Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 34

34 – Blood-Meridian Secret Methods vs. Orthodox Secret Methods

Yang Feng was lately learning a lot o basic knowledge related to Warlocks under Robot Bonney’s guidance.

I seek truth in the darkness and pursue eternity!

That was a saying of First Warlock Dynasty’s first appointed Warlock Emperor Time Lord, this saying was also regarded by countless Warlocks as being truthful. Warlocks’ ultimate goal was to acquire eternity.

Countless Warlocks, in order to acquire eternity, have their tracks spread over countless planes. They absorbed the knowledge of those planes, seized their life forms, carried out blood-meridian remodeling, taboo research, spirit research, mechanical golem manufacturing and all other kinds of research.

Secret methods were founded after Warlocks obtained countless planes’ knowledge and practiced occult arts.

Secret methods were divided into two great categories, one was the blood-meridian secret methods, the other one was the orthodox secret methods.

Blood-meridian secret methods involve the transplant of formidable life form’s blood-meridians and the posterior cultivation of special secret methods, resulting in the entire person transforming into a kind of formidable life form. After countless advancements and creation of countless freaks, Second Warlock Dynasty obtained a ripe secret method. Prior to Second Warlock Dynasty, basically all Warlocks cultivated orthodox secret methods.

Different from the orthodox secret methods, the blood-meridian secret methods’ might was enormous and the cultivation speed was also surprisingly fast. As long as a formidable life form’s blood-meridians were transplanted into one’s body and one is able to withstand it – then with the same resources, Blood-Meridian Warlocks that cultivate blood-meridian secret methods, their cultivation speed may be more than ten times higher than that of Orthodox Warlocks’.

However, cultivating blood-meridian secret methods also had its limitations. That is, once one transplanted blood-meridians, it would be difficult to change them. Additionally, some formidable blood-meridians also had the potential to evolve – once the transplanted blood-meridian’s potential was depleted, then one would be restricted by one’s blood-meridians and would have great difficulties in advancing further.

Orthodox secret methods don’t have those kinds of restrictions – those that cultivate orthodox secret methods, if they become dissatisfied with them, they can at any time switch to another secret method, and even can combine two or three different secret methods that don’t conflict with each other. Of course, in order to switch secret methods, one still must pay a certain price.

Magic Note’s Titan was a formidable blood-meridian secret method. Western Ice Phoenix was a formidable orthodox secret method. The two secret methods where many times more formidable than Black Cottage’s secret methods. Especially the Western Ice Phoenix, even though it could only be cultivated until level-1 Warlock, yet it was valuable enough to become a small Warlock Clan’s inherited secret method.

As for Knights’ cultivation secret methods, they were in fact the body-tempering branch of a Warlock’s cultivation. A Knight rank expert’s body constitution was equivalent to level-1 Apprentice Warlock’. A Sky Knight’s body constitution is equivalent to level-1 Warlock’s.

After both parties got what they wanted and rows of polite conversation, they begun to exchange their cultivation experiences.

Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye had Robot Bonney’s memories as a reference, he inquired Eudorax about a lot of snags within a level-1 Warlock’s cultivation.

Eudorax on one hand gave Yang Ye pointers on issues within level-1 Warlock’s cultivation, on the other hand confirmed that Yang Feng’s embodiment of Yang Ye was truly only a level-1 Warlock.

Both parties were quite pleased with their conversations, two days later, only then did Eudorax left Black City.

Black City, Warlock Pagoda, within the master bedroom of the third floor.

Yang Feng in his body sat on a sofa covered in white bear’s fur, heaved a sigh of relief and satisfaction, then said unhurriedly: “The war has currently come to a conclusion, we now gained some time of respire. We need to start building the Fortified Stronghold.”

Nr.3796 asked: <Where shall we build the Fortified Stronghold?>

Beside Yang Feng, Robot Bonney’s eyes flashed and emitted two light rays, in the air appeared a map marked with Yang Feng’s sphere of influence.

Yang Feng said: “Establish a Portable Fortified Stronghold in Giant-Stone City! Establish a Permanent Defensive Stronghold in Black City! However, Black City’s defensive stronghold doesn’t need to be build with a matter and energy converter.”

Matter and energy converter was the most core part in producing a stronghold. Nr.3796 possessed a great amount of technological creations that exceed this era. However, due to lack of materials, those formidable technological creations couldn’t be produced on a large scale. A matter and energy converter could convert energy into all kinds of materials. With this machine, one had the ability to produce even even more formidable battle robots in a large scale as well as other technological creations.

Currently, there was no lack of steel nor energy in order to build a level-1 Portable Fortified Stronghold, there was only a lack of Dimensional Crystals. Therefore, Nr.3796 needed to use its ability, via its own build-in matter and energy converter, to slowly produce the Dimensional Crystals. Had there been a large matter and energy converter, then the Dimensional Crystals could have been effortlessly produced.

Yang Feng’s intention was to build a Portable Fortified Stronghold then in case he runs into some existence that he was unable to resist, he could take the Portable Fortified Stronghold and escape. With that large Portable Fortified Stronghold, no matter where, he could quickly make a comeback.1

<Understood! In order to build a Portable Fortified Stronghold, what should the resources distribution ratio be? Once the resources distribution ratio is decided, then in order to adjust the distribution ration would require a month of prior notice in order to carryout the adjustments.>

Yang Feng said: “List the construction time for the distribution of resources at 50% and higher.”

<Resources distribution ratio at 50%, requires 3,712 days in order to complete the construction.>

<Resources distribution ratio at 60%, requires 3,421 days in order to complete the construction.>

<Resources distribution ratio at 70%, requires 3,012 days in order to complete the construction.>

<Resources distribution ratio at 80%, requires 2,512 days in order to complete the construction.>

<Resources distribution ratio at 90%, requires 1,900 days in order to complete the construction.>

<Resources distribution ratio at 100%, requires 1,221 days in order to complete the construction.>

“Ten years? So long!” Yang Feng’s eyebrows creased slightly and he said: “In case I obtain the Dimensional Crystals, then the construction time would be shortened to how many days?”

<20 days! If You’re able to obtain enough Dimensional Crystals, then I’m able to produce a Portable Fortified Stronghold within 20 days.>

Yang Feng made a decision: “Then let the resources distribution ratio be at 50%!”

50% of resources would be used in the construction of a Portable Fortified Stronghold, the other 50% of resources Yang Feng would use to expand his mechanical legion as well as promote his body’s strength. If all the resources were to be invested into the construction of the Portable Fortified Stronghold, then excluding the currently available mechanical legion that could be employed, he would be unable to build any new battle robots – therefore, in case he encounters a Great Warlock rank expert, then even his entire mechanical legion could be destroyed.

Nr.3796 said: <Affirmative! I will immediately begin with the construction of the Portable Fortified Stronghold in Giant-Stone City.>

“When I leave for Warlock College Antalya to study, I’ll hand this place over to you!”

<Not a problem! I will strictly implement the procedures that You formulated.>

1 – Idiom: 东山再起 – lit. to return to office after living as a hermit on Mount Dongshan

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