Master Zhan, Calm Down!

Chapter 1887 - Chapter 1887: I like you, I found you (6)

Chapter 1887: I like you, I found you (6)

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Three minutes later.

The police officer apologized profusely, ” I’m really sorry. You’re a good father. Your daughter is so cute. Please take good care of her and don’t let her be deceived by other Rascals so early.

Rong Zhan smiled helplessly.

In the past, Rong Zhan would have been impatient and even unwilling to interact with them if such a thing happened. However, this time, he was surprisingly not angry.

It was a good thing for society that the patrolling police paid so much attention to the children.

The car drove away again. The triplets once again felt the hopelessness of their lives and their eyes were filled with tears.

what uncle policeman? it was all a lie.

Rong Zhan looked at her from the rearview mirror and sighed deeply.

in the end, a wife was still the best.

No matter how much she loved her daughter, she would run away with someone else in the future. Furthermore, she would split up with her father, who had taken care of her since she was young, because of another young man.

He even complained to the police that he was a bad guy. If he had not called him daddy unintentionally, he would not have been able to explain himself and would have been arrested by the police.

Rong Zhan’s heart as an old father was really cold.

However, there were some things that Rong Zhan did not expect the little girl to remember.

It’s been half a year, and she still can’t forget that kid.

It seemed that he was going to have a headache for a while.

After all, he had his own principles on certain matters.

it was not that he did not like Xiao mubai. it was just that he wanted his daughter and his future grandchildren to be normal people. to be honest, it was not bad to have some special attributes in their bodies. Instead, the greater the power, the greater the responsibility.

The more dangerous it was.

He was doing this for the good of the children.

In the blink of an eye, half a month had passed since that incident.

During this period, Rong Zhan did not mention that incident to sang Xia. He was almost dragged into the police station by his daughter for no reason other than feeling embarrassed and did not want to tell her.

There were some things that he should be clear about.

During this period, the two little rascals were officially sent to the base by Rong Zhan and began to receive one-on-one guidance from a specialized instructor.

However, the choice of their first lesson was based on their interest and some tests to determine what they would learn first and master.

Her little brain was also spinning very quickly, and she was obviously more interested in physics and chemistry.

In the base, any child over the age of three with an IQthat exceeded ordinary people could be sent to be trained.

the little monster was also over three years old.

He also had a high IQ.

not only did he have a high iq, but he was also very powerful in many aspects.

However, the little monster had left Rome with his Daddy and Mommy a week ago. However, they did not go home. Instead, they went to a city near Rome for a vacation.

Perhaps Su Li was intentionally avoiding someone.

When sang Xia saw her two children enter the base while Su Li and Chen nianbai left with the little monster, she felt particularly upset.

to be honest, she did not care about what rong Zhan was worried about.

no one knew what would happen in the future, and what he did was unfair to the little monster.

Although he didn’t say that the little monsters couldn’t come to the base, with his previous attitude, who would have the nerve to go?

Everyone had their own dignity..

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