Master Qin's Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty

Chapter 42 - Chapter 42: Do You Want Big Brother to Support You from Now On?

Chapter 42: Do You Want Big Brother to Support You from Now On?

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Nan Yan recognized Qin Lu’s voice and reluctantly closed the pages on her computer. She slipped on her slippers and went to open the door.

Qin Lu, with his tall and elegant figure, stood at the doorway like a jade sculpture.

Although his stance seemed casual, an invisible aura radiated from him.

Nan Yan furrowed her brows slightly and stepped aside. “Big Brother, is there something you need?”

“Can’t I come see you if there’s nothing wrong?” Qin Lu calmly walked in.

“Of course, you can!” Nan Yan replied decisively, but internally she couldn’t help but complain about why he would come so late at night without any apparent reason.

Nevertheless, she could only keep those thoughts to herself.

Oin Lu went straight to the sofa and sat down. Seeing Nan Yan still standing at

the doorway, he beckoned her, “Come and sit.”

His tone made it seem as though he were the master of the room.

And in theory, he actually was.

After all, the entire Lantis Hotel Chain was under his ownership.

Nan Yan couldn’t understand why Qin Lu had come so late at night, but since he had spoken, she had no choice but to comply.

She sat across from Qin Lu.

Qin Lu looked at her calmly.

The girl wore a nightgown, her soft long hair cascading casually behind her. Her fair, untouched face looked pure and clear. With her head slightly lowered, her eyes were half-hidden beneath long, dense lashes, making her appear obedient and gentle.

But he knew that this was just an illusion she presented in front of him.

The young girl had multiple faces, and they were ever-changing.

Nan Yan felt the pressure of his gaze, making her slightly uneasy.

She bit her lip, wanting to ask him proactively, but before she could, she heard the man across from her speak in a deep, husky voice:

“Your relationship with your family isn’t good, is it?”

Nan Yan froze for a moment, blinked her eyes, and replied indifferently, “Mmm.”

Qin Lu had not investigated her family situation before.

He only knew that she didn’t want to return home and chose to live in a hotel. He had also vaguely guessed that her relationship with her family was not good.

However, he didn’t know the extent of it.

Today, Wu Yue had given him the information he found, and that was when he learned just how much suffering the young girl had endured in the An family.

On the night they first met, she had been sent to a man’s bed by her adopted sister. And it was that night when he coincidentally helped her out.

Qin Lu had to admit that when he saw those documents, he unexpectedly felt a touch of anger, despite his usual indifference towards other people’s affairs. It seemed that within the An family, only An Xiran treated her slightly better. But even he had only started treating her well these past few days…

Qin Lu withdrew his gaze that had been fixed on her all along and said in a low, magnetic voice, “If you suffer any grievances in the future, you can tell me.” “You’ve accepted me as your big brother, so you don’t have to be polite with me.”

Nan Yan looked up in surprise, meeting the deep, dark eyes of the man.

She couldn’t deny that she was slightly moved.

“Are you dumbstruck?” Qin Lu, with his long arms, reached across the coffee table and playfully pinched her cheek. Then, he stood up. “Rest early and don’t stay up too late.”


After Qin Lu left, Nan Yan rubbed her face, trying to fade the red mark he left behind, and then sat back on the sofa.

After glancing at a few laboratory experiments, Nan Yan turned off her computer with a touch of melancholy.

She wanted to buy a decent laboratory, but the 150 million yuan that Shen Junqing gave her clearly wasn’t enough.

She was short on money…

Friday, the last working day of the week.

Nan Yan arrived at school and was called into the office by the headmaster. The headmaster smiled and said, “Nan Yan, later I will introduce you to the other four students. We only have three and a half months left until the computer science competition, so you all need to make the best use of your time and collaborate well.”

Nan Yan asked casually, “What if we don’t get along well?”

The headmaster hesitated, ‘

“Well, you will have plenty of time to get along since you will be together for such a long period. Don’t feel pressured, Nan Yan.”

Nan Yan lazily replied, “I’m not worried. I’m just concerned that you might feel pressured, along with those four students.” The headmaster coughed awkwardly.

He had underestimated Nan Yan’s fighting spirit.

Being able to enter the office four times in four days, and all in the name of fighting, was enough to show how rebellious her character was.

The headmaster couldn’t help but worry about those four students…

Seeing that the headmaster was taken aback by her words, Nan Yan raised an eyebrow and smiled mischievously. “Let’s meet them first and see how these four students are.

The headmaster nodded, “Yes, let’s meet them first.”

In the computer lab.

The four students who were already confirmed to participate in the competition were all present.

They were discussing the addition of the new student to their group.

Zhou Shaojie couldn’t help but feel speechless. “We have been training for over a semester already. Can this new student keep up with our progress?”

Beside him, Zhao Ziang also nodded, “The headmaster is crazy. We already have a tight schedule with the competition approaching, and he wants us to take on a new member, which will slow us down…”

Yin Yichen raised an eyebrow, his tone filled with mockery. “Indeed, I heard that the new addition is a girl, seemingly the true daughter of the An family from Class 4 of the second year…”

Feng Tianji’s eyes sparkled with curiosity. “Hey, hey? Do you have any insider information? Tell us quickly, what’s the story…”

“Come on, let me tell you all…”

Yin Yichen was one of An Muyao’s pursuers, so from the bottom of his heart, he despised Nan Yan and intentionally portrayed her in a negative light.

Before Nan Yan even arrived, she was already being excluded by this small group of four.

Zhao Ziang pondered, “But I heard that this An Nanyan is terrible in her studies. Her exam scores are at the bottom. Is the headmaster crazy to have her join us for the International Computer Science Competition?”

Feng Tianji sneered, “Who knows? Maybe she lacks skills in academics but has talent in computer programming.”

When they saw someone approaching through the window, Zhou Shaojie quickly reminded, “Stop talking. The head teacher is bringing An Nanyan here.”

The four of them exchanged glances and took their seats.

Less than a minute later, the headmaster opened the door.

He walked up to the podium, knocked on the blackboard, and said, “You four, put down what you are doing and welcome the new student joining the computer science competition.”

Just as the four boys were about to mock Nan Yan, they lifted their heads and saw the breathtakingly beautiful young girl standing on the podium. Instantly, they were all stunned into silence….

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