Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 426 - Come to Your Senses?  

Chapter 426: Come to Your Senses?

Su Beijiang also felt awkward when he saw his secretary’s speechlessness. After all, it was not good for Su Xue to be so agitated. The matter had already escalated to this point and people in the company had already guessed what was going on. Clearly, his secretary saw through what was going on, so he ordered his secretary,

“Go and let Lin Zihan in!”

The secretary nodded quickly when she heard this and turned to leave. She did not want to be in the room a minute more. She knew that Lin Zihan had come here angry. Lin Zihan had always been stubborn and did not want to be subjected to unspoken rules. It was likely that he would not give in this time either. The chairman and his daughter would probably be disappointed.

After the secretary told Lin Zihan to enter, Lin Zihan immediately walked into the office. He had to clarify this matter today. As soon as he entered the office, Su Xue went forward happily and grabbed his arm. She looked at Lin Zihan smugly as she said in surprise,

“Brother Zihan, have you come to your senses? Are you willing to be with me now?”

Lin Zihan’s face was cold as he looked at Su Xue with disdain and threw her hand away. He would never compromise with such a woman. He had helped her out of kindness, yet she framed him. And she still had the cheek to ask him if he had come to his senses? She was just shameless. He glanced at Su Xue coldly before he said,

“Chairman, I came here to tell you that I am willing to hold a press conference, but I will not admit that I have done anything disgusting with your daughter. I will not apologize, and I will not accept Su Xue.”

These were the final decisions that Lin Zihan made after thinking long and hard these past few days. Although he was an artiste, he would not give up his dignity for money. No matter what, a person must live with dignity. One must not easily bow down to evil forces or people like Su Xue would only become worse in future.

When Su Xue, who was especially happy earlier, heard this, her face instantly darkened. She had always had her way since young, especially when it came to men. She might be able to accept Boss Xi’s arrogance but how dare this little actor be so arrogant? She said angrily,

“You ungrateful thing.”

Su Beijiang was also very angry. No matter what, he, Su Beijiang, was the chairman of Mango Entertainment, and Lin Zihan was an artiste managed by the company. Yet, he dared to go against the chairman’s wishes. He was simply courting death. If it wasn’t for Mango Entertainment, where would Lin Zihan be today? Lin Zihan was an ingrate. At the thought of this, Su Beijiang cursed angrily,

“Lin Zihan, you ingrate. I didn’t care that you took advantage of my daughter. My daughter is still willing to be with you. This is the luck you have accumulated from your previous life. Now, you actually disagree? What right do you have to reject my daughter, no, my niece?”

Lin Zihan snorted when he heard this. What right did he have? He clearly didn’t do anything. Su Xue had set him up. Besides, he’s not into women. Even if he was, he wouldn’t find a shameless, scheming woman like Su Xue. He said coldly to Su Beijiang,

“What right do I have? Because I didn’t do anything to her, that’s my right!”

Su Xue laughed arrogantly when she heard this. So what if he didn’t do anything? She was deliberately setting him up and he was too brainless to fall into the trap! It was too late to run away now. Since he refused to compromise, then she would make him suffer. She would make him suffer terribly. Su Jin sneered as she replied arrogantly,

“Lin Zihan, if you say you didn’t do anything, did you really not do anything? What evidence do you have? If you don’t admit at the press conference that you and I are a couple, I will call the police and accuse you of rape!”

Lin Zihan’s face turned pale when he heard this. He had thought that in the worst case, he would be banned by the company. Anyway, he had enough money on hand and could wait until his contract expired before he joined another company. Even if he was banned by the entertainment industry, he could still do other things to make a living. He had not expected Su Xue to be so shameless. He pointed at Su Xue’s nose and was so angry that he could not say a word. He couldn’t believe that there would be such a shameless woman like Su Xue in this world!

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