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Chapter 516 - Holy Mountain Is Attacked!

Chapter 516: Holy Mountain Is Attacked!

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Duma was terrified.

As a person with more than a hundred subordinates and who often fought others and had personally experienced countless dangerous explosions, he knew very well that the true lethality of the explosion was these fragments.

He could not dodge at all now. If he was scratched by any fragment, he would definitely be crippled if not dead.

Seeing the dense fragments rushing towards him, he cursed in his mind and closed his eyes as if he had resigned himself to fate.

However, after waiting for a moment, he discovered that he did not suffer any impact. When he opened his eyes, he discovered that there were no fragments in front of him, only an unrecognizable locomotive.

He reached out to touch his body but did not feel any wounds. The temperature of his body was still high, proving that he was clearly still alive.

“Damn, I thought that Nightclub City was already chaotic enough. I didn’t expect it to be even more chaotic here.”

The priest cursed softly beside him. Duma turned around in surprise and met his gaze.

“Stay here and don’t move.”

Chu Nan instructed Duma and looked behind him on the right. He saw Angie Prairie lying there with Raffles in her hand.

Angie Prairie was looking up to observe the situation. Raffles was motionless in his hand. It was unknown if he was dead or had fainted from the explosion.

Meeting Chu Nan’s gaze, Angie Prairie stretched out her hand and pointed at the sky.

Chu Nan understood and nodded at her. Then, he pointed at Duma beside him and gestured for Angie Prairie to pay attention. Then, he tapped his feet and his body flew into the sky.

A team of five small low-altitude shuttles was flying past 50 meters above the ground.

Earlier, one of them had fired a beam attack and directly exploded the freight locomotive Chu Nan and the others were on.

To them, this action seemed to be casual and not a big deal. After firing a beam of light, they continued to fly towards the Holy Mountain at high speed without any decrease in speed.

In fact, Chu Nan had long noticed the small low-altitude shuttle team flying over from behind, but he did not pay much attention to it at that time. He did not expect the other party to attack without a word.

If they used old gunpowder weapons, such as missiles, Chu Nan could react before the attack struck and intercept them in advance.

However, he did not expect that not only would the other party attack without any warning, he would actually use a beam attack.

The speed of this attack had already reached sub-light speed. The reason why Chu Nan and Angie Prairie could save Duma and Raffles in time was because they had relied on their extremely powerful danger perception to sense the attack in advance.

Otherwise, even they would be directly attacked.

Of course, they only had time to save Duma and Raffles. As for the six subordinates squatting in the carriage behind, they could not care less.

When he recalled that his six subordinates had probably died in the intense explosion of the beam attack and the locomotive, anger ignited in Chu Nan’s heart. His Internal Breath surged and the spatial energy in the surrounding space gathered in his fist. Strange lights flickered on his clenched fist and dark cracks appeared in the surrounding space. As he threw his punch, the space distorted.


His punch struck the abdomen of one of the small low-altitude shuttles. It actually exploded into pieces.

Then, Chu Nan’s figure flashed and he arrived beside another small low-altitude shuttle before throwing another punch.


This small low-altitude shuttle also exploded into a ball of flames and fragments in the air.

The sudden change caused the speed of the other three small low-altitude shuttles to slow down. However, before they could react, Chu Nan had already appeared beside another small low-altitude shuttle and shattered it with another punch.

At this moment, the remaining two small low-altitude shuttles finally reacted and drew an arc in the air in order to dodge Chu Nan’s attack. One of them even launched a glowing beam at him from the side.

However, although small low-altitude shuttles were called small, they were still 30 meters long and nearly ten meters wide. How could their flexibility in the air be compared to a Void Break Martial Artist like Chu Nan?

Chu Nan only twisted his body lightly and dodged the beam attack. Under the condensation of spatial energy, he caught up to one of them in the blink of an eye and punched it in the middle, causing it to lose all its momentum. It emitted smoke and flames as it smashed towards the distant wasteland at an extremely high speed.

This was Chu Nan’s deliberate revenge.

Earlier, it was this small low-altitude shuttle that attacked and destroyed the cargo locomotive that Chu Nan and the others were on. Now, Chu Nan did not plan to let the guys inside die so easily. Instead, he wanted them to taste despair before they died.

Seeing the shuttle he was on completely lose control and smash into the ground, there was probably only fear in the minds of the guys inside.

However, what surprised him was that the people in the small low-altitude shuttle were clearly well-trained. After sensing that the shuttle had lost control, they actually opened a few mouths from inside and shot out all the members inside.

Seeing more than ten parachutes open in the air, Chu Nan sneered.

“Do you really think you can escape like this?”

Those guys landed extremely slowly. Chu Nan could not be bothered to pay attention to them and focused his gaze on the last small low-altitude shuttle.

At this moment, the remaining small low-altitude shuttle naturally understood that it could not pose a threat to Chu Nan. He gave up on any thoughts of counterattacking and fled towards the Holy Mountain at full speed.

This action made Chu Nan feel a little strange.

The ancestors of the Holy Mountain clearly adhered to traditional civilization. They should not have advanced low-altitude flying equipment like small low-altitude shuttles, let alone attack them without a word. Then, this small low-altitude shuttle team must have come from the outside world.

From their casual attacks on Chu Nan and the others, they might even be the enemy of the ancestors and were originally rushing to attack the Holy Mountain.

Now that this small low-altitude shuttle was still flying in the direction of the Holy Mountain, could it be that he still did not give up?

Could it be that there were other reinforcements?

Chu Nan looked in the direction of the Holy Mountain in surprise and raised his eyebrows.

In the small mountain range that represented the Holy Mountain, a series of flames suddenly erupted. It was obvious that there was an explosion.

As expected, a moment later, a series of intense explosions sounded from that direction.

Even though this place was at least five kilometers away from the Holy Mountain, the explosion was still as deafening as thunder. It could be seen how terrifying the explosion was.

Chu Nan looked at the distant Holy Mountain in surprise and his heart was filled with doubt.

The Holy Mountain… was actually being attacked?

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