Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 28

28 – The Bursting of Level-2 Warlocks

Kenny’s eyes flashed with a whiff of excitement as he spoke in a deep voice: “The Divination was a success! Which means that he’s a level-1 Warlock at most, but was lucky enough and received Sixth Dynasty’s defective mechanical golem legion as an inheritance. Please help me suppress his Warlock Pagoda! I’m going to take care of him!”

Jamt and Arbane, the both of them nodded in agreement: “Fine!”

Kenny needed both level-2 Warlocks in order to suppress Black City’s Warlock Pagoda. Then he could seize the opportunity and kill Steel Lord Yang Ye within the Warlock Pagoda.

The 3 level-2 Warlocks rushed the Magic Carpet and quickly flew towards the Warlock Pagoda.

A large number of level-4 Gunner-troops were frenziedly firing towards the sky. The majority of the terrifying metal barrage missed and only some of the bullets were on target that was the 3 level-2 Warlocks. The bullets that were shot at the Warping Force Field had their trajectories warped and deviated towards the distance.

The 3 level-2 Warlocks under this kind of barrage, while Fernandro Principality’s main forces bitterly struggled, less than 10 minutes later appeared in the air above Black City and flew directly towards the Warlock Pagoda.

Kenny looked at a the three story high Warlock Pagoda, his eyes flashed with a hint of malice and he coldly smiled: “Steel Lord Yang Ye, you’re dead!”

The 3 level-2 Warlocks joined hands in order to surround and kill the level-1 Warlock locked down by Divination. Even if that level-1 Warlock was hiding within the Warlock Pagoda, he would still have a hard time avoiding death.

Suddenly, buildings one after another opened and revealed the black holes of cannon muzzles. Almost in the blink of the eye, Black City’s Warlock Pagoda’s surroundings formed an anti-aircraft cannon field. The amount of 37mm anti-aircraft cannons, within the anti-aircraft cannon field, reached up to 2,000.

“Shit!! Warping Force Field! Air Spirit Shield!” Kenny saw those anti-aircraft cannons that suddenly emerged from below as if raindrops – shortly after a trace of an ominous premonition welled up in his heart – he instantly cast a level-1 defensive spell and simultaneously activated a defensive Mysterious Treasure that unleashed a level-3 defensive spell.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ear-piercing rumbling noises of cannons instantly reverberated through Black City, countless red lights were shot out from within the city shrouded in darkness, immediately swallowing Kenny and his group.

Every cannon shell was equivalent to a level-1 spell. Even though most of the cannon shells missed, there were sill thousands of cannon shells with a destructive might comparable to a level-1 spell that sot at the the level-1 spell Warping Force Field, instantly shattering it. Terrifying cannon shells directly shot at Kenny’s group of three mighty Warlocks.

Kenny’s group of three, in a split second, activated defensive spells one after another, however, those defensive spells immediately collapsed.

Arbane was torn to shreds by the terrifying cannon shells.

Jamt before being torn to shreds by the cannon shells, finally unleashed his blood-meridian morphing ability and changed his shape into a long Flying Komodo Snake with wings – with half of his body blasted into shreds, in a split second flew into the sky and disappeared.

Kenny launched the level-3 spell Air Spirit Shield and by relying on it withstood countless cannon shells for three seconds.

During those three seconds, Kenny quickly turned to a page of the black book in his hand, from a black page flew out a pair of griffin’s wings, which fell onto Kenny’s back.

After the griffin’s wings stuck to Kenny, he decisively turned around and flew away. Under the the shooting of countless cannon shells, he simply couldn’t approach the Warlock Pagoda.

“Array Shot!”

Shortly after Kenny had the wings stuck to his back, Yang Feng issued a command.

300 level-6 Gunner-troops quickly adjusted their aims, forming an all encompassing small-scale array, in a split second spat out endless flame tongues and cover the sky with their shots.

A level-6 Gunner-troop’s processing ability, shooting speed and accuracy far surpassed that of a level-4 Bladed-troop’s. That array pattern way of shooting completely enveloped Kenny.

Regardless of how Kenny evaded, vulcan cannon’s shells took a firm hold of him, every defensive spells’ defensive force field was immediately shattered.

Ten seconds later, Kenny was completely swallowed by the terrifying shooting and turned into countless shreds that fell from the sky.1

Yang Feng watched as Kenny was torn to shreds by the anti-aircraft cannons and thought to himself: “Even if level-2 Warlocks are formidable, wanting to breach my defensive stronghold in a frontal assault is a pipe dream. Presumably only a Great Warlock rank expert with a large number of level-3 Warlocks might breach Black City. However, after a level-1 defensive stronghold is successfully established, then even if a Great Warlock were to come over, I wouldn’t fear him. But if it is an expert above Great Warlock rank, a level-1 defensive stronghold may not withstand him. Furthermore, my body is too weak and can be quite easily get rid of by being poisoned or cursed with some kind of strange spell.”

Yang Feng who possesses a formidable mechanical legion, his sole weakness is his body. His body’s constitution is merely that of an average earthling. This kind of existence within Turandot Subcontinent is classified as the the lowest bottom feeder, even a peasant’s body’s constitution may be more formidable than his. If he were to be hit by a random curse or a disease spell, that would be a death sentence to him.

“Unfortunately one fled! Level-2 Warlocks are truly freaks.” Yang Feng was thinking with some regret.

Under the intensive bombardment of 2,000 anti-aircraft cannons controlled by a super-mind, to still be able to escape. It fully displayed the dread of a level-2 Warlock. An ordinary human would have been blasted into tatters a long time ago.

“We’ve failed! Steel Lord Yang Ye’s mechanical golem legion was more formidable than we have anticipated. Those from Snake Evil Eyes, immediately withdraw!”

An extremely weak voice suddenly resounded within the minds of Snake Evil Eyes’ Warlocks and Apprentice Warlocks. Snake Evil Eyes’ Warlocks suddenly had their complexions change greatly – after they communicated among themselves for a short period, they immediately withdrew from the battle field and fled towards the distance.

When Snake Evil Eyes’ Warlocks withdrew, the battle field that was originally in a precarious situation, collapsed at once like an avalanche.

A large number of level-4 Bladed-troops immediately entered from the side of Snake Evil Eyes’ defensive perimeter and killed their way into Fernandro Principality’s army.

Without the support of Warlocks, Fernandro Principality’s mortal army basically wasn’t a match against those level-4 Bladed-troops and was being massacred by them.

The frenzied massacre lasted for a while, Fernandro Principality’s mortal army thus begun to crumble from where Snake Evil Eyes escaped, and retreated backwards like a tide.

The forces of the huge collapsing army that still battled also begun to fall apart.

“Snake Evil Eyes is a bunch of bastards!!” A Fernandro Clan’s level-1 Warlock gnashed his teeth and spat out a sentence of curses, then helplessly sighed: “We’re also withdrawing!”

Fernandro Clan’s and White Bear Fangs’ Warlocks took the advantage of the chaos of the battle field and quickly withdrew from it.

Blood Bat Knights in the sky also flew away from the battle field.

After loosing those core forces, Fernandro Principality’s mortal army completely collapsed. Under the assault of the level-4 Bladed-troops, large numbers of scattered warriors chose to surrender.

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