Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 30

30 – Shi Xue

Allen was respectful towards Blitz as he spoke: “I, Allen, was born in Fernandro Principality! Fernandro Principality is my homeland. If there was a choice, I wouldn’t want to betray my homeland. Thus I, at the risk of my life, begged the mighty Steel Lord Yang Ye Daren and eventually moved him. So he only request that Fernando Principality and Senarus Principality’s Western-Ocean City are handed over to him – then he agrees to join Warlock College Antalya and send his only kin to join Warlock College Antalya to cultivate on his Warlock Path. Simultaneously, our great steel wall will become a guard of Warlock College Antalya. As long as there’s the great steel wall, then the experts of Savage Claw absolutely won’t be able to pass through our territory and from there attack the Southern States Coalition.”1

“This condition is quite good! Since Yang Ye can defeat Fernandro Clan and if he sincerely relies on our Warlock College Antalya, then We’ll get a formidable helper!”

“That won’t do! Fernandro Clan is an affiliated clan of our Warlock Academy Antalya – in case their clan perishes, what will the remaining clans think? This will destabilize our Warlock Academy Antalya’s rule.”

“Fernandro Clan needs to be preserved! Otherwise the foundation of our Warlock College Antalya’s rule is going to be destabilized!”

The level-2 Warlocks within the bouleuterion had a heated discussion. One side of the level-2 Warlock advocated to let Yang Ye join Warlock College Antalya’s sphere of influence. While the other side of level-2 Warlocks was resolute in protecting Fernandro Clan.

Blitz pondered for a moment before unhurriedly saying: “Fernandro Clan was loyal and devoted these few years towards our Warlock College Antalya and they didn’t make any major mistakes in their handling of affairs. We can’t give them up. Western-Ocean City is Senarus Principality’s most wealthy port city and also can’t be given to you. Change your conditions!”

3 formidable level-2 Warlocks attacked Black City, two were killed and one came back while heavily injured, without Steel Lord even so much as showing his face. Yang Feng’s formidable mechanical legion made it so that Warlock College Antalya attached great importance to it. Even such a jagged character like Blitz, after Yang Feng showed a trace of intention to rely on them, also couldn’t help but to weigh the matter repeatedly.

Allen once again took a step back: “In this case, with the current distribution of power, Fernandro Principality needs to cede three cities, which are Golden-Sand City, Hard-Wood City and Brilliant-Rock City. Additionally as compensation, we want 300,000 Magic Stones, 10 bottles of Blue Mirage, which can alter a cultivators spirit aptitude. Like that I’m able to persuade the mighty Steel lord Yang Ye Daren to accept your conditions, join Warlock College Antalya and send his only kin to join Warlock College Antalya to cultivate on his Warlock Path.”

“He’s really daring. The ten bottles of Blue Mirage is enough to an Apprentice Warlock with a superior level-3 spirit aptitude to promote until intermediate level-4 spirit aptitude.”

“Although Blue Mirage is precious, if it can let Steel Lord Yang Ye join our Warlock College Antalya, then it’s really worth it!”

The level-2 Warlocks within the bouleuterion were discussing one after another. Finally, the majority of level-2 Warlocks agreed to Allen’s conditions.

“We agree to your conditions!” Blitz’s gaze shifted and fell on an elderly man among the level-2 Warlocks, with white hair and beard: “Eudorax, tomorrow you’ll leave for Black City and sign a contract with Steel Lord.”

Eudorax respectfully saluted towards Blitz: “Yes! Daren!”

Black City, within the underground floor of the Warlock Pagoda.


Suddenly, on the eggshell of the unknown creature that was above the altar, appeared a crack.

Yang Feng’s spirit was slightly roused. These days, he had been staying on the altar most of the time and waiting for the beast within the egg to hatch like a chick. Finally the creature within the egg begun to be born, which made him be full of expectation.

Yang Feng put his hands together in a prayer in the direction of the large egg as he muttered to himself: “My request isn’t high! Since it’s something that came from within a Taboo Stone, it should basically be a lofty existence. I will be perfectly contented with a Dragon’s, a Fenghuang’s, a Cerberus’, or any other kind of mythological beast’s cub. I want a bad ass mythological beast!"2

The formidable Warlocks of Second Warlock Dynasty conquered countless planes, seized a lot of formidable existences and carried out all kinds of taboo research on them. Creatures and Mysterious Treasures that were puny, basically didn’t had the qualifications to be sealed in the Taboo Stones. It is because of this that Yang Feng is so expectant of the large egg.


In the midst of Yang Feng’s expectations, the large egg begun to shatter at once – within the large egg, an approximately 6 year old was curled up – with waist long hair and jade white skin, a lovely angel-like little girl.

“What the fuck? Are you messing with me?! What about the formidable contracted beast?” Yang Feng opened his eyes wide as he looked at the 6 year old little girl climbing out of the large egg – he felt like weeping.

Yang Feng originally intended to get a formidable contracted beast, later on his Warlock Path he would have an enormous meet shield and a strong hired thug. Instead appeared a 6 year old little loli – he felt like weeping.

The little loli opened her eyes, that pair of bright and clear large eyes tightly stared at Yang Feng.

Yang Feng looked at the pair of pure, clear and beautiful like black gems eyes of the little loli, the annoyance in his heart melted and gave birth to sympathy and affection: “Forget it! To start with an Oriental loli isn’t that bad.”

Within Turandot Subcontinent, there is an abundance of Occidentals. Reportedly, in the far-off main continent, there are also a lot of Orientals. But within Turandot Subcontinent, Orientals are still quite rare. Adorable lolis like this one are even rarer.

The little loli gave a sweet, sympathy and affection inducing, smile towards Yang Feng and extended a pair of snow white little hands.

Yang Feng held up the, sympathy and affection inducing, little loli with a face full of love.

The little loli got embraced by Yang Feng, she giggled, raised her snow white little hands and emitted a mysterious power.

The scattered fragments of the large egg, above the altar, one after another flew up towards the little loli’s hands. She held the fragments of the large egg and constantly made clicking sounds while biting and chewing.

With every fragment that she gnawed on, the little loli would grow up a bit.

7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old – the little loli quickly grew up and very quickly became a 13 year old, with a beautiful long black hair, a pair of well developed peaks, a seductive body, a beautiful young girl.

Yang Feng looked as the little loli constantly changed, and once again confirmed that the loli wasn’t human, but rather some other kind of life form.

Ge-ge, thanks for hatching me. I like you the most!” That beautiful, as if from a fairy tale, fairy-like young girl nestled in Yang Feng’s embrace as she sweetly said.3

Yang Feng gently caressed the fairy-like young girl’s beautiful black hair while smiling: “You were hatched from a rock and your skin is like snow. Henceforth I’ll call you Shi Xue!”4

Shi Xue sweetly smiled at Yang Feng and said: “Oh! Ok!”

Yang Feng clapped his hands and soon after a robot holding a set of black gothik loli dress came in.

After Shi Xue put on the set of black gothic loli dress, she emitted an astonishing charm. Seeing this, Yang Feng’s heart stirred slightly with a kind of dazzling feeling.

1 – wasn’t mentioned by Yang Feng in chapter 22, somebody knows how to haggle

2 –

3 – ge-ge – big brother; how a younger female calls an older male

4 – Shi Xue – shi = rock; xue = snow

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