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Chapter 515 - Traditional and Old-Fashioned Rand Clan

Chapter 515: Traditional and Old-Fashioned Rand Clan

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To Chu Nan’s surprise, not only was Duma looking forward to leading him, the so-called “Priest”, to the Holy Mountain, but even the other guy who had always had a bad expression and looked proud hesitated for a moment before expressing the same meaning.

Chu Nan was a little strange about their enthusiasm. After thinking for a moment, he simply agreed and let the two of them bring him to the Holy Mountain at the same time.

The two of them were clearly very surprised by Chu Nan’s decision, but after looking at each other, they still agreed.

It could be seen that the opportunity to head to the Holy Mountain was very important to them. Even if they had to travel with the enemy, they were unwilling to miss it.

Of course, it was naturally impossible for these two groups of enemies who had just been in an intense battle to all be mixed together. After discussing, Duma and the other leader who called himself Raffles chose three of their subordinates to bring along and form a small team to go together.

Due to the fact that the large cargo fuel locomotive that Chu Nan had painstakingly snatched from Sand Eagle had been destroyed by Angie Prairie, Duma eagerly pulled out an even more dilapidated medium-sized fuel freight locomotive from his subordinates. He carried everyone and set off in the direction of the Holy Mountain.

Because the driver’s seat could only accommodate four people, Duma personally drove and sat in the driver’s seat with Chu Nan, Angie Prairie, and Raffles. The six subordinates squatted in the carriage behind in grievance.

As Duma drove, he tried to ask Chu Nan, “Priest, may I ask where you’re from?”

Chu Nan pointed to the north, “It should be thousands of kilometers away from here. Night City, do you know? I came from there.”

Hearing the name of Nightclub City, Duma’s eyes lit up.

“Of course, I know about Nightclub City. That’s the largest city on our planet, Leppler. I was lucky to go there a few years ago and am still deeply impressed by the prosperity of that city. If I have the chance, I really want to go again.”

After a pause, he glanced at Chu Nan in confusion.

“Priest, your… your eyes…”

Hearing him finally ask this question, Chu Nan laughed and touched his eyes before smiling, “What’s wrong with my eyes? Do you think they’re not blue?”

Duma and Raffles could not help but nod.

“Ha, that’s not strange, because I’m not a Rand.”

Duma and Raffles revealed shocked expressions.

Seeing their reaction, Chu Nan’s interest was piqued. He asked, “Is the priest only from the Rand Clan?”

“This…” Duma hesitated for a moment before nodding, “The Holy Mountain belongs to the Rand Clan. Only the Rand Clan knows how to control the power of the elements, so the priest is usually a member of the Rand Clan…”

“That’s not necessarily true.” Levers shook his head, “In the past, there have been foreign priests who have passed the trial of the Holy Mountain and obtained the approval of the Holy Clan.”

“Oh? There are other outsiders who have once grasped the power of the elements?” Chu Nan was even more interested, “Do you know who that is?”

Duma and Raffles shook their heads.

“It’s just that there’s such a legend in the Holy Clan and we don’t know who it is. According to the rumors, we only know that the outsider is a woman.”

“A priestess?” Chu Nan turned to look at Angie Prairie.

With Angie Prairie’s talent, if she was also taught by the high priest, it should not be difficult for her to master the power of the elements. Then, she might become the next female priest of the other races.

“Tell me about the situation of the Holy Mountain and the Holy Clan.” Chu Nan continued, “I only listened to the arrangements of the high priest of the tribe and came here to find the Holy Mountain. In fact, I don’t know anything about the Holy Mountain and the Holy Clan. From the looks of it, you seem to know more. Why don’t you introduce them to me so that I can be mentally prepared?”

He originally thought that Duma had already revealed a lot of information related to the Holy Mountain and would definitely tell him everything on account of his priest. Unexpectedly, after hearing his question, the expressions of Duma and Raffles changed slightly and they shook their heads at the same time.

“The Holy Clan strictly forbids us to casually reveal anything about the Holy Mountain to outsiders. If we are known, the two of us will be punished by the Holy Clan,” Duma said seriously, “Therefore, Priest, please forgive us for being unable to answer this question.”

“Yes, in any case, you’re about to arrive at the Holy Mountain. You’ll naturally know when the time comes. With your status, the Holy Clan will definitely receive you well,” Levers said.

Chu Nan felt strange, “Then you actually dare to bring me to the Holy Mountain now? Aren’t you afraid that the Holy Clan will find trouble with you after knowing that you leaked the information of the Holy Mountain?”

“That won’t happen.” Duma smiled and shook his head, “This is a special order from the Holy Clan. If a priest from afar appears, it’s someone like you who asks us to help and lead them smoothly to the Holy Mountain.”

Raffles sneered and added, “If you successfully bring a priest to the Holy Mountain, the Holy Clan will give you some corresponding rewards. Duma, you probably thought of it the moment you saw the priest, right?”

Duma retorted bluntly, “Don’t you want it too?”

Chu Nan could not help but laugh.

It turned out that bringing him to the Holy Mountain was beneficial to them. No wonder they were so enthusiastic. Even the slightly hostile Raffles had a huge change in attitude.

The reason why the Holy Clan ignored the mystery to give these people such an instruction was probably because some priests from afar could not find the Holy Mountain. In order to allow these priests from other places to successfully find the Holy Mountain, they needed special guidance from the locals.

Thinking about it, it was a little funny. This Holy Mountain and Sacred Clan were filled with mystery in the mouth of the high priest. Towards ordinary people like Xiu, they were like mythical existences.

However, after coming here, they had become something that everyone knew. If one encountered a group of people on the way, they could bring them to the Holy Mountain. The difference was too great.

The reason for this situation was probably because the Rand Clansmen were too traditional and still clung to the ancient rules, unwilling to accept the influence of high-tech technology.

This could be seen in the ancient lifestyle of the Rand people in Xiu’s tribe.

Otherwise, as long as they deployed some simple communication devices in every Rand tribe, it would be enough for the Holy Clan to contact the priests of every Rand tribe. Why did they have to end up like this? It caused the Rand Clan tribes to be scattered in the wasteland of the Leppler Planet, causing the others in the wasteland outside Nightclub City to be casually bullied and captured by the Sand Eagle.

“Look, that’s the Holy Mountain!”

After the medium-sized cargo fuel locomotive ran on the wasteland for a while, Duma suddenly pointed ahead excitedly and shouted.

Chu Nan looked in the direction he pointed and saw a row of continuous mountains rising from the distant wasteland. They suddenly stood on the ground and looked very uncoordinated, as if this small mountain range had been forcefully added later.

“So the Holy Mountain is not a mountain…” Chu Nan looked at the small mountain range in the distance and could not help but sigh.

Duma glanced at Chu Nan with a strange expression and thought to himself, could it be that this priest did not even know this?

On second thought, he recalled that Chu Nan was a priest of another race and was relieved.

“The Holy Mountain is built by an ancestor of the Rand Clan…”

Just as Duma was about to continue explaining the formation of the Holy Mountain to Chu Nan, his expression suddenly changed. He stretched out his hand at lightning speed and pulled out his collar, forcefully pulling him out of his seat. Then, he dragged him and opened the door on his side. He actually jumped out of the locomotive that was still running at high speed.

“What’s going on?!”

Duma was shocked. Just as he was feeling puzzled and was about to be knocked dizzy by Chu Nan, he suddenly heard a violent explosion behind him.

He turned around in shock and saw that the medium-sized cargo fuel locomotive had already exploded into countless fragments and smashed over in an overwhelming manner.

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