Master Qin's Real Young Lady Is Gorgeous And Flirty

Chapter 227 - Chapter 227: Brother, Your Wallet Is Going to Bleed Out

Chapter 227: Brother, Your Wallet Is Going to Bleed Out

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Nan Yan glanced at Qin Lu, who was already exuding a cold aura.

She silently lit a figurative candle for someone who wasn’t good at flattery.

Trying to please her in order to win over the man by her side might work on others, but for Qin Lu…

Suppressing his displeasure, Qin Lu coldly said, “No need. I will naturally bid for what she likes.’

The businessman hadn’t realized the impending danger and continued to flatter, saying, “Mr. Qin, no need to be polite. It’s just a small token of my appreciation. ”

Qin Lu’s gaze darkened, and his displeasure was evident. He unleashed a powerful aura towards the man, “What? Do you think I can’t afford this amount, and you need to do it for me?”

The man, sensing that Qin Lu was genuinely angry, turned pale and stammered, “No… no…’

He had only intended to take advantage of the opportunity to please Qin Lu, but things had taken a turn for the worse.

Nan Yan supported her head and joked, “Brother, can I take something for free.

Although she didn’t like that particular item, it was still worth several million dollars.

She could sell it later and make some easy money.

“No,” Qin Lu said, looking at her calmly. “If you want something, I will get it for you.”


It was the answer she had expected.

She tugged at her lips and continued to flip through the unfinished catalog.

When she reached the last page, her expression subtly changed.

It was a ginseng plant that had been growing for at least five hundred years. It could be considered a priceless treasure, extremely rare to find. Even on the Dark Realm’s trading network, the highest-aged ginseng she had come across was only around two hundred years old.

Now, here was a five-hundred-year-old ginseng, and she was determined to obtain it.

It would greatly benefit Grandpa An’s health.

“Brother, your wallet is going to bleed,” Nan Yan remarked as she tapped her finger on the catalog, signaling him to take a look.

This kind of once-in-a-lifetime treasure was difficult to put a price on. A five-hundred-year-old ginseng was virtually unheard of and was close to achieving human form.

From the surface, it already closely resembled a human shape. The auction price was likely to reach a terrifying height.

Before her rebirth, she once saw a 300-year-old ginseng at an auction in M Country, which was auctioned for a staggering 150 million.

This one, she predicted, might require over 300 million to secure.

Qin Lu handed her his black card. “If you want it, go ahead and bid. You don’t have to worry about the funds.”

Nan Yan was calm as she picked up his credit card, without any hesitation.

After all, even if the ginseng was expensive, it wasn’t a problem.


Nan Yan calmly took his bank card. Whatever the cost, it was not an issue.

Apart from the ginseng, there was nothing in the catalog that interested her. The auction was also quite lengthy.

Nan Yan used her phone and started browsing the web to pass the time.

As she was looking, a message popped up.

Marcus: [Yan Yan, I’m heading back to M Country.]

Nan Yan: [?]

Marcus: [There are some issues at the laboratory that require my presence.] Nan Yan: [Well, if there’s something you can’t handle, contact me.]

Most of the poison in Marcus’s body had already been cleared. The remaining trace amounts didn’t affect him much and would be metabolized over time.

Marcus: [When do you plan to go back?]

Nan Yan: [I haven’t decided yet. Let’s talk about it later.]

After a while, Marcus responded: [I understand, but remember, you’re not alone. I’ll always be there for you when you need me.]

Nan Yan: [Get lost. With your small frame, what kind of heroics are you trying to pull?]

Nan Yan: [Take care of yourself and don’t distract me.]

Marcus looked at the messages sent by Nan Yan on the screen, then looked up at the ceiling, not letting his tears fall.

He was a bit younger than Nan Yan’s true identity, and she had always protected him like an older sister.

Before and now…

However, he couldn’t keep hiding behind her without feeling any psychological pressure.

He was a man, and he should protect her!

If it weren’t for the mission to gather information for Nan Yan in M Country, he would never have left.

Marcus gritted his teeth, rubbed his eyes, and checked to make sure he had taken the medicine Nan Yan had given him.

After confirming, he picked up his backpack and left the room…

Nan Yan, seeing that Marcus hadn’t messaged again, propped her head up and watched the boring auction with nothing to do.

Qin Lu hooked her palm and asked softly, “Are you bored?”

“Not really, but why did you come to this auction if you’re not bidding on anything, brother?”

Nan Yan had been watching for a while, and while others had placed bids, Qin Lu sat there like a king, unmoved by anything.

None of the auction items had caught his attention.

Throughout the event, his gaze remained fixed on her.

Don’t think that she hadn’t noticed just because she was playing with her phone.

Qin Lu chuckled softly, “I have a stake in this auction, so I can’t just take the money without attending. It wouldn’t be right.”

Nan Yan replied, “I see.”

Well, that did make sense.

“If you’re bored, you can go to the resting area outside. I’ll let you know when it’s time for the ginseng auction.”


It was just too boring

She glanced at Qin Lu, still holding her hand, and gestured for him to let go.

Qin Lu smiled awkwardly, reluctantly releasing the soft, small hand of the young lady.

The auction hall was dimly lit, with only bright lights on the auction stage. So when Nan Yan left, it didn’t attract much attention.

The resting area was connected to the auction hall, so there was no need to go out through the main door. Inside, there were self-service snacks and beverages for the upcoming banquet.

Nan Yan saw a strange dark brown fruit and grabbed one, planning to taste it later. She also took two servings of cute pastries.

It was just perfect; she was feeling a bit hungry, so she could have a snack to fill her stomach.

As she sat comfortably on the sofa, half-closing her eyes and nibbling on a pastry, two men entered the lounge together.

Nan Yan raised an eyebrow slightly, watching them approach. She continued to eat her delicate cake in a nonchalant manner.

Then, she wiped her mouth with a tissue.

The two men clearly had a martial background, tall and muscular, with arms that seemed about to burst out of their clothes.

Standing in front of her, they looked like two small mountains.

“The beautiful lady from the East, our master would like to see you. Would you please come with us?”

Nan Yan lazily propped up her head, her cold brows slightly narrowed, concealing the icy gleam in her eyes.

“Who sent you?”

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