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Chapter 514 - Where's the Holy Mountain?

Chapter 514: Where’s the Holy Mountain?

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Those two groups of people were originally in the midst of a fierce battle, but they did not expect such two fellows to suddenly appear and disturb the situation.

In the beginning, they thought that Chu Nan and the other party were reinforcements, so they attacked at the same time.

However, later on, Chu Nan flew into the sky and directly destroyed the rocket they fired, causing them to be shocked.

When they saw that the large truck had collided with the rock and exploded, but there was actually a person who jumped out intact, the shock in their hearts could not be any greater.

They blankly watched Chu Nan and Angie Prairie walk over. No one knew how to react.

They were not completely ignorant people. They knew that there were some especially powerful martial artists in this world who could completely ignore the weapons in their hands and even disregard the explosion that was enough to crush ordinary people.

However, these two people looked so young and actually had such powerful abilities. It was really beyond their expectations.

Chu Nan and Angie Prairie walked to the middle of the two groups and looked around. Chu Nan asked loudly, “Get your leader to come out. I have a few questions.”


Everyone still looked at the two of them in a daze without any reaction.

Chu Nan frowned and sneered. He raised his right foot and stomped on the ground.


The sound of this foot landing on the ground was not very world-shaking, but two visible fluctuations stretched out from the ground to the left and right.

A moment later, the fluctuation stretched out in front of the two groups of people. The ground under their feet immediately shook violently. Countless huge ravines were suddenly torn open on the originally flat wasteland. At the same time, the ground soared into the sky, and stone pillars appeared out of thin air. In the blink of an eye, the ground under the two sides turned into two steep terrains with ravines and stone forests.

The two groups of people were immediately frightened by this sudden earthquake and land change. Some people simply threw down the weapons in their hands and cried loudly as they fled into the distance.

The remaining people who did not escape also looked at Chu Nan in fear.

Angie Prairie looked around, her eyes shining.

“Wow! Chu Nan, is this the elemental power cultivation method you learned from the high priest? I didn’t expect it to be so fun! Can you teach me?”

“I’ll teach you when I have time in the future,” Chu Nan casually replied before shouting at the two groups of people again, “Where’s your leader? Come out!”

After a moment, two strong men walked over carefully from both sides.

When he arrived in front of Chu Nan, the man on the left immediately lay on the ground and bowed.

“Greetings, Heavenly God Priest.”

Heavenly God Priest?

Chu Nan’s heart stirred as he recalled the name Xiu and the others called the high priest.

Could it be that this guy had seen through his grasp of the elemental power from before and treated him as a so-called priest?

He remained calm and looked at the person on the right. Although that person looked at Chu Nan with fear, he revealed an angry and disdainful expression.

Seeing Chu Nan look over, he spat fiercely on the ground and pointed at the person kneeling on the ground. He said angrily, “Duma! Your tribe actually dares to break the rules and find the Heavenly God Priest for help. I’ll definitely report this to the Holy Clan!”

Duma turned to look at him, his expression calm and fearless.

“We did not break the rules. I believe the priest passed by unintentionally and saw our battle, so he interfered to stop us. Am I right, priest?”

The last sentence was a question to Chu Nan.

Chu Nan and Angie Prairie looked at each other and nodded at the same time.

The guy on the right had said the “Holy Clan”, and the two of them kept talking about the Heavenly God Priest. It was very likely related to what the high priest had said.

“Cough… you’re right.” Chu Nan nodded at Duma, “I was only passing by. In fact, I don’t even know who you are, nor do I know why you’re fighting. Now, you only need to answer a few of my questions before I’ll leave. I don’t care if you continue fighting.”

Seeing that Duma was still lying on the ground, he tapped his feet and his Internal Breath entered. Spatial energy surrounded his entire body and forcefully propped him up, allowing him to stand up again.

“Stand properly and speak.”

Duma straightened his body in surprise and felt the inexplicable force surrounding his body. His expression was slightly excited.

This was the first time he had personally experienced the power of the elements. It was indeed as magical as he had imagined.

“Priest, ask whatever you want. As long as I know, I’ll definitely try my best to answer.” Seeing that the priest in front of him seemed to be very easy to talk to, Duma hurriedly replied respectfully.

The person on the right still snorted. Although he believed that this Heavenly God Priest was not found by Duma, he was still dissatisfied.

Chu Nan did not have the time to comfort him. He took out the map and asked Duma, “Do you know this place?”

Duma only glanced at it and was immediately stunned.

“High Priest, you… you don’t know this place?”

The person on the right was a little surprised by Duma’s reaction. He could not help but curiously poke his head over and look at the map. He also revealed the same shocked expression as Duma. Clearly, he was very puzzled.

“What? Do I have to know this place?” Chu Nan was also very strange and asked.

“This…” Duma and the person on the right looked at each other before looking at Chu Nan and Angie Prairie. He carefully asked, “Priestess, could it be that you… came from a distant continent?”

“Oh? How did you guess?” Chu Nan was even more surprised. He nodded and said, “We did come from a very far place.” He recalled the geography of Planet Leppler that he had checked and nodded to confirm, “That’s right, it’s another continent.”

“No wonder you asked us for directions.” Duma revealed an enlightened expression, “The Heavenly Gods of the other continents have already lost contact with the Holy Clan for a long time. The priests only know the location of the Holy Mountain in the legends, but they don’t know the exact location. It’s not strange. There have occasionally been one or two Heavenly God Priests like you who came from other continents over the years.”

The person on the right could not help but nod and carefully sized up Chu Nan before asking, “In that case, you’re a new priest who came from another continent and wants to enter the Holy Mountain to undergo the trial?”

Chu Nan was even more stunned.

How did these two guys know so much about this thing?

When he heard the high priest mention these things, he had a mysterious expression. He thought that it was a secret that not many people knew…

“Priest, the place marked on this map is the Holy Mountain. However, looking at the map, it’s not too clear. I believe you might not know where it is. If you don’t mind, can I have the honor of leading the way for you?”

Looking at Duma’s expectant and proud expression, Chu Nan and Angie Prairie looked at each other in surprise.

To think that they thought that they would have to search for a long time before finding the place, they did not expect it to be so easy.

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