Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 36

36 – Storm Wolfs

A snow white cloth was spread on a round table made of rosewood – top-notch porcelain imported from the eastern main continent were displayed above the dining table.

Baked oysters, veal with black pepper, ox tongue with salt and pepper, oxtail soup, lobster baked in cheese, and other delicious and lavish cuisine were placed on the snow white top-notch porcelain, emitting a tempting fragrance.

Yang Feng picked up a slice of veal with black pepper with the chopsticks and bit a mouthful of it – brimming with gravy, it melted and its fragrance immediately filled his mouth.

Yang Feng was satisfied and gave a sentence of praise towards the cook: “Pretty good! Root, your cooking is quite good!”

Root bowed slightly in salute and said: “Master, I’m honored to receive Your praise!”

All the best cooks within Black City’s sphere of influence were recruited by Yang Feng, to be in charge of his diet. And Root was one of them.

“I’m finally able to enjoy an aristocrats life!” Yang Feng looked around at the beautiful maid and the dining table with the top-notch cuisine, and revealed a trace of satisfaction.

With the current forces under Yang Feng’s command, he could even establish a small principality. Additionally, within that small principality, only he would be an aristocrat and all the wealth would be entirely under his control. He could be considered to be as wealthy as a state.

The majority of Yang Feng’s forces were robots. Robots didn’t need to have any salary, they only needed to be supplied with sufficient energy, they would bear with hardship without complaints, they work without making mistakes – therefore, in terms of salary, he saves quite a large sum. It could be said the the major chunk of income in his territory is his net income, which lets him bear a luxurious life comparable to a big-shot aristocrats’.

The oysters, veal, lobster, ox tongue, oxtail and other ingredients were placed inside a level-0 Mysterious Treasure specially refined by a Warlock-Alchemist to keep them fresh. Just to keep those ingredients fresh required the consumption of 1 Magic Stone a day. Ordinary nobles would become bankrupt after a few days.

Yang Feng finished lunch, received the slightly moist, hot and fragrant towel from Sissi and wiped his mouth – then slowly stood up, looked towards the distance and whispered: “Should be about now!”

Just as Yang Feng had spoken, from the south of the wilderness appeared more than a dozen young men and women dressed in gorgeous aristocratic attires. Behind the more than a dozen young men and women was a group of horse-mounted bandits on their heels.

The young men and women were headed by a slightly plump with a head full of blue hair aristocrat, as he shrieked in appall: “Help! Save me! I’m the son of Warlock College Antalya’s level-1 Warlock Abel! Quickly save me! I’ll reward you handsomely!!”


“Please save us!”

The more than a dozen young men and women dressed in gorgeous aristocratic attire, all of them screamed loudly.

Yang Feng waved his hand and 200 level-4 mechanical Bladed-troops, that looked almost exactly the same as humans, quickly went to rescue those more than a dozen young men and women dressed in gorgeous aristocratic attire.

Among those 200 bandits that were in the back in close pursuit, a leader-looking bandit raised his hand, then the bandits seized their charge.

The bandit leader’s eyes flashed with a whiff of a cold ominous glint as he threateningly said: “I’m Budd the leader of Storm Wolf! Hand over those that are my prey and I’ll let this matter be! Or else, you should forget about leaving this Hunting Tooth Wilderness!”

Yang Feng gave the leader of the bandits a glimpse and immediately launched the eyeglasses’ scanning function.

<Budd, basic attributes, strength 5.1, agility 5.7, physique 6.2, spirit 4.3.>

<Blood-meridians: human’s.>

<Spirit aptitude: inferior level-3.>

<General evaluation, classified as a level-5 life form. Evolution potential, small!>

Yang Feng gave an indifferent smile and waved his hand: “A trifling Great Knight actually dares to yap nonsense in front of me! Go put out their lights!”

The 200 Bladed-troops, while holding alloy blades, directly charged at those more than 200 bandits.

An aristocratic youth’s complexion slightly changed and he whispered towards level-1 Warlock Abel’s son: “Fuck! Gars, this guy is so stupid. To actually use infantry in a charge against cavalry! It’s the same as sending his subordinates to death! We should run away!”

Gars whispered back: “I also think that he’s very stupid, tell the others to be ready to escape at any time. Wait until the caravan is defeated, then we’ll take advantage of the confusion and run away.”

To use infantry to charge at cavalry, was the same as sending the infantry to their deaths. Within Turandot Subcontinent, only infantry with a phalanx formation might contend against cavalry. Furthermore, only those most elite valiant warriors that don’t fear death might contend against cavalry in a phalanx formation. Otherwise, if an infantry meets a cavalry on the battle field, then it would basically result in a bloodbath.1

Those more than a dozen young men and women that managed to escape the danger by a fluke, they were originally relaxed then their hearts started to race once more, they looked at Yang Feng as if looking at a moron.

The more than 2000 guards defending against the fierce and tough cavalry of 200 people, the best way would be to use the carriages in an all round defense, then use bow arrows and crossbow bolts to carry out the defense. Infantry charging at cavalry, only the most stupid commanders would issue such an order.

Budd’s eyes flashed with a whiff of contempt, he pointed with the Zhanmadao in his hands towards Yang Feng and shouted: “Moron! Follow me! The one who cuts down that moron’s head and brings it to me, I’ll allow him to have his share of women and goods.”2

When those bandits heard Budd, they all clamored with excitement, grasped their scimitars tightly, yelled some strange words and charged fiercely towards the level-4 Bladed-troops.

Very quickly, Storm Wolf’s cavalry formation ruthlessly clashed with Yang Feng’s level-4 Bladed-troops.

A Storm Wolf’s warrior laughed malevolently, brandished his Zhanmadao and ruthlessly chopped at a level-4 Bladed-troop, with the power of the mount’s charge.

Once that cavalry launched its assault, with the power of the charge, even Knight rank experts could be killed. The Storm Wolf’s warrior had already envisioned that level-4 Bladed-troop being cut into two parts by his blade.

That level-4 mechanical Bladed-troop was expressionless, it merely brandished brandished it’s 2m long alloy blade mechanically and chopped down at the Storm Wolf’s warrior.

In the next moment, scorching blood sprayed, that Storm Wolf’s warrior and even his mount, were both cut into two pieces, as blood and viscera sprayed on the level-4 Bladed-troop.

Practically at the same time, countless amount of blood splashed on the battlefield, the Storm Wolf’s cavalry, man and mount, continued being cut into two parts – corpses littered the ground, it was like a scene of hell!

The complexion of an aristocratic young girl paled, with her stomach churning, she almost vomited, she then whispered: “So terrifying!! They’re Knight rank experts! How could there be so many Knight rank experts?”3

1 – phalanx formation-

2 –

3 – Idiom: 翻江倒海 – lit. overturning seas and rivers

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