Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 423 - Her Man?  

Chapter 423: Her Man?

The two cold beauties brought Su Jin out of the cafeteria straight to the car waiting outside the school gate. They opened the door and stuffed Su Jin into the car. The two of them then quickly got in the car and left. All this surprised Gu Mengyao but Shangguan Yun’er and Hou Wan’er were eating their food calmly. Gu Mengyao said with a worried face,

“Shangguan, Wan’er, shouldn’t we go save Sister Su?”

Shangguan Yun’er calmly ate the delicious food on the table without even raising her head. Them saving Su Jin? They wouldn’t be saving her but courting death! When the time came, Su Jin might have to turn around and save them. Everything would be fine; they could just continue eating calmly because Boss Xi was the one looking for Su Jin. Shangguan replied calmly,

“It’s nothing. Her man is looking for her.”

When Gu Mengyao heard this, she was immediately surprised. Could Su Jin be bisexual? She had a man outside and was with Hou Wan’er in school? Gu Mengyao became even more worried when she thought about this. Could it be that the man outside found out that Su Jin was cheating on him? And that was why he sent someone to get her? But she had never heard Su Jin mention that she had a man. Gu Mengyao asked in confusion,

“Her man? When did Sister Su have a man?”

Shangguan Yun’er was still as calm as before, as if nothing had happened. She focused on the delicious food before her and didn’t worry about what would happen to Su Jin. Anyway, Su Jin would be back in school tomorrow. But seeing how worried Gu Mengyao was, she explained,

“That’s right. It’s her man, so don’t worry. Let’s eat and not waste the food here.”

Gu Mengyao saw how calm Shangguan Yun’er and Hou Wan’er were. It seemed that they already knew about this so there shouldn’t be any problems. Otherwise, the two of them wouldn’t be sitting here and eating so calmly. Gu Mengyao also felt a sense of relief. As long as Su Jin was fine, there was no need to ask more.

On the other side, Yu Haiyang was eating across from Pang Lili. He tried communicating with Pang Lili but no matter what he said, Pang Lili’s face was ice-cold. She ignored Yu Haiyang completely. This made Yu Haiyang conclude that Pang Lili lacked the love between family and classmates, and that was why she felt inferior and uncommunicative.

Yu Haiyang also concluded that Pang Lili was a pitiful person. If it weren’t for Sister Su, Pang Lili might not have any friends in her life and wouldn’t have changed much. Yu Haiyang picked up a piece of meat from his plate and passed it to Pang Lili as he said with a friendly smile,

“This is my gift to you, eat it!”

Pang Lili was already a little unhappy with Yu Haiyang but she was going to forgive him when she saw the piece of meat that Yu Haiyang gave her. But when she heard Yu Haiyang’s words, she instantly got angry. How could he speak like that? Couldn’t he speak properly? She glared at Yu Haiyang angrily and said,

“Don’t you know that I’m trying to lose weight?”

Yu Haiyang was speechless. Pang Lili was trying to lose weight? How could he see it when she was eating so much? How was she going to lose weight? It’s more like she’s trying to gain weight! Pang Lili was very angry and gave all the meat dishes on her plate to Yu Haiyang as she said angrily,

“Humph, I knew it. You’re not that kind and want to sabotage me. Don’t you like to eat? You eat all of these. If you don’t finish them, I’ll tell Sister Su that you bullied me.”

Yu Haiyang looked at the dishes on his plate speechlessly. How did he end up with extra food? He was just being nice to Pang Lili. Otherwise, why would he give the piece of meat to Pang Lili? How did it become an attempt to sabotage her? Indeed, this was a case of “no good deed goes unpunished”!

When the other students heard the voices of Pang Lili and Yu Haiyang and saw the two of them eating each other’s food, they were a little surprised. When did these two become so close? Yu Haiyang was the school bully! How could he be so close to the black fatty? Could the black fatty be more powerful than the school bully? Could she have a relationship with the big boss of the Xi family, perhaps one that’s even closer than Yu Haiyang’s? But it didn’t seem like it. They couldn’t figure out why the school bully was so close to the black fatty…

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