Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

Chapter 1255 - 1255 The Throne Is Not a Candy

1255 The Throne Is Not a Candy

Princess Romanti looked at Chu Nan who was sitting opposite her and then at Angie Prairie beside him. In the end, her gaze returned to Chu Nan and she glared.

“What? Did you specially bring your girlfriend over to show me off?”

Chu Nan was immediately caught between laughter and tears.

He had brought Angie Prairie to see Princess Romanti because he had something to find her. However, he did not know what was wrong with her brain to actually think that she had specially come to show off to her.

“Hey, Your Highness, what does this have to do with a demonstration? My girlfriend happened to be here and I’m just introducing her to you.”

“You still dare to say no?” Princess Romanti’s eyes darted around again, “I just told you that Viennelle likes you, and you brought your girlfriend over. Isn’t this showing me that you have a girlfriend, so don’t let her have delusions?”

After saying that, she turned to look at Angie Prairie and sneered, “Tell me, did you ask Chu Nan to do this? I don’t believe this guy can do such a thing.”

Angie Prairie blinked in confusion.

“What do I want Chu Nan to do?”

“Not bad.” Princess Romanti sneered again and ignored Angie Prairie. She looked at Chu Nan and suddenly sighed, “Alright, this is good too. Otherwise, Viennelle will fall into her thoughts and it’ll be even more difficult to deal with in the future. From this point, Chu Nan, you’ve done well and are a good man with responsibility. Unfortunately, Viennelle met you too late.”

Chu Nan did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“I really didn’t think too much about it. It’s just that Angie Prairie happened to arrive yesterday and I happened to think that I could bring her to see you and discuss some things. I don’t mean anything else.”

“Alright, since you say so, I’ll take it that’s the case.” Princess Romanti shrugged and gestured at Yang Xirui and the others at another table a little further away, “What about them? What’s going on?”

“Oh, they’re reporters from our Earth Federation…”

Chu Nan roughly told him about the background of Yang Xirui and the others and the matter of following him for filming today. In the end, he added, “Don’t worry, this program will only be broadcasted in the Earth Federation. The Declan Empire shouldn’t be able to see it, so it shouldn’t affect you much.”

“What? Do you think no one will know about our meeting now just because no one is watching your program?” Princess Romanti rolled her eyes at Chu Nan and pointed to her left and right, “Let me tell you, there are people staring at me everywhere. A group of people will know what I do. You performed so well in the first stage, so there must be many people staring at you now. Now that the two of us are meeting in private, do you believe that there are actually countless pairs of eyes staring at you now?”

Chu Nan immediately smiled bitterly, “Alright, I believe you. However, since you don’t mind agreeing to meet me, I believe you don’t mind these things, right?”

“Of course.” Princess Romanti snorted softly, and an arrogant but not repulsive expression that was almost unique to her appeared on her face, “Have I not received enough attention since I was young? If I even cared about these things, I would have gone crazy long ago.”

“Is the life of a princess of the Declan Empire so unrestrained?” Angie Prairie asked curiously.

Princess Romanti frowned and glanced at Angie Prairie. Although she still did not like her no matter how she looked at it, especially when she saw her goddess-like beautiful face, she still suppressed her thoughts and barely replied, “Of course. It’s fine if my goal is only to live normally, but since I target the only throne, these are things I have to accept since I was young. It’s not strange.”

“Nonsense! If not for this goal, why would I spend so much effort?” Princess Romanti replied angrily.

Angie Prairie shook her head. “Actually, I was thinking of a problem before I came. If your Declan Empire only wants to choose the strongest member of the royal family to ascend the throne, why don’t you just fight to determine the outcome? Don’t you think it’s very troublesome to cause so much trouble?”

“What a joke! What do you mean by messy things?” Princess Romanti frowned, and a trace of anger seeped out of her eyes, “Do you treat the throne of our Declan Empire as candy snatched by children? You only need to fight. Whoever wins will take it? Let me tell you, the Declan Empire is the number one empire in the Milky Way. If you want to become the most powerful person in this huge empire, having the strongest personal strength is only the most basic requirement! Apart from personal strength, the other requirements far exceed your imagination! What qualifications do you, a guy from a small country in the spiral arm, have to criticize this?!”

Chu Nan frowned and could not help but shout softly, “Romanti! Don’t be agitated!”

“You…” Princess Romanti turned to look at Chu Nan and her anger became even stronger, but she forcefully suppressed it. She took a deep breath and her expression calmed down, “Alright, I was agitated. I apologize for my rudeness.”

“Why should I apologize?” To Princess Romanti’s surprise, Angie Prairie looked surprised when she heard her apology, “You’re right. I indeed don’t know anything about what you’re saying and am not qualified to say anything. However, I’m really curious. Did every His Majesty in your Declan Empire choose this? Also, is the content of the second stage related to this?”

Seeing that Angie Prairie was indeed only curious and could not see any other meaning, Princess Romanti’s expression froze slightly. She turned to Chu Nan and asked, “Hey, what’s wrong with your girlfriend?”

Chu Nan weakly slapped his forehead and pulled Angie Prairie. He smiled bitterly at Princess Romanti and said, “Angie Prairie is… more curious. Cough… she’s really only curious. Don’t mind her. Alright, let’s not discuss these problems. Let’s get down to business. I really brought Angie Prairie here to discuss serious matters with you.”

“It’s related to her?” Princess Romanti pointed at Angie Prairie.

“It’s related to me?” Angie Prairie also pointed at herself in surprise.

“Yes, to be precise, the three of us are related.”

Chu Nan nodded and raised his hand. The spatial energy around him surged. A faint spatial energy shield that could not be seen was set up and enveloped the three of them.

Angie Prairie did not react, but Princess Romanti’s expression changed.

“What? It’s something that can’t be heard by others?”

“It’s not that there’s a special need to keep it a secret, but I’m afraid it’s not good to let others hear it.” Chu Nan smiled and held Angie Prairie’s hand to place it on the table before gesturing to Princess Romanti, “Come, put your hand up.”

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