Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 702 - The Shocking Truth

Chapter 702: The Shocking Truth

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Su Jin played the voice recording of the conversation between Song Qingyu and Dr. Wang. There’s a huge amount of information in this recording. She believed that everyone would understand what was going on after they listened to it. It would shut up people with ill intentions and also clear Yu Qiang’s name. The audio played from the laptop.

“Keep the money.”

“You must remember that my baby was miscarried after a fall. It wasn’t medically aborted at all…”

Everyone fell into silence again when they heard this. The scene was eerily quiet. Everyone knew that this recording completely proved the innocence of Yu Haiyang’s family. Su Jin’s eyes mocked as she scanned the crowed, especially at the troublemaking reporter from earlier. Everyone had their heads lowered.

Su Jin sneered and said to the crowd, “Did everyone hear that?”

“Do you have any more questions?”

The shocking truth drained the color from everyone’s faces. They had condemned Yu Haiyang’s family, but the truth was like this. When everyone heard Su Jin’s question, they quickly shook their heads with shame in their eyes. Nobody had any question.

Su Jin saw everyone’s reaction and knew that this matter had been settled. She then said to everyone with an angry face, “Since there are no more questions, will everyone please apologize sincerely to Yu Haiyang?”

“Do you know how much injustice he has suffered because of your baseless reports?”

“Yu Haiyang had been locked up at the detention center for the past few days. He hasn’t slept, eaten, or drunk, and he almost committed suicide!”

“But you people were still enjoying life at his expense.”

Everyone’s faces turned even paler when they heard Su Jin’s scolding. Their hearts were filled with guilt and regret. The truth was clearly not what they had reported. Their irresponsibility nearly cost Yu Haiyang’s entire family; they almost sent Yu Haiyang to prison! The crowd raised their heads, looked at Yu Haiyang remorsefully and apologized.

“Yu Haiyang, we are sorry.”

“We have done you wrong. Please forgive us.”

Yu Haiyang never imagined that things would turn out this way. He was already very happy when he was bailed out. Su Jin had even cleared his name. This was the best outcome imaginable for Yu Haiyang. The reporters here had already apologized. It’s a matter of time that the major media outlets would help him clear his name.

A smile appeared on Yu Haiyang’s pale face as he said, “Alright, let bygones be bygones.”

As for these people’s apologies, Yu Haiyang would not accept them. It’s all because of their news reports that the entire nation was scolding him. How could Yu Haiyang forgive them? Not even when his name had been cleared!

Yu Haiyang’s face was pale as he leaned against the wall and said weakly to the crowd, “Everyone, please leave now. I haven’t eaten or drunk for the past few days and I’m too weak now.”

“I don’t have the energy to entertain everyone.”

Yu Haiyang was actually laughing in his heart. He didn’t expect Su Jin to be so awesome. He would ask her after everyone left. There were clearly no surveillance cameras in the ward, how did Su Jin get the video?

Just as everyone was about to leave, an old man’s voice suddenly said, “Wait, don’t go yet.”

Old Master Yu walked out from the crowd, his eyes filled with shame and heartache. He didn’t expect Yu Haiyang to be framed. He could no longer control his emotions when he walked up to Yu Haiyang. Tears of regret streamed down his face. As Yu Haiyang’s grandfather, he actually did not believe his own grandson.

Old Master Yu continued in a choked voice, “Dear child, I’m sorry. Grandpa has been muddle-headed and let you suffer these grievances.”

“I’m so sorry.”

Yu Haiyang looked at his grandfather with a complicated expression. Old Master Yu had always doted on him. When Yu Haiyang got into trouble, his first thought was that his grandfather would save him. He didn’t expect his grandfather to believe those news reports so easily.

Although Yu Haiyang did not want to accept his grandfather’s apology, he was still his elder. Yu Haiyang replied softly, “Grandpa, it’s okay.”

“You were also blinded by others.”

Old Master Yu was relieved when he heard this. If it was anyone else, they might not have said that. After all, Yu Haiyang had suffered such great injustice, even his own family did not believe him. Although Old Master Yu had apologized, he couldn’t assume that Yu Haiyang’s forgiveness was genuine. Yu Haiyang wouldn’t forgive his grandfather so easily.

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