Master Qin's Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty

Chapter 43 - Chapter 43: Little Troublemaker, Show Some Restraint, will You?

Chapter 43: Little Troublemaker, Show Some Restraint, will You?

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“Hey, what are you all staring at? Are you dazzled by the beauty of our classmate Nan Yan?” the headmaster joked.

Indeed, in just these few days, Nan Yan had become the new school belle, even rising to the top despite a heap of negative news.

This alone spoke volumes about Nan Yan’s attractiveness.

The first to snap out of it was Yin Yichen, his awe turning into indifference.

“Headmaster, are you sure that Nan Yan can handle computer skills?”

The headmaster, taken aback by the hostile tone, was about to respond when

Nan Yan casually tugged at his sleeve and interjected, “How about we have a little competition?”

With a mischievous smile and a slight raise of her eyebrow, she continued, “You four can team up against me. If I lose, I’ll withdraw from the computer science competition.”

The headmaster paused, finally realizing what was happening.

Oh my…

This girl really knows how to make a grand entrance!

The headmaster’s mind quickly raced.

In reality, if one wanted to make these acclaimed prodigies recognize another person’s abilities, demonstrating strength was the most effective approach.

It was more effective than any amount of persuasion.

Furthermore, his intention was for Nan Yan to mentor them, to show the gap between them in a commanding way. It seemed like a good choice.

Yin Yichen, his hand clenched tightly by his side, looked at Nan Yan with a stern gaze as he spoke to the headmaster, his words dripping with hostility. “Headmaster, is that okay?”

“Of course!” the headmaster readily agreed. “Here’s the plan: you will start with one-on-one matches, and then progress to four-on-one matches. We’ll have several rounds of competition to give you a better understanding of each other’s abilities.”

“What do you think?”

Nan Yan glanced indifferently at the headmaster.

This sly old fox wasn’t afraid that she would crush these four individuals’ spirits?

He was going all out.

“I have no objections,” Nan Yan replied. She wasn’t the kind of person who showed mercy. When dealing with these haughty little kids, she had to be even more ruthless. Otherwise, who would respect her?

Nan Yan was feeling a bit annoyed. She really hated dealing with kids!

But since she had agreed to the headmaster, she couldn’t back out now.

The four members of the group, however, were less enthusiastic in their agreement. It wasn’t because they were scared, but because they were furious. They couldn’t believe that they were being subjected to this.

Making them go one-on-one was bad enough, but now they were being forced to team up!

It was downright humiliating!

After discussing amongst themselves, Yin Yichen, as their representative, conveyed their final decision to the headmaster: “Headmaster, if Nan Yan loses, we hope she won’t be part of our team.”

“Alright,” Nan Yan responded, taking over the headmaster’s role. “But in return, if I win against you four, the position of team leader will be mine.”

“How about it?”

The headmaster silently applauded Nan Yan’s move.

This girl’s mind worked incredibly fast!

By challenging them directly, she effortlessly seized the position of team leader. It gave her more authority than if he had appointed her.

Yin Yichen and the others’ faces turned sour, but they didn’t want to appear weak in front of Nan Yan.


They couldn’t believe that they, the four prodigious computer geniuses, would be bested by a mediocre student like her!

Intelligence was something that showed in every aspect.

There was no way she could be at the bottom of the class in academics but possess incredible computer skills.

They would prove it!

They were determined to kick her out of their group and not let her hold them back!

To ensure fairness, they all used the computers in the classroom and were not allowed to use personal devices. The headmaster even called in several computer teachers as witnesses.

Their confrontation was straightforward.

In the individual competition, it was a competition of gaining control of the opponent’s computer.

Whoever breached the opponent’s firewall and gained control first would be the winner.

Nan Yan sat at the computer, her mesmerizing eyes and brows exuding a casual and somewhat indifferent air. She yawned lazily, propping her head up with one hand, showing a nonchalant demeanor.

She didn’t seem to have any nerves for the competition.

And as for the four-person group, the first one to go was Yin Yichen.

Yin Yichen couldn’t help but grit his teeth when he saw her carefree appearance. He planned to show his fastest speed and give her a solid blow.

Let her understand what a gap really means!

“Alright, students on both sides, are you ready? On your marks, get set, go!”

Yin Yichen shouted “go” and immediately launched a rapid attack on Nan Yan’s computer firewall.

Nan Yan leaned her head on her hand, blinked her eyes, and tapped on the keyboard with a single hand.

The headmaster thought, “Does she think she doesn’t need to put on a show because she’s strong? How much of a blow is she planning to give these kids?”

The other computer teachers split into two groups and positioned themselves behind the participants to observe.

The two teachers standing behind Nan Yan frowned as they watched her seemingly dismissive actions.

Even though this was an unofficial competition, she should at least show some seriousness!

This casual attitude was wasting their time!

The other three participants also disliked Nan Yan’s attitude even more.

So what if she’s good-looking? They probably believed she had nothing else to offer besides her appearance.

And she was so arrogant!

She didn’t even take the competition seriously. What did she have to be proud Of?

They wanted to see if she would still have the audacity to compete with them after losing.

After five minutes had passed…


An alarm sounded.

Yin Yichen was surprised to find that he couldn’t control his computer anymore.

Nan Yan typed on the keyboard with a single hand.

The same was happening on his screen.

Then, two words appeared on his screen—KO.

Nan Yan had actually breached his firewall and successfully taken control of his computer!

And he hadn’t even noticed…

He lost, inexplicably.

But the scene before him clearly told him that he had indeed lost.


Nan Yan remained in her lazy posture, her voice cold and her expression indifferent.

However, the expressions of everyone in the room, except for the headmaster, had changed.

The following participants, including Feng Tianji and the others, without exception, couldn’t last five minutes against Nan Yan.

She precisely breached their firewalls and took control of their computers at the five-minute mark, typing the letters “KO.”

“Four against one, and I’ll give you five minutes.”

Nan Yan became even more arrogant. After the competition started, she took her hands off the keyboard, leaned back in her chair, and took out a lollipop from her pocket. She unwrapped it and put it in her mouth.

The headmaster’s eye twitched.

—Little troublemaker, can’t you show some restraint?

He didn’t want Nan Yan to shatter the confidence of these carefully selected four contestants and make them question their life choices!

Yin Yichen and the others were suppressing their anger. They intended to breach her computer during the five minutes when she wasn’t controlling it.

Four minutes and thirty seconds had passed, and the progress bar of the invasion had reached 95%.

Just ten more seconds, and they would breach her computer!

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