Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 521 - He Has Someone Outside

Chapter 521: He Has Someone Outside

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After breakfast, Xi Chenxiao and Su Jin went to see how Xi Xiaoxiao was doing. Yu Haiyang stood up immediately when the two of them entered his mom’s ward.

“Uncle, Sister Su, you’re here!”

Xi Chenxiao nodded and said nothing. Su Jin nodded silently as well. Even the devil did not say anything, Su Jin did not know what to say. Looking at Xi Xiaoxiao on the hospital bed, Su Jin asked,

“Yu Haiyang, how’s your mom?”

Yu Haiyang’s face lit up when he heard this. He had already prepared for the worst and did not expect his mom to be saved. Yu Haiyang looked at Su Jin and said excitedly,

“Sister Su, thank you so much for your help. She was quite alert when she woke up, she even ate.”

Su Jin nodded when she heard this. She looked at Xi Xiaoxiao’s complexion and realized that she was still a little pale. After all, she had undergone such a major surgery and recovery would take time. Su Jin said to Yu Haiyang,

“That’s good. But she just had a major surgery, you have to take good care of her so she could have a speedy recovery.”

Yu Haiyang quickly nodded. That should go without saying. Yu Haiyang didn’t want to lose his mom and knew that he must take good care of her. He replied quickly,

“Su Jin, don’t worry. I will take good care of my mom.”

Su Jin looked around the ward again and realized that Yu Haiyang was the only one there. She was very curious. Logically speaking, Xi Xiaoxiao had such a major surgery, why was Yu Haiyang’s dad not here? Su Jin asked in confusion,

“Yu Haiyang, where’s your dad? You still have to go to school. It would be good if your dad come over and take care of your mom!”

When Yu Haiyang heard this, he looked at Xi Xiaoxiao nervously. He did not know what to say. Yu Haiyang’s dad had someone outside of their marriage and he had been with his mistress all this while. Yu Haiyang did not tell his dad that his mom had been hospitalized. However, he believed that his dad would have found out anyway and yet he did not visit even once.

Yu Haiyang knew that if his dad cared about his mom, he would have visited. Xi Xiaoxiao heard Su Jin’s words, and her face instantly darkened. She smiled bitterly and said,

“Haiyang’s dad is quite busy and couldn’t afford the time. We’ll just hire a private nurse. Yu Haiyang will go to school with you.”

When Xi Chenxiao heard this, he looked at Xi Xiaoxiao with a complicated expression. In the past, his brother-in-law cared about his sister very much. He was a model husband, so why hadn’t he come at all? Xi Chenxiao said coldly,

“How busy can he be? Why isn’t he here to take care of you?”

Xi Chenxiao had been so worried about his sister that he did not notice this problem before. If not because Su Jin mentioned this, Xi Chenxiao would never have realized that his brother-in-law hadn’t visited even once since his sister was hospitalized. Xi Xiaoxiao heard this and replied immediately,

“I didn’t ask Haiyang to inform him. He’s still out of town.”

Xi Xiaoxiao’s eyes darkened even more when she said that. It was not because her husband was busy at all, but because his mistress had come to Xi Xiaoxiao and told her to get out of the Yu family. Xi Xiaoxiao had been a rich young miss since young and had been very proud all her life. Back then when she met her husband, her family did not approve but she insisted on marrying him. So, Xi Xiaoxiao could only bear the pain herself now. She did not want others to know that she was in such a sorry state, so she quickly changed the subject,

“Haiyang, you can go to school with Aunt Jin. I’ll hire a private nurse later.”

Xi Xiaoxiao clenched her fists and tried her best to appear strong so that no one could see her pain. She looked at the three of them with a smile and continued,

“Alright, Chenxiao, you still have companies to run. Why don’t you all go and be busy?”

Yu Haiyang shook his head immediately. Even though a private nurse could do the work, but how could a nurse compare to him? Yu Haiyang wanted to personally care for his mom. Yu Haiyang shook his head and said,

“No, I want to take care of you personally. A private nurse won’t do.”

Xi Xiaoxiao smiled when she heard this. Even though her husband had betrayed her, it was okay because her son had grown up and knew how much he loved her. This could be considered a form of comfort, but Xi Xiaoxiao still rejected,

“You don’t have to. I’m fine.”

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