Master Qin's Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty

Chapter 228 - Chapter 228: Who Said I Needed Him to Save Me?

Chapter 228: Who Said I Needed Him to Save Me?

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“Once you meet him, you’ll understand.”

“The beautiful lady from the East, it would be wise for you to cooperate and come with us voluntarily. Otherwise, we can’t guarantee your safety.”

The two men spoke firmly, refusing to reveal the identity of the person behind them.

After some thought, Nan Yan stood up and calmly said, “Lead the way.” It seemed the two men hadn’t expected Nan Yan to be so cooperative. They hesitated for a moment but quickly regained their composure. They walked ahead of her, escorting her out.

Since Nan Yan was cooperating, there was no need for them to resort to violence. After all, no man could bring himself to harm such a beautiful woman.

The auction continued as they left.

They didn’t take the route to the main auction hall. Instead, they left the lounge, walked down a long corridor, and entered a room.

The room was dimly lit, and a person sat on the couch with their back to the door. From his posture, he appeared to be around thirty years old.

The two men who had brought Nan Yan to this room remained by the door, not entering further. They let Nan Yan enter on her own.

Nan Yan casually assessed the room and found the light switch on the wall. With a soft click, the dim room suddenly became as bright as daylight.

“Who told you to turn on the lights?”

An angry, low growl erupted from the person in the room as they abruptly turned around.

Nan Yan, in her high heels, walked over at a leisurely pace.

“Who are you?”

The man, shrouded in an aura of darkness, turned to face her fully. His disfigured face came into view.

A grotesque scar stretched from the eyebrow bone to the jaw on his left side. His left eye was covered with a black patch.

Judging by the concave shape of the black patch, his left eye had been lost.

If you looked at the right half of his face alone, he could almost be considered handsome. However, the scar on his left side and the eye covered by the black patch were truly horrifying.

Based on his age, he appeared to be around thirty years old.

Nan Yan didn’t recognize him. But with such distinct features, she figured she could ask Qin Lu when she got back to find out who he was.

Hodge, using his intact right eye, cast a sinister gaze upon Nan Yan.

Under his watchful eye, Nan Yan remained unflinching, her expression showing no sign of change.

Hodge emitted a cold snort, and a trace of resentment flashed in his eye. “The woman that Qin Lu has taken an interest in is indeed extraordinary.”

Nan Yan adopted an understanding demeanor. “It seems like you brought me here to use me as a threat against him?”

“Smart,” Hodge didn’t deny it. His face revealed a gloomy smile, making him even more menacing.

“Qin Lu is too formidable by himself, and he always has protection when he goes out. It’s indeed challenging to make a move against him.”

“I never expected that Qin Lu, who has never shown interest in women, would open up emotionally.”

“What’s even more surprising is that he carries his vulnerability so openly, drawing attention to it, and even lets you leave his side.”

Hodge had been tailing them since they left at noon. Qin Lu’s indulgent care and protection of Nan Yan along the way convinced him that there was no element of pretense in his actions. Besides, based on his knowledge of Qin Lu, he knew that he wouldn’t bother with such a charade.

This woman, therefore, held a significant place in Qin Lu’s heart.

Now that he had this woman in his grasp, he could soon test the extent to which she could make Qin Lu act.

Nan Yan, with a serene smile tinged with coolness, asked, “Have you ever considered why he trusts me so much?”

Hodge, who had initially felt confident in his advantage, suddenly became uneasy due to Nan Yan’s words.

Indeed, why would Qin Lu be so confident in her to let her go out alone without any accompanying guards?

Hodge’s eyes sharpened. “You mean to say you knew in advance that I would come after you?”

Nan Yan gave an ambiguous response, “Well, sort of.”

Qin Lu had only mentioned that someone might come looking for trouble, without specifying who it might be. Nan Yan had even teased him about how attracting attention was a consequence of being influential.

Hodge sneered, “So what? Now that you’re in my hands, even if Qin Lu is as formidable as you say, he won’t be able to save you unless he’s willing to risk your life.”

“Your words only confirm my suspicion further— you are indeed his weakness!”

Hodge contemplated immediately sharing this information with all of Qin Lu’s enemies. However, he doubted whether he would even need to do so. This time, he was determined to bring about Qin Lu’s downfall!

“Who said I needed him to save me?”

Nan Yan said calmly and took the initiative.

As soon as they entered the room, she held silver needles between her fingers. She flicked them towards several pressure points on him.

Hodge reacted swiftly. When Nan Yan flicked her fingers, a sense of danger stimulated his nerves.

He quickly rolled to the side, ignoring his dignity, tumbling off the couch, and ending up sitting on the floor.

Even though he couldn’t completely avoid Nan Yan’s silver needles, two of them pierced his body.

“You fearless little brat!”

Hodge stood up malevolently and took a step forward, intending to grab Nan


Nan Yan agilely evaded him, still casually counting as she moved:

“One, ”



“What the hell are you counting?”

Hodge was bewildered by her counting, feeling increasingly anxious.

“Of course…,

Nan Yan’s voice took a twist, and she slowly uttered two words, her red lips forming them with deliberate emphasis, “Fifteen.”

As these two words were completed, Hodge suddenly felt that something was terribly wrong with his body.

His strength rapidly drained away, his legs went weak, and he knelt on the ground, his body slumping forward.

“What have you done to me?”

Why couldn’t he feel his body now? Why couldn’t he control his own limbs?

Hodge was in a state of panic.

He had fallen victim to this damned woman!

Nan Yan tapped the Bluetooth earpiece in her ear and calmly spoke, “Wu Yue, according to the location, come find me.”

Wu Yue respectfully replied, “Miss Nan, I’ve been waiting outside.”

Young Master Qin would never feel at ease letting Miss Nan go out alone. In case something happened to her, he would be heartbroken.

The tightly closed door was opened, and Wu Yue entered with two others.

When he saw Hodge lying on the ground like a dead dog, unable to move, Wu Yue widened his eyes and looked at her incredulously, “Miss Nan, what did you do to him?”

Nan Yan raised an eyebrow with interest and asked, “What, do you want to try

“No, not at all!”

Wu Yue shook his head vigorously, looking as if he wanted to distance himself from that idea. Then he grinned, “Miss Nan, leave this to me. You should go find the young master.”


She reckoned they were close to auctioning the ginseng over there, so she didn’t want to delay here.

As she left the room, she saw two men lying unconscious at the door, the same two who had brought her here.

She hadn’t realized that Wu Yue could be quite ruthless too.

Following the same path back to the lounge, Nan Yan casually picked up an orange from the fruit tray. She sat on the couch, peeled it, and leisurely savored each juicy segment.

After finishing the orange, her phone rang….

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