Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 424 - Is He Taking Responsibility Now?  

Chapter 424: Is He Taking Responsibility Now?

Although everyone was surprised by what they saw, most of them were envious. If she was so close to Yu Haiyang, she couldn’t be bullied by anyone in school. After all, the school bully’s reputation was such that no one would dare to provoke him. Everyone sighed.

“This black fatty has such a good relationship with the school bully. The two of them are eating each other’s food, so we can’t offend her in future. But there are so many beautiful girls here and the school bully doesn’t like them. Could the school bully like this black fatty?”

“Yeah, if the school bully likes her, he has very different eye for beauty. Ordinary people like us simply have no fortune to admire such a girl. The school bully is indeed the school bully, even his taste is different from ours.”

Yu Haiyang was furious when he heard this. How could he like Pang Lili? It was only because of Sister Su that he became friends with Pang Lili. Moreover, he clearly liked beautiful and valiant girls like Sister Su. It was impossible for him to like this black fatty. Yu Haiyang said angrily to everyone,

“All of you, shut your f*cking mouths. If you don’t know how to speak properly, then don’t speak. How could I like her? My taste isn’t that bad!”

Pang Lili was already very angry. She was even angrier when she heard Yu Haiyang’s words. Previously, she had let it go when he said this in front of Su Jin, but now, Yu Haiyang said it in front of so many people! She stood up, picked up her tray, glared at Yu Haiyang as she said coldly,

“Yu Haiyang, remember what you said today, hmph!”

Pang Lili then left. Yu Haiyang had a surprised look on his face. How did he offend Pang Lili? Why did she say that to him? This little black fatty had quite a temper. She was so angry that she was unreasonable. Where did she get this courage from? From Su Jin?

At the Mango Entertainment office, Su Xue was sitting in the chairman’s office drinking tea. She was the princess here and no one dared to provoke her. If she was unhappy, she could get anyone fired at any time. Looking at Su Beijiang behind the desk, Su Xue said to him coquettishly,

“Dad, is that Lin Zihan still not talking? Is he taking responsibility now?”

Ever since Su Jin exposed her relationship with Hou Shang at school that day, many students had looked down on Su Xue. Su Jin had also exposed many of the things that she had framed Su Jin for and that made the students hate Su Xue. After everything was added up, they all hated Su Xue even more. Su Xue couldn’t bear everyone’s contempt and chose to suspend her studies.

The current Su Xue was focusing on her career in the entertainment industry so she could become a popular big star. After all, no matter how educated she was, she might not be able to make a lot of money in future. Things were different if she made it in the entertainment industry. Not only would she make a lot of money, but she would also gain fame and fortune. It was perfect.

Su Beijiang had already spent money to resolve the hotel incident. The only thing he needed to do now was to tie her to Mango Entertainment’s money tree and let this money tree bring her into the entertainment industry. That way, she would get the best resources and become a movie queen, and make a lot of money, gaining fame and fortune.

Su Beijiang was a little annoyed as he looked at Su Xue. They were at the office and Su Xue actually dared to call him that. If someone heard it, it wouldn’t be a simple matter. Not only would Su Xue be finished, he, Su Beijiang, and Mango Entertainment would also be ruined. Su Beijiang warned Su Xue with a serious face,

“Su Xue, don’t call me that. This is the office, call me Uncle.”

Su Xue was immediately unhappy when she heard this. They were inside the chairman’s office, and there were only two of them there. There was no need to be so careful, and no one would have the guts to eavesdrop at the door. No one would know about this, so she said to Su Beijiang with an unhappy face,

“Dad, you don’t have to be so careful. There are only the two of us here. No one will hear anything. Besides, you’re my dad. Can’t I just call you dad? This makes me so sad!”

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