Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 703 - A Big Twist

Chapter 703: A Big Twist

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Old Master Yu knew that if he really wanted Yu Haiyang’s forgiveness, he had to show his sincerity. He thought for a moment and his gaze turned determined after he made up his mind. It was the only way to get his grandson’s forgiveness.

Old Master Yu turned around and said solemnly to the crowd, “Dear friends from the media, you probably know me.”

“I am the current chairman of the Yu Corporation and head of the Yu family.”

“Before this, I was just like everyone here and misunderstood my grandson.”

“I also didn’t look for evidence like this girl to prove my grandson’s innocence.”

“I’ve even revoked Yu Haiyang’s right to the Yu family inheritance.”

“Now that I know the truth, I’m very ashamed to be Yu Haiyang’s grandfather.”

“To express my apology, I now make an announcement.”

“I now appoint Yu Haiyang as the general manager of the Yu Corporation.”

“After I depart this life, my positions at the Yu Corporation and the Yu family will also be passed on to Yu Haiyang.”

The reporters on scene immediately recorded this news. By tomorrow, news about Yu Haiyang would no longer be about rape or murder, but the shocking truth and the decision made by the head of the Yu family.

Yu Haiyang was shocked when he heard his grandfather’s decision. Xi Shuangshuang looked at Su Jin gratefully as Old Master Yu continued, “There’s one more thing.”

“This girl cleared my grandson’s name and proved his innocence.”

“I’ve decided to give this girl 3% of the company founders shares as a token of my appreciation.”

“My secretary will prepare the shares transfer letter and bring it to her for her signature.”

Su Jin didn’t expect Old Master Yu to suddenly do this. It was somewhat expected for Yu Haiyang to be the heir to the Yu family, but not him giving her founders shares of the Yu Corporation. This gift was too expensive, and Su Jin couldn’t just accept it.

Su Jin stepped forward quickly and said to Old Master Yu, “Old Master, this gift is too expensive. I didn’t do these things for any reward. I’m sorry but I can’t accept it.”

“Old Master, please rescind this decision.”

Old Master Yu frowned at Su Jin’s response. Was she looking down on the Yu Corporation founders shares? But they’re so coveted! This girl saved Yu Haiyang’s life. Without her help, the Yu family would lose an outstanding descendant like Yu Haiyang.

Old Master Yu said very seriously to Su Jin, “Girl, you deserve it.”

“If you hadn’t found the evidence, Yu Haiyang would be the victim of a frame-up for the rest of his life.”

“And people would shame him for the rest of his life.”

Yu Haiyang immediately nodded. From the moment he was brought to the detention center to the moment the Yu family gave up on him, Yu Haiyang was ready to give up on himself. It was only when Su Jin went to see him that he had some hope to live on. And Su Jin found the evidence that proved his innocence at the critical moment! Yu Haiyang went forward to persuade Su Jin.

“Sister Su, please accept this gift.”

“This is Grandpa’s wish. He thinks very highly of you.”

Su Jin shook her head. She could not accept the gift no matter what. The Yu family was no small potato. 3% of founders shares could buy a number of small businesses. Besides, she saved Yu Haiyang on Xi Chenxiao’s account. She must not accept this gift.

Su Jin said firmly to both of them, “There’s really no need.”

Old Master Yu immediately became stern. This young girl was quite principled, but he had to gift this to her because this girl had saved the Yu family. If she hadn’t found evidence to prove Yu Haiyang’s innocence, the Yu family would have fallen into the hands of those scheming villains. The Yu family would be finished!

Old Master Yu said, “Don’t decline this anymore. This is what I’ve decided to do. It’s final.”

Su Jin felt very helpless. This old man was really stubborn. She had already declined the gift, yet he insisted on giving it to her. Su Jin didn’t want the shares because she didn’t help Yu Haiyang for any shares. She helped him because they were classmates and Yu Haiyang had been calling her “Sister Su” day in and day out. There’s no way she would allow Yu Haiyang to be framed.

Su Jin replied helplessly, “I helped Yu Haiyang because we are classmates.”

“If Grandpa Yu really wants to thank me, please give these shares to Yu Haiyang.”

“Giving them to Yu Haiyang is as good as giving them to me.”

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