Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 425 - The Plan  

Chapter 425: The Plan

How could Su Beijiang bear it when he saw Su Xue’s spoiled child behavior? He took good care of Su Xue all these years because he felt that he owed her and wanted to compensate her. But they were at the office; it would be a terrible thing if anyone heard her call him dad. He consoled Su Xue,

“My dear daughter, be good. It’s not that I don’t want you to call me dad but it’s not the right time yet. When Dad gets the remaining shares of Mango Entertainment and Jiang Xiaoman’s assets, we can be together openly. When that time comes, you can call me dad whenever you like.”

Su Xue was already very unhappy. All these years, she been the one who put Su Jin in her place. But now, her life was in a mess because of Su Jin and she had no choice but to quit school. Plus, she couldn’t even openly call him dad. Su Xue was even more unhappy when she heard Jiang Xiaoman’s name. She said angrily to Su Beijiang,

“Dad, that good-for-nothing bastard Su Jin caused me so much trouble that I can’t even face people at school. It’s too hateful. Dad, you must help me teach her a lesson. Let her and Xi Chenxiao divorce and send her to the countryside, okay?”

If possible, Su Xue would still like to become Madam Xi. It would be a win-win situation for her if that happened. Not only would she be rich, but she would also have a very handsome husband. Most importantly, the Xi family is very powerful and influential. She would be afraid of nobody in future. When that time came, she would live a superior life without any hard work.

When Su Beijiang heard Su Xue’s words, he understood what she was thinking right away. But she wasn’t being practical at all. He did not know how that bastard Su Jin managed to hook up with Xi Chenxiao. He had everything planned out then, but things turned out this way. He sighed helplessly and said,

“Dad really wanted to help you, and do as you said, but don’t you realize that the good-for-nothing Su Jin is like a different person now, huh? She doesn’t listen to us at all, and she’s very opinionated.”

Su Xue was even more furious when she heard this and clenched her fists. Su Beijiang was right. She didn’t know how Su Jin suddenly became enlightened. Before this, she had always listened to her, but now, she didn’t listen at all. She even knew how to fight back and was always fully prepared. Su Xue said angrily,

“You are right. Su Jin seems to have become a completely different person. She doesn’t believe anything we say. Could she have discovered our secret?”

Su Beijiang shook his head. How could Su Jin know? She was dumb before and believed whatever they said. It was impossible for her to find out. Jiang Xiaoman was in the psychiatric hospital and it was even more impossible for her to have said anything to Su Jin. No one knew how Su Jin became like this, so he replied plainly,

“It’s impossible. Only the three of us know about this. No one else does. We didn’t say anything so she would never find out the truth.”

Su Xue nodded when she heard this. If Su Jin knew their secret, based on her current behavior, she would make them suffer. But nothing had happened so far. It seemed that Su Jin had not discovered their secret or the whole world would have known it by now. Su Xue said coldly,

“It’s best if she doesn’t know. Otherwise, we will be in trouble.”

At this moment, the chairman’s pretty secretary suddenly walked into the office. She didn’t really want to go in, but she had no choice. Su Beijiang was the chairman of the company, and she absolutely couldn’t offend him for the sake of her job. Thus, she walked up quickly to the desk and said to Su Beijiang,

“Chairman, Lin Zihan is here. He wants to see you.”

A smile immediately appeared on Su Xue’s face. It seemed that Lin Zihan had finally come to his senses. It looked like her plan had moved one big step in the right direction. If he had known that he would compromise, why didn’t he come forward earlier instead of dragging his feet? Anyway, none of this matter now because everything would be fine as long as he gave in. She said happily to the pretty secretary,

“Oh? Has Lin Zihan finally come to his senses? Let him in quickly!”

The pretty secretary looked at Su Xue a little awkwardly. Although Su Xue was the chairman’s niece, she was in no position to order her like that. Moreover, Su Xue was so happy. Anyone with common sense would know that it was her playing tricks in whatever matter involving Lin Zihan!

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