Master Zhan, Calm Down!

Chapter 1886 - Chapter 1886: I like you, I found you (5)

Chapter 1886: I like you, I found you (5)

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However, his daughter did not say anything after what Rong Zhan said.

Little treasure wanted to shout for little monster to hear her, but she suddenly remembered that her daddy didn’t like little monster. Daddy didn’t like her and didn’t let her play with little monster.

But she liked little monsters.

at the thought of this, the little treasure’s nose suddenly twitched. with a wail, his little butt slid to the back seat. he pouted his little mouth and began to cry.

Rong Zhan thought that he was a dignified man, but when the little girl cried, he was shocked and quickly found a place to park the car.

The little girl cried her heart out as if she had been taken away by human traffickers.

However, a very dramatic scene happened.

Rong Zhan had a headache and wanted to find a place to park the car. However, at this moment, a patrol appeared on the street and stopped this good car with its window half-opened.

she got rong Zhan to stop the car and opened the door for an inspection. as such, it was a coincidence that he couldn’t find a parking space. after he stopped, he opened the car door and was about to carry his daughter out.

However, the police stopped him and asked sternly, ” are you a human trafficker? why is this child crying behind you? ”

Then, the police went in and carried little treasure out.

Rong Zhan’s face darkened instantly, but he was not angry. He just pulled his thin lips and smiled. officer, which family doesn’t have a brat? ”

The triplets ‘little face was full of tears. The policeman coaxed her and asked, ‘ little girl, is this your daddy? Tell the police the truth, they’ll protect you.”

little treasure was upset and was about to say that he was a big bad guy, but she suddenly thought of something and sobbed. ” then, uncle policeman, if i say he is a big bad guy, will you take my father away? ”

‘Big Bad guy, my father. Are you going to take him away?

rong zhan’s eyes twitched when he heard that!

When did he become a big Bad guy? he was still laughing and joking with her when they left the house just now. Why did he suddenly cry in the car and even call him a Big Bad guy in front of the police?

When the police officer finally reacted, his forehead instantly split into three lines. Rong Zhan supported his forehead with one hand and looked helpless.

The policeman touched his nose awkwardly, but he still took precautions and asked seriously, ” little kid, don’t worry. Did your father do something bad? tell uncle policeman and I can stop him from doing it.

Rong Zhan’s lips twitched as he looked at his little girl playfully.

It was really heart-wrenching.

However, he was also curious about what he had done to make her like this.

the little triplets wiped their little faces. with red eyes, they took it seriously and said, ” really, uncle policeman? do you think he, he will really not do this again? ‘

As soon as he said that, the policeman looked at Rong Zhan. Rong Zhan looked at his little princess and finally raised his hands helplessly and nodded.

“Alright, little girl, you can speak now.” the police officer said.

the triplets then pouted and said pitifully, ” uncle policeman, my daddy is actually very good. it’s just that he doesn’t allow me to play with my little boyfriend.

rong Zhan, “pfft! ”

“W-what Yingluo!”

The police officer’s eyes widened in shock..

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