Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 522 - Another Precognition

Chapter 522: Another Precognition

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Yu Haiyang did not know what to say. He looked at Xi Xiaoxiao nervously and his uncle could see that something was wrong. Private nurses could never compare with family. Xi Chenxiao held his phone and said,

“How good can it be? You just had such a big surgery! I’ll call brother-in-law now and ask him to come over and take care of you.”

Yu Haiyang immediately went up to stop Xi Chenxiao from making the call. He was afraid that if the call was picked up by that woman, it would upset his mom. After Yu Haiyang stopped the call, he said quickly,

“Uncle, I’ve already called. My dad might be here in the afternoon. You guys go do your work first. I’ll go to school after my dad gets here in the afternoon.”

When Xi Xiaoxiao heard Yu Haiyang’s words, she knew what her son was worried about. She looked at Yu Haiyang with tears in her eyes. If it weren’t for her illness, she wouldn’t have let her young son take care of her. Xi Xiaoxiao took a deep breath and said calmly,

“Alright, Chenxiao, you guys go and be busy. Let’s do as Haiyang said.”

Xi Xiaoxiao knew that Yu Haiyang wanted to spare her embarrassment. She was the one who kicked Yu Haiyang’s dad out of their family home. After all, the two of them quarreled all the time at home. All Xi Xiaoxiao wanted to do now was to protect Yu Corporation so that she could hand it over to Haiyang when he’s grown up. She absolutely could not let the mistress and the child she’s carrying benefit.

When Xi Chenxiao heard Xi Xiaoxiao’s words, he could only nod. Since his sister had said so, he would listen to his sister. Su Jin looked at the pale Xi Xiaoxiao and went forward to tug her arms in the blanket.

“Keep them under the blanket. Don’t catch a cold.”

At the point of contact, images of Xi Xiaoxiao appeared in Su Jin’s mind. Xi Xiaoxiao was framed by a pregnant woman and her reputation was ruined. Moreover, her husband misunderstood and loathed her. The scariest thing was that Yu Haiyang was also victimized. The outcome was terrible! Su Jin then said calmly,

“Inform Boss Xi and I when you’re ready to be discharged.”

There was no other way. Xi Xiaoxiao was Xi Chenxiao’s elder sister. They were family, so Su Jin could only put in the effort to figure out a way to help them. When Xi Chenxiao heard Su Jin’s words, he was a little angry. Didn’t they already agree that she would stop calling him boss? Yu Haiyang heard Su Jin’s words and asked quickly,

“Oh? There’s no need, right?”

Su Jin was a little angry when she saw Yu Haiyang’s dazed look. This fool, how could he not get it? If something really happened, it would be too late. Su Jin walked to Xi Chenxiao’s side and said domineeringly,

“I told you to inform us, then inform us. Why are you talking so much nonsense? Boss, let’s go!”

Xi Chenxiao stood still and looked at Su Jin coldly. He held Su Jin close and bit her ear gently as he complained,

“Didn’t we agree that you will call me hubby from now on? Is it because your ears weren’t working or you didn’t understand?”

Su Jin’s ears were burning, and her face was flushed. What was wrong with the devil, becoming so seductive suddenly? He used to be cold and collected, but now he was seducing her every day. Who could stand it?

Xi Chenxiao did not care, he had to change the girl’s habit today. She could only call him hubby from now on. Xi Chenxiao leaned close to Su Jin’s ear and said in a sensual tone,

“Can you call me hubby now?”

Su Jin’s face turned even redder; she did not know what to do. There were so many people in the ward, she could not call him that out loud. When Xi Chenxiao saw Su Jin like this, he said with a mischievous smile,

“It’s fine if you don’t call me hubby now, but we’re going to stay up all night again tonight!”

When Su Jin heard this and thought about everything that happened last night, her expression instantly changed. She couldn’t take it if they kept it up every night. She immediately looked at Xi Chenxiao pleadingly as she said,

“Hubby, let’s go now. I’m going to be late for school!”

Xi Chenxiao was very satisfied when he heard the girl call him hubby. He gently stroked Su Jin’s beautiful hair. His eyes were playful as he replied with a smile,

“Darling is so obedient. When we go home tonight, hubby will reward you well.”

Su Jin’s eyes lit up when she heard this. She looked at Xi Chenxiao with great anticipation. The devil was going to reward her? Could it be a card that she could swipe at will? Or a super big diamond? Whatever it was, if it came from Xi Chenxiao, she would gladly accept it!

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