Master Xiao, Your Wife Has Reborn

Chapter 427 - Would You Rather Be a Rapist?  

Chapter 427: Would You Rather Be a Rapist?

Lin Zihan pointed angrily at Su Xue; his expression was extremely ugly but he couldn’t say a word. Su Xue was very pleased when she saw the angry Lin Zihan. She wanted to force Lin Zihan to marry her. Since Lin Zihan couldn’t escape anyway, he should just give in. Su Xue wore a smug expression on her face as she said to Lin Zihan,

“What? Were you going to say that I’m shameless? That I’m despicable? So what? Mr. Best Actor, don’t forget that there will be a press conference soon. Are you still not willing to be my boyfriend? Don’t tell me that you’d rather be a rapist! Think carefully.”

Lin Zihan looked at Su Xue in disgust. He really didn’t understand why she had to use such a despicable method to force him when she had Su Beijiang as her backer. She was shameless to the extreme. However, Lin Zihan didn’t have a better solution; he could only turn and leave angrily so that he’s not angered to death by these two people.

At the manor, Su Jin was brought into the living room by the two cold beauties. The moment she entered she saw Xi Chenxiao sitting on the sofa. His aura was extremely cold, like a devil from hell. After the two cold beauties put Su Jin down, they walked out consciously; they did not want to become collateral damage.

Su Jin was still confused. Why did they bring her home out of the blue? Also, Devil Xi’s expression didn’t look good. She thought carefully about today and didn’t think that she had done anything wrong. Why did this happen? Could she have offended him in the morning? Su Jin thought more about it and didn’t think that she had offended the demon king. She smiled fawningly as she said,

“Boss, why are home so early today?”

Xi Chenxiao raised his head and looked at Su Jin coldly. This girl had the nerve to ask him why he was back? Su Jin waited for a long time, but the demon king did not speak and just looked at her coldly. She suddenly felt a little awkward but since she didn’t offend the demon king, she continued fawningly,

“Um, have you eaten?”

Even though it was awkward, Su Jin could not do anything. Devil Xi was very angry, and she had to say something. It would be too depressing if they both kept quiet. Xi Chenxiao suddenly grabbed Su Jin and pulled her into his arms. His expression was frighteningly dark, and his tone extremely cold as he said,

“I’m already full from anger.”

Su Jin was caught off guard when Xi Chenxiao suddenly pulled her into his arms. He was talking close to her ear and his hot breath made Su Jin a little flustered. Her ears were red as she struggled to break away from Xi Chenxiao’s embrace. She said to Xi Chenxiao shyly,

“Then you haven’t eaten yet. Shall I cook you something?”

The cold aura around Xi Chenxiao dissipated a little when he heard this. He looked at Su Jin’s hands and then into Su Jin’s eyes. This girl knew how to cook? It’s impossible. Her delicate hands didn’t show that she had ever cooked. Xi Chenxiao looked at Su Jin suspiciously as he said,

“You want to cook? Do you know how?”

Su Jin was instantly smug when she heard this. It was just cooking; how hard could it be? Moreover, now that the demon king was so angry that he seemed unpacifiable, why not cook him a meal? Once he’s fed and happy, he might not be so scary anymore. She replied confidently,

“Of course, I know how to cook. Cooking is easy. Let me go and make you some noodles with eggs and tomatoes. It’s healthy and nutritious, and it will be delicious.”

The most important point was – this was the best dish Su Jin could make. She might burn down the kitchen if she had to cook anything else. Xi Chenxiao let go of Su Jin when he heard this. He would very much like to taste the girl’s cooking but he still spoke coldly,

“Don’t think that I will forgive you for what you’ve done today just because you’re cooking.”

Su Jin was stunned. What had she done today? What? Xi Tian had sent her to school this morning and she had not been anywhere else. She had been good at school all day and had not been too close to any boys…

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