Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 520 - For the Sake of Staying up All Night

Chapter 520: For the Sake of Staying up All Night

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Su Jin snapped out of her daze and hid her phone when she heard Xi Chenxiao’s voice. She looked at him in surprise. Why did the devil come back so early tonight? Was he done with his work? Looking at Xi Chenxiao’s perfect physique, Su Jin could not help but swallow hard as she said anxiously,

“It’s only past eight o’clock. Have you finished your work? Are you going to rest so early?”

Xi Chenxiao’s lips curled up when he heard this. Rest? They would get no rest tonight. They had agreed at the hospital this afternoon that she would get no sleep tonight if she didn’t call him hubby. Xi Chenxiao replied with a smirk,

“I’ve finished all of it for the sake of staying up all night with my wife!”

Su Jin blushed instantly. She lowered her head and did not dare to look at Xi Chenxiao. They had been home for a while now and she thought that the devil had forgotten about the hubby matter. She did not expect him to still remember it, and he’s wearing so little now to seduce her! Su Jin said with her head lowered,

“Put on your clothes first, then we’ll talk!”

Xi Chenxiao used the towel around his neck to wipe his slightly wet hair. There was a hint of playfulness in his eyes as he looked at the shy Su Jin. This girl was actually hoping that he had forgotten about the matter? Xi Chenxiao leaned close to Su Jin and said flirtatiously,

“Why do I have to wear clothes? We’ll take them off later anyway, so there’s no need to go through so much trouble, right?”

Su Jin dared not speak for a moment. Wasn’t the devil a man of few words? Why did he talk so much today? And he’s saying things for which she had no response, like these questions. Su Jin dared not respond at all!

When Xi Chenxiao saw how shy Su Jin was, his desire grew. His temperature rose and his gaze was lustful, as if he was going to eat Su Jin up at any moment. He bit Su Jin’s ear gently as he continued playfully,

“Girl, let’s not waste such a beautiful night!”

Xi Chenxiao then pressed Su Jin onto the bed. Su Jin’s face flushed as she looked at Xi Chenxiao on top of her. His perfect figure and devilish good looks made her heart race. Xi Chenxiao put Su Jin’s hand on his waist and said with a smile,

“Do you want me to teach you, darling, or do you want to do it yourself?”

Su Jin became even more shy when she heard this. How could the devil be so different? Wasn’t he celibate? Didn’t he not like women? Wasn’t he just an iceberg? Why was he so different now?

The next day after the sun rose, Su Jin wanted to turn over when she realized that there was an arm around her waist holding her tightly. Su Jin looked at Xi Chenxiao next to her and thought about the craziness last night. In the end, she was the one who begged for mercy and asked to be let go. She did not know how the devil’s stamina was so good. Was he really planning to stay up all night?

At the thought of this, she pushed Xi Chenxiao away angrily. She held her aching waist and looked at her pajamas. She remembered that when she was in a daze after the torture last night, the demon king had even carried her to take a shower.

Su Jin was still in a daze when a hand appeared at the small of her back and started massaging her. Su Jin suddenly froze and her face turned red. She knew that Xi Chenxiao had woken up, so she said shyly,

“You’re awake?”

Xi Chenxiao hummed softly. There was a hint of smile on his lips when he thought about last night. It was indeed a little crazy. Xi Chenxiao himself did not expect that he would be so infatuated with a woman one day. He asked dotingly,

“Does your back hurt badly?”

Su Jin’s face turned even redder. How dare the devil ask her that? Wasn’t it all because he had tortured her all night? As Xi Chenxiao massaged Su Jin, he asked with concern,

“Do you feel sore anywhere else?”

Su Jin looked at Xi Chenxiao with some resentment. He cared now, what about last night? If he had cared more about her last night, she wouldn’t be like this today. Su Jin pouted as she said,

“It’s all your fault. How dare you ask me?”

The smile on Xi Chenxiao’s face grew wider when he heard this. How could he be blamed? He could only blame the girl for being too perfect. He could not control himself at all. Xi Chenxiao replied playfully,

“Alright, darling, don’t be angry. We’ll practice more when we have time. You’ll be fine!”

Su Jin was speechless. How could she practice this more? She would probably fall apart if she practiced a few more times. The devil was too demanding, she could hardly take it!

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