding clubs suddenly ferociously lashed at Yang Feng from various directions.

Magic Note’s Titan was a formidable secret method for imitating a giant. It’s core cultivation concept lied in the cultivator being regarded as a piece of refined iron, after enduring countless lashes, it would stimulate the potential of the body, tempering it into steel.

Under the countless club lashes, Yang Feng felt waves of pain through his entire body, only then did he operated Magic Note’s Titan. That pain was then turned into waves of warm currents flowing within his body.

After five minutes of lashing, the badly battered Yang Feng quickly took out the elixir Repairing Water worth 20 Gold Coins and immediately downed it.

Once the Repairing Water entered Yang Feng’s body, it begun to immediately repair his injuries.

Cultivating Magic Note’s Titan also required the consumption of large amounts of money. If there wasn’t Repairing Water to assist him, then after Yang Feng was lashed, he would need to rest for 30 days in order to restore his body. Additionally, if he was the least bit incautious during his cultivation, then he could leave behind internal injuries.

A small aristocratic clan such as Zhao Jiang’s had less than 500 Gold Coins as their savings. Ordinary people even so more couldn’t afford the 20 Gold Coins of the Repairing Water.

“So comfortable! After cultivation, the entire body feels pleasant and vigorous! It practically can’t compare with the previous status of subhealth! No wonder this world has so many cultivation maniacs! This kind of cultivation can indeed make people become addicted to it!” Yang Feng’s entire body was pleasant, warm and extremely comfortable, he squinted his eyes and begun to scan his status.

<Yang Feng, basic attributes, strength 0.73, agility 0.84, physique 0.72, spirit 0.9.>

<Blood-meridians: earth’s waste.>

<Spirit aptitude: inferior level-1.>

<General evaluation, classified as a level-0 life form. Evolution potential, small!>

Yang Feng’s eyes flashed with a whiff of excitement: “Excluding the spirit force that rose by 0.05, all the other attributes rose by 0.1! Magic Note’s Titan, as expected, the name isn’t in vane.”

Yang Feng lately had continuously cultivated Magic Note’s Titan, within a ten day period, all of his attributes rose by 0.1, that meant that his body constitution within those short ten days was upgraded by close to 20% Although he was still a waste, bu he still could feel the benefits of cultivation.

Yang Feng looked at Shi Xue by his side, his eyes flashed with a whiff of envy as he launched the scan: “Unfortunately, compared to her, my progress is shit, ah! Superior level-8 spirit aptitude is really perverted!”

<Shi Xue, basic attributes, strength 2.5, agility 2.6, physique 3.1, spirit 4.5.>

<Blood-meridians: the database is inadequate. According to the analysis of the known data, the life form possess formidable blood-meridians.>

<Natural charm! This is her innate talent, birthing a good impression in a persons heart after a glance. She is Extremely attractive to males.>

<Spirit aptitude: superior level-8.>

<General evaluation: currently classified as a level-3 life form. The life form possess enormous evolution potential.>

Within those ten days, Yang Feng cultivated Magic Note’s Titan and rose all of his attributes by 0.1. While Shi Xue rose her’s by 1.0. The cultivation speed of both parties differed by 10 time or more.

One must know that the further one advances in one’s cultivation, the slower will one’s cultivation speed be. 1.5 of strength rising by 0.1 will be much more difficult than 0.6 of strength rising by 0.1.

However, Shi Xue doesn’t has a need to use any heaven and earth treasures and only by cultivating Western Ice Phoenix, she had her attributes increase bu 1.0 within 10 days. This cultivation speed made Yang Feng, who drank an unknown amount of Repairing Water, become somewhat envious.

Shi Xue chuckled, clapped her hands and said: “Too fierce! Ge-ge! You’re actually able to withstand the attacks of the clubs, really too fierce.”

Yang Feng laughed heartily as he spoke: “Haha! It’s only natural!”

With a head full of golden long hair, height of 1.75m, slender body, a well developed sexy figure, a pair of giant breasts that were nearly ripping their clothing apart, an extremely beautiful woman with a touch of extravagant elegance was dressed in a maidservant-like attire as she flirtatiously went before Yang Feng and said in a gentle voice: “Master, lunch is ready!”

This golden-haired big breasted great beauty was Giant-Stone City’s White Cat with a Hat hotel’s signature beauty, Sissi. Before his death, Zhao Jiang was also obsessed with her, she was the woman of his dreams.1

After Yang Feng captured Giant-Stone City and slayed Sissi’s original master, the Viscount, he conveniently seized her and made her act as a maid.

“What a pity! The smell of prostitution is too strong – additionally, the skin is too rough and the makeup is too thick. Sure enough, the real stunning beauties are Warlocks, or Apprentice Warlocks.” Yang Feng glanced at Sissy, the great beauty, and his eyes flashed with a whiff of regret.

After Sissi meticulously put on makeup, she appeared extremely beautiful, but after a closer look, one would discover her skin to be full of thick pores, not like the snow white as if silk Shi Xue, they shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence. Furthermore, after she removes her makeup, Sissi’s good looks would be greatly reduced, she would be merely considered an ordinary beauty. The only thing that she can be proud of is her well developed sexy figure, within Yang Feng’s maids, she was currently ranked as first in that aspect.2

1 – Sissi was mentioned in chapter 2 (as Qian Qian)

2 – Idiom: 同日而语 – lit. to speak of two things on the same day

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