Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 704 - My Husband Can't Provide for Me?

Chapter 704: My Husband Can’t Provide for Me?

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Old Master Yu was very puzzled at Su Jin’s words. Most people would be jumping up and down when they were rewarded Yu Corporation shares. But this girl wasn’t only not excited, she didn’t want them and asked for them to be given to Yu Haiyang instead. Did this girl look down on the Yu Corporation founders shares?

Old Master Yu asked, “Girl, you’d rather give them to Yu Haiyang than to accept them?”

Su Jin smiled. She helped Yu Haiyang because they were family and not for money. If she accepted the gift, she wouldn’t be helping Yu Haiyang. It would make people think that she did it for money and Xi Chenxiao would probably be upset when he found out.

Su Jin looked at Old Master Yu and said solemnly, “Even if you give them to me, I will transfer these shares to Yu Haiyang right away.”

“You can just give them to Yu Haiyang directly now. Treat it as a gift from me to Yu Haiyang.”

After all, Su Jin was Yu Haiyang’s aunt. It was normal for an aunt to give her nephew a big gift. When the crowd heard Su Jin say this, they were very curious, and they admired Su Jin even more. No one could resist such financial temptations.

Old Master Yu suddenly had a thought and asked, “Girl, is it because you don’t know the value of these shares?”

“Don’t think that it’s only 3%. It’s worth more than 10 billion yuan.”

Su Jin smiled. Of course, she knew how valuable these shares were, but this was never about the money. She didn’t lack money and her company had started to operate normally. Xi Chenxiao was also very good to her. Besides, these shares might help Yu Haiyang in future.

Su Jin replied, “Since they’re worth so much, all the more I can’t accept them.”

The crowd was even more shocked when they heard this. It had already been said that these shares were worth more than 10 billion yuan, and yet she said no? Could this girl be richer than the Yu’s? But no one had ever heard of such a young miss from any super-rich family.

Xi Shuangshuang, who was standing by the side, walked up to Su Jin and persuaded, “Su Jin, you’ve helped the Yu family so much. Since the old master is willing to give you shares of the family business, he treats you like family and you should accept the gift.”

Su Jin shook her head. She couldn’t accept the gift even more if they were family. Although the shares might not be a big deal to the Yu family now, if anything happened in future, 3% of the founders shares could be of great use. It’s better to give them to Yu Haiyang.

Su Jin smiled as she said to Xi Shuangshuang, “Sister, does it look like my husband can’t provide for me?”

Xi Shuangshuang was stunned when she heard this. How could she have forgotten that this girl was Xi Chenxiao’s wife? Of course, she wouldn’t care about such a small amount of money. Xi Shuangshuang knew that over the years, most of the Yu family business deals were thanks to her younger brother Xi Chenxiao.

Xi Shuangshuang smiled bitterly and shook her head as she replied helplessly, “Su Jin, you…”

“Forget it. If you don’t want the shares, so be it. We’ll do as you wish.”

Yu Haiyang also felt a little helpless. Even though he knew that Su Jin’s husband was Xi Chenxiao, that was still his uncle’s money. If Su Jin had these shares, she’d live a luxurious life even without his uncle. Yu Haiyang also went up to persuade Su Jin.

“Sister Su, please accept the shares.”

“You’ll be a rich woman who can keep her own toy boys when time comes. You can do whatever you want!”

Su Jin raised her eyebrows when she heard this. Although what Yu Haiyang said was true, how could he even mention keeping her own toy boys? Wasn’t he afraid that Xi Chenxiao would settle the score with him when he found out? Moreover, even if she was rich, she wouldn’t leave Xi Chenxiao.

Su Jin replied with a playful smile, “Yu Haiyang, are you serious about what you said just now?”

Yu Haiyang immediately fell silent. He was so anxious just now that he almost forgot that Su Jin was his uncle’s wife. It would be disastrous if his uncle found out about this. Su Jin almost laughed out loud when she saw Yu Haiyang looking away guiltily. Xi Chenxiao’s reputation still preceded him.

Su Jin waved at the few of them and said, “Old Master Yu, why don’t you stay and chat with Yu Haiyang? I’ll make a move first. I have something to take care of.”

“By the way, the founders shares that you wanted to give me, don’t forget to give them to Yu Haiyang directly. Since we’re family, there’s no need to stand on ceremony.”

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