Master Qin's Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty

Chapter 229 - Chapter 229: Auction, Hypnosis_l

Chapter 229: Auction, Hypnosis_l

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After answering the call, Qin Lu’s deep voice sounded calm and unhurried, “Yanyan, there are two more auction items before the ginseng. Do you want to come back?”

“Okay, I’ll be there right away.”

Nan Yan replied briskly and hung up the phone. She grabbed a wet tissue, cleaned her hands, and then, wearing her high heels, returned to the auction.

There was no significant change in the auction hall due to her absence and return. She sat down beside Qin Lu as usual.

Just as she settled in, someone grabbed her hand.

With a familiar scent and a warm, gentle voice, he whispered, “Are you injured?”

“Do you underestimate me?” Nan Yan lazily glanced at him.

“No, I’m just concerned about you.”

Faced with the cheeky words of the little girl, Qin Lu could only smile helplessly. Of course, he would never underestimate her.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have allowed her to leave on her own. Although he secretly arranged for undercover guards to protect her, he wouldn’t have done so if she didn’t have the capability.

“Wu Yue called him Hodge. How did he become your enemy?”

Nan Yan showed more concern about someone who wanted to kill Qin Lu. After all, he was the first man she had feelings for, and she couldn’t just stand by and let someone bully him.

Qin Lu held the girl’s delicate hand and casually replied, “I’m the one who disfigured his face. If it weren’t for his good luck, he’d probably be six feet under by now.”

“No wonder he holds such a grudge,” Nan Yan muttered to herself before asking again, “From the way he spoke, it seems like there are many people who want to kill you.”

Qin Lu smiled faintly, “Remove the word ‘seems like,’ and it would be more accurate.”

Nan Yan couldn’t help but say, “Being pursued by so many people doesn’t sound like a reason to be happy.”

But when she thought about her own situation and the numerous enemies she had made in the past, she couldn’t help but murmur, “Fortunately…”

If it weren’t for her death and rebirth, even if she had miraculously survived the laboratory, she probably wouldn’t have been able to survive the pursuit of those people.

Ironically, her death had given her the peaceful life she now enjoyed.

However, she knew that this kind of life wouldn’t last long…

When Nan Yan said, “Fortunately,” Qin Lu didn’t quite understand the meaning behind her words. He looked at her calm and indifferent expression, smiled faintly, and didn’t inquire further.

Skipping two auction items, the ginseng that Nan Yan wanted finally arrived on the auction stage.

The auctioneer held the microphone and excitedly introduced the rarity and efficacy of this 500-year-old ginseng. Although it didn’t possess miraculous effects like reviving the dead or turning flesh to bone, even when sliced and brewed into a tea, it had the power to slow aging, strengthen the body, and nourish and treat chronic illnesses.

It could significantly extend one’s lifespan.

As a result, this ginseng immediately piqued the interest of many wealthy individuals in the audience. They had so much money that they could spend it for generations, and the wealthier they were, the more they cherished their lives.

As soon as the auctioneer announced the start of the bidding, a series of offers rang out in the hall.

“Starting price: 3 million, let the bidding begin.”

“10 million! ”

“20 million!”

“50 million!”

“70 million! ” And so on…

“100 billion!!!”

Hearing this exorbitant bid, Nan Yan couldn’t help but cover her face in disbelief.

“Brother, I don’t think my initial estimate will be enough.”

Judging by the current momentum, it would probably exceed ten billion.

Was the world this crazy now?

“Go ahead and bid, Yanyan. After all, your brother gets a cut here, and the final price will have discounts,” Qin Lu assured her. With Qin Lu’s words, Nan Yan raised her paddle.

“1 billion.”

Her clear, cold voice echoed arrogantly and provocatively throughout the room.

Silence fell over the audience for a moment.

Almost everyone instinctively turned their eyes to the first row.

The expressions of those already in the first row also changed.

Should they continue to bid?

This price had exceeded the expectations of nearly 95% of the people present. The only ones left with the intention to bid were mostly those in the first row.

The auctioneer smiled dramatically.

He couldn’t help but be surprised too.

This is the female companion brought by Mr. Qin. If she wants it, she could have simply mentioned it before the auction, and they wouldn’t have dared to present it here. They would have given it to her directly.

This way, they could appear virtuous and leave a favorable impression on Mr. Qin.

The auctioneer was hoping that no one else would bid and they could quickly hand over this ginseng to Nan Yan.

However, it turned out there were indeed people daring enough to compete with Nan Yan for the item..

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