Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 422 - Beauties Love Heroes  

Chapter 422: Beauties Love Heroes

When Su Jin saw Hou Wan’er’s expression, she knew that Hou Wan’er was especially fond of the great god Li Shi’an. It was just that there were too many people around and she was too embarrassed to admit it. Most girls were like this. They clearly liked someone, but they didn’t dare to say it out loud or admit it in front of others. Su Jin said in a low voice,

“Wan’er, I didn’t even say that you like him. It’s just that if you are fond of him, I have a way to help you woo him. As for whether you like him or not, or whether you would woo him or not, it’s your business.”

After she finished, Su Jin sat down and ate with a smile. But Hou Wan’er had lost her appetite; she was a bit frazzled by Su Jin’s words. She really liked Li Shi’an, but she couldn’t say it out loud. She put on a serious face and said,

“From now on, Su Jin, if you have time, come practice playing the instrument with me. That way, I’ll be able to forgive you. Of course, there’s also the matter that we talked about just now.”

As she finished, Hou Wan’er coughed twice to cover up her embarrassment. After all, a girl still needed some face. Su Jin was speechless. Indeed, beauties loved heroes. Hou Wan’er, who had been cold and aloof for so long, agreed to reconcile with her when she heard about the great god Li Shi’an. She even found an excuse for Su Jin’s company.

Speaking of which, Li Shi’an was a cold and aloof person. Although he had a head of white hair, he was exceptionally good-looking. He was too cold and aloof and he hardly interacted with anyone at school. He had no friends other than the servants at home. And in school, he only answered the teachers’ questions. No one else seemed to exist at all.

Li Shi’an was also a god. He was very good at his studies, and he loved to study. He did not seem to be interested in anything else. No one knew if he had any other hobbies, or he liked anything else. He learned seriously every day and then went home.

Su Jin saw stars in Hou Wan’er’s eyes and knew that Wan’er had completely fallen in love with Li Shi’an’s handsome appearance. It was more likely that she admired his talent. In order to reconcile with Hou Wan’er, Su Jin could only come up with this plan. After sighing, Su Jin replied with a smile,

“Of course, no problem.”

As she said this, Su Jin put her hand on Hou Wan’er’s shoulder. Suddenly, two beauties in black appeared. With cold expressions, they pulled Su Jin’s hand away from Hou Wan’er’s body, lifted Su Jin up from her seat and carried her out of the cafeteria. The crowd didn’t have time to react and could only watch in shock.

Su Jin was even more shocked. She hadn’t offended anyone recently, so why would two people suddenly appear and kidnap her so brazenly? After thinking carefully and confirming that she hadn’t offended anyone, she looked at the two women who were holding her and asked in confusion,

“Well, hello, sisters. Are you trying to kidnap me in broad daylight?”

When the two cold beauties heard this, they almost fell to the ground with Su Jin. How could this be described as kidnapping? Wouldn’t that ruin their chairman’s glorious and great image? This matter had to be corrected. Madam must not misunderstand. One of the beauties said coldly to Su Jin,

“Madam, you’ve misunderstood. We work for Chairman Xi and the chairman wants us to take you home now.”

In reality, Xi Chenxiao had ordered them to grab Su Jin, not to take her home, but they couldn’t say it out loud. That would make Madam feel bad, and she might have a big fight with the chairman when they were home. When Su Jin heard that it was Xi Chenxiao who sent for her, she was confused. Why did he want her home now? Su Jin said quickly,

“No, I still have classes in the afternoon!”

The two cold beauties did not seem to hear Su Jin at all. They dragged Su Jin out quickly, but no matter what, she was still the chairman’s wife, and they couldn’t ignore her. If she went back and complained to the chairman, the unfortunate ones would be the two of them. The beauty who did not speak before replied coldly,

“I’m sorry, Madam. We only follow the chairman’s orders. As for other matters, they are not within our purview. Please go home now.”

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