Master Qin's Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty

Chapter 41 - Chapter 41: Nan Yan Leaned Back, Watching the Show.

Chapter 41: Nan Yan Leaned Back, Watching the Show.

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Nan Yan was about to start eating when she received a call from An Xiran.

“Fourth Brother, what’s the matter?” she asked.

“Yanyan, where are you?” An Xiran inquired.

“At a hotel,” Nan Yan replied casually.

“Which hotel? Fourth Brother wants to come and see you.”

An Xiran’s tone was determined. Nan Yan remained silent for a moment before revealing her current location.

Once An Xiran knew where she was, he immediately hung up the phone. Qin Lu pushed the menu towards her and asked casually, “What’s going on?” “My Fourth Brother wants to come and see me,” Nan Yan replied naturally.

“I see.”

Not long after, An Xiran rushed to the Lantis Hotel.

He called to confirm Nan Yan’s exact location and quickly found the restaurant.

As soon as he entered, he saw his little sister eating with a man!

“Yan Yan, who is he?” An Xiran strode over, his gaze hostile towards Qin Lu.

In An Xiran’s eyes, Qin Lu resembled a big bad wolf trying to lure his little sister. He must have sinister intentions.

His little sister was still so young and innocent. She must not be deceived by him!

“He’s someone I recognize as my brother,” Nan Yan replied calmly, looking up and asking, “Fourth Brother, have you eaten? If not, sit down and eat with us.”

“A brother?” An Xiran’s expression changed.

The An family had four brothers, all of whom were her older brothers.

And yet, she still acknowledged a brother from outside the family.

Did she hate the An family so much now?

Nan Yan nodded calmly. “We get along well, so I accepted it.”

An Xiran’s mind went blank, and his voice became hoarse. “Yan Yan, are you…” Nan Yan held a pair of chopsticks in her hand and smiled at him. “Have you eaten? If not, sit down and eat with us. If you’ve already eaten, let’s talk.”

An Xiran met her cold gaze and instantly calmed down. He pulled out a chair and sat down. “No, let’s eat together.”

How could he let his sister eat alone with another man?

What if he led her astray?

Qin Lu looked at An Xiran expressionlessly. He didn’t have a favorable impression of this person who disrupted his meal.

The threatening aura emanating from Qin Lu made An Xiran’s heart tremble. He sat up straight and said, “Hello, how should I address you?”

“Qin Lu.”

The two words sounded deep and melodious.

An Xiran’s gaze flickered.

The surname ‘Qin’?

In Jin City, there didn’t seem to be any wealthy family with the surname Qin.

However, in the Imperial Capital, ‘Qin’ was an influential surname.

An Xiran didn’t dare to think too much. He extended his right hand formally.

“Hello, I’m Yanyan’s Fourth Brother, An Xiran.”

The sense of alienation emanating from Qin Lu became somewhat heavier.

Nan Yan leaned back, watching the show.

She had spent a few days with Qin Lu and knew how cold his personality was.

Would he give her Fourth Brother face and shake hands with him?

Qin Lu looked at her silently, as if her gaze was too intrusive.

Nan Yan immediately restrained her expression and sat obediently.

“Hello,” Qin Lu reached out his noble hand and briefly touched An Xiran before retracting it.

An Xiran was speechless.

It seemed like he was being despised…

With an awkward smile, An Xiran looked at Nan Yan and asked, “Yan Yan, where is your friend? Isn’t she joining us for the meal?” Nan Yan raised her chin. “Right in front of you.”

An Xiran was speechless.

So, she wasn’t actually meeting a friend. Instead, she had been with the man in front of her for the past few days?

An Xiran successfully messed up his thoughts and didn’t even get a chance to eat.

When he finished eating, he returned to their place of residence and noticed that they didn’t live together. They had separate rooms. That slightly improved his mood.

Qin Lu knew that An Xiran and Nan Yan needed to talk, so he left them alone and returned to his own room.

An Xiran followed Nan Yan into her room.

Once inside, An Xiran sat down on the sofa with a serious expression. “Yanyan, when did you meet him?”

Nan Yan hugged a pillow and lazily curled up on the sofa. She spoke casually, “I was tricked by An Muyao and escaped from Zhang Daqian. He saved me.”

“So that’s how you met…” An Xiran’s hostility towards Qin Lu lessened a bit. Nan Yan continued, “The old lady I met at the mall was his grandmother.”

“A coincidence?”


It wasn’t a coincidence, but Nan Yan couldn’t be bothered to explain.

The more she explained, the more complicated it became. It was better to let An Xiran misunderstand.

“That’s how we met. He was concerned about my safety living alone in Jinyao Courtyard, so he asked me to come here.”

“Oh…” An Xiran reflected on himself. It turned out he had thought poorly of

Nan Yan.

They chatted for a while before An Xiran received a call.

After hanging up, she pursed her lips and said to Nan Yan, “An Muyao is missing, and we haven’t found her yet. Yanyan, get some rest.”

Nan Yan nodded. “Alright.”

Those hooligans were fast. They acted quickly and attacked.

An Xiran hurried back. Nan Yan took a shower, changed into her pajamas, and turned on her computer.

As soon as it started up, a search page popped up in the lower right corner.

The photo displayed was of An Muyao.

So, what would those hooligans do to An Muyao?

Nan Yan couldn’t help but anticipate it.

An Muyao wrapped herself tightly in her clothes, tears streaming down her face.

Her eyes were vacant as she mechanically walked forward.

Just a while ago, those men had stripped her naked, taken explicit photos of her, and violated her.

Even though she was now dressed, she still felt disgusted by their dirty hands.

The hooligans threatened her with the photos and warned her not to involve the police.

Otherwise, they would share those photos online.

She would be ruined…

She couldn’t call the police.

But she would never let them get away with it!

A strong sense of vengeance flickered in An Muyao’s vacant eyes.

She wanted them dead!

“Yaoyao… Yaoyao?”

A car suddenly stopped by the roadside. Lu Lehua stepped out of the car and hugged her.

“Yaoyao, where did you go? Do you want to worry your mother to death?”

“Mom…” An Muyao wanted to embrace Lu Lehua and cry, but she couldn’t. She absolutely couldn’t let anyone know that she had been humiliated by those hooligans!

She bit her lower lip hard, suppressing her sobs. She lowered her head and apologized, “I’m sorry, Mommy. I was feeling upset and acted impulsively…”

“You were feeling upset, so you went out to clear your mind. But you should have informed me. Don’t you understand how worried I was?” Lu Lehua was a bit angry. “I almost called your father and asked him to fly back from Europe.”

“I almost called the police and asked them to help me find you!”

“Please don’t involve the police!” An Muyao anxiously pleaded.

Then, realizing her tone was too hasty, she slowed down and continued, “I was just feeling upset and went out to clear my mind. It wasn’t worth getting the police involved.”

Lu Lehua’s tone softened a little. “I’m glad you’re okay. But don’t do this again. Your family was really worried.” An Muyao obediently nodded.

“Let’s go home!”

Lantis Hotel.

Someone knocked on Nan Yan’s door.

“Yan Yan, may I come in?”

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