Master Zhan, Calm Down!

Chapter 1888 - Chapter 1888: I like you, I found you (7)

Chapter 1888: I like you, I found you (7)

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Sang Xia only felt that she had to have a good talk with Rong Zhan about this matter. Otherwise, this seemingly insignificant crack would eventually create a huge gap between the two families.

At night, after sang Xia was done with some matters at the base, she was ready to go pick up the two little ones.

During this time, she had thought for a long time, but in the end, she couldn’t hold back and gave Su Li a call.

Su Li picked up very quickly.

“A ‘li, it’s me, sang Xia.”

“yes, i know.”

Su Li responded, and then asked, ” what’s wrong? did something happen over there? ‘

There was a hint of worry in her tone.

Sang Xia sighed softly and said, ” it’s like this, Su Li. Xiao Mubai is already three years old. Do you want to consider him coming to the base for a walk? ”

“Wait a moment.”

Su Li suddenly interrupted.

Right after that, Su Li said, ” sangxia, regarding my son’s matter, there’s actually no need to worry about it for the time being. He has someone to teach him at home, and I’ve already made arrangements.

but a ‘li, it’s impossible for them to not see each other forever. We’re all very clear about this. It’s useless to separate them. Some things are not for us adults to decide. We can’t be sure about the future. This is unfair to you and Xiao Mubai. I’ll have a good talk with Rong Zhan about this. Can you consider bringing Xiao Mubai over? ”

Sang Xia’s tone was serious and grave, as if she had already made a decision.

When Su Li heard this, he still remained silent for a long time.

In the end, she slowly said, ” in a few years, after three years, they should have completely forgotten each other. When it’s time for physical training, I will bring him there to receive physical training at the base.

three years.

It would take three years.

This was not a short period of time.

Sang Xia was speechless for a moment.

But just as she opened her mouth to say something, Su Li hung up.

Hearing the sound of the line being cut off, her beautiful and cold face had a complicated and embarrassed expression.

Three years.

No matter what, just because Rong Zhan was afraid that the two of them would play together since they were young, he had actually driven the little monster away for three years.

How unfair was this to him?

Three years later, they would become strangers to each other before they could meet again. Ha. &Nbsp; how laughable.

Did they really have to wait for three years, until they had forgotten each other, before they could meet?

What could that really mean?

They didn’t know anything before they were children.

while sang Xia was on the phone, she did not notice that a small figure had appeared in the corridor where she was on the phone. she was carrying a small school bag and was about to run over to look for her mother when she saw her mother. however, she heard the name ‘Xiao mubai’ out of the blue.

Xiao mubai was the name of the little monster.

little diudiu’s figure was hidden behind the door of a laboratory, listening to his mommy’s words.

But in the end.

Although she did not know what her mother had told the people inside, her mother’s expression did not look optimistic.

she knew that it was related to the little monster.

however, she did not dare to ask.

little monster, what happened? Does he still remember me?

Also, that night Yingluo …

Little monster, did you really appear in Rome?

The little treasure’s big, watery eyes flashed with a touch of desire. She had hidden something in her heart.

he had always buried it, but it had gradually taken root and sprouted in the bottom of his heart.

She really wanted to see the little monster.

Moreover, she knew where he was staying now..

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