Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 29

29 – Scarlet Hands Blitz

Southern States Coalition was a coalition formed by 10 large principality’s as well as approximately 100 small states. A lot of the small states only had one city.

Warlock College Antalya was located in the heart of Southern States Coalition and it had the control over all of Southern States Coalition’s member states.

Warlock College Antalya’s headquarters lied in St. Kaulin City, which was the only city within Southern States Coalition with it’s population surpassing 5,000,000 people.

St. Kaulin City, within a room in a hotel.

Allen’s eyebrows creased tightly as he continuously made considerations in his mind: “How awful, Warlock College Antalya actually hasn’t received me! Do they even want to settle the issue with the mighty Steel Lord?”

Allen arrived at St. Kaulin City more than ten days ago, basically no one from Warlock College Antalya’s side had contacted him during that time. As if he had become forgotten. This made him somewhat restless.

Once Warlock College Antalya was determined and wanted to get rid of Yang Feng’s fabrication that was Steel Lord Yang Ye, then Allen’s plight would become extremely perilous. But no matter how resourceful Allen was, there was to little intelligence and nothing that he could do – after all, the time he spent in St. Kaulin City was to short.

“Mr. Allen, Warlock College Antalya’s Köln Daren requests an audience with you.”

After knocking on the door, the extremely courteous voice of the waitress came from the outside.

Allen’s eyes lighted up, he immediately stood up and opened the door.

Outside the door stood a 35 or 36 years old Official level-1 Warlock beside the waitress, he was wearing a Warlock’s white Pao with a silver thread on the cuffs.

That Warlock smiled slightly and said: “Are you Allen? I’m Warlock College Antalya’s Köln.”

“Köln Daren! I’m Allen!” Allen put his right hand on his chest and bowed slightly in salute towards Köln.1

Within Turandot Subcontinent, whenever an Apprentice Warlock sees an Official Warlock, he needs to salute. It is a necessary custom. If one doesn’t follow it, some narrow-minded Warlocks might even take the initiative to get rid of those that don’t understand the custom.

Köln smiled and said, “Please come with me! Blitz Daren wants to see you!”

Allen’s eyes flashed with a whiff of astonishment as he cried out: “Blitz Daren! Could it be the Scarlet Hands Blitz Daren?”

Scarlet Hands Blitz was an extremely formidable level-3 Warlock within Turandot Subcontinent. He once by himself destroyed a small mortal state and killed two terrifying level-3 Warlocks. He was the strongest within Warlock College Antalya under the Great Warlock rank and was also the most promising to advance to the pick expert that was Great Warlock.

The Daren that Allen had seen previously were only level-1 Warlocks, but now he was going to see a level-3 Warlock, obviously he was extremely astonished and excited. A level-3 Warlock was not someone that such a small character like him could meet.

Köln smiled and said: “That’s right, it’s Scarlet Hands Blitz Daren!”

Allen calmed down at once and said politely: “Then I’ll ask Köln Daren to lead the way!”

Under Köln’s lead, the two arrived at a wide bouleuterion within St. Kaulin City.2

When Allen took a step into the bouleuterion, he saw level-2 Warlocks sitting on either side of the bouleuterion, while emitting terrifying aura. In the main seat of the bouleuterion sat a middle-aged man with silver hair, he appeared to be 40 or 50 years old and was dressed in a scarlet Warlock’s Pao with three silver threads on the cuffs.

Shortly after Allen looked the silver-haired middle-aged man in the eyes, his body shuddered and he felt a sharp pain in his eyes, as if he had seen two incomparably dazzling suns, his whole spirit shook and almost crumbled.

“So terrifying! Is this the strength of a level-3 Warlock? Truly too terrifying!!” While Allen was having a headache, he was full of astonishment and dread in his heart. He was extremely clear, that Scarlet Hands Blitz didn’t need to do anything, as even a glance could kill a level-3 Apprentice Warlock like him. This was Turandot Subcontinent’s strongest Warlock.

A level-2 Warlock sitting on one side of the bouleuterion waived his hand and a stream of rainbow-colored radiance enveloped Allen.

Only then did Allen felt his body become much more at ease and he gave a long sigh of relief.

Blitz looked down at Allen and said indifferently: “Allen, for what reason did Yang Ye send you hear?”

“May I ask if You’re Scarlet Hands Blitz Daren?”

“I am!”

Allen was neither servile nor overbearing as he spoke: “The mighty Steel Lord Yang Ye Daren dispatched me here in the hopes of supplanting Fernandro Principality and Senarus Principality, to establish a new principality based on the territory of both states, succeed both great principalities’ rights and duties, and serve the mighty Warlock College Antalya. The mighty Steel Lord Yang Ye Daren can display his power to You – as long as You consent, we can destroy all of Fernandro Principality’s resistance within a month.”3

“Destroy all of Fernando Principality’s resistance within a month, such bragging!”

“Not necessarily, perhaps he really can do that! Kenny and Arbane are dead! Jamt was also seriously injured, supposedly half of his body was shredded.”

“However, to actually wanting to swallow Fernandro Principality and Senarus Principality, Yang Ye’s appetite is also truly great! He can’t even obtain Fernandro Principality and he still wants Senarus Principality, such a greedy guy.”

After hearing Allen’s speech, the level-2 Warlocks within the bouleuterion begun to discuss in hushed voices.

Fluctuations of magic pervaded the bouleuterion, and Allen simply couldn’t hear the discussions of those level-2 Warlocks.

Blitz said coldly: “Impossible! Fernandro Principality and Senarus Principality can’t be given to you.”

Allen smiled as he said: “In case Warlock College Antalya’s Daren are unwilling to hand over both great principalities, Yang Ye Daren told me to say, that we can only choose to rely on Savage Claw. Surely Savage Claw’s Daren will support us in the capture of both great principalities.”

“Savage Claw! Damn it, if he truly relies on Savage Claw, then that would be trouble!”

“This guy wants to rely on Savage Claw, what an asshole!”

The level-2 Warlocks within the bouleuterion were staring at Allen with eyes full of wrath.

Savage Claw was Warlock College Antalya’s mortal enemy, both parties were unaware of how long they have been fighting, countless Warlocks fell at the hands of both parties. They were unable to dispel their hatred, and now actually hearing that Steel Lord Yang Ye wanted to rely on Savage Claw, immediately let them be full of wrath and killing intent.

Blitz’s voice became extremely cold, giving rise to whiffs of extremely ghastly killing intent: “Are you threatening me?”

Allen said indifferently: “I’m not! I’m simply talking about a possible development.”

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2 –

3 – Senarus Principality wasn’t mentioned by Yang Feng in chapter 22, somebody’s vying for a promotion

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