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Chapter 1256 - 1256 Positive Reaction from Different Cultivation Techniques

1256 Positive Reaction from Different Cultivation Techniques

Princess Romanti glanced at Chu Nan in confusion, but she still did as he said.

“Alright, the two of you can use the cultivation method at the same time now. Angie Prairie, use the third level of the Flame of Life to activate the body rebirth that you taught me last night. Romanti, use the Exterminating Heart Technique… Uh… I don’t know what level it is. In any case, it’s just the same Exterminating Heart Technique you used the first time you fought me.”

“Alright,” Angie Prairie replied bluntly. Then, she activated her Internal Breath and her palm immediately emitted a faint milky white light.

Princess Romanti looked at Chu Nan in surprise, “What do you want?”

“Let’s discuss the cultivation method. If it succeeds, it should be beneficial to all of us.” Seeing that Princess Romanti was still a little hesitant, Chu Nan smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it’s only an experiment. Could it be that you’re afraid?”

Princess Romanti sneered and immediately activated her Internal Breath. The spatial energy around her palm was triggered by the cultivation method and began to emit strands of black gas.

The milky white light and black gas instantly collided. Angie Prairie and Princess Romanti’s bodies immediately shook slightly and they revealed surprised expressions. They could not help but look at each other.

Seeing them like this, Chu Nan was immediately relieved.

It seemed that his previous guess was not wrong. There was indeed a reaction!

“Come, Angie Prairie, strengthen your Internal Breath slightly. Romanti, do the same.”

Angie Prairie did not immediately do as she was told this time. Instead, she looked at Princess Romanti.

Princess Romanti glanced at Chu Nan and thought for a moment before nodding at Angie Prairie.

The two of them carefully increased the strength of their Internal Breath at the same time, causing the spatial energy reaction around them to become even stronger.

If it was said that the first time the two of them touched, they only felt a little abnormal, then now that the two of them were mentally prepared, as their Internal Breath gradually strengthened, they immediately felt more abnormalities.

In their senses, after the spatial energy affected by their two completely different cultivation methods collided, it was actually not equivalent to a head-on collision in battle like they had imagined. Instead, it completely unexpectedly produced an extremely subtle reaction, causing the two spatial energies to fuse.

He only saw the milky white light and black gas intersecting. There was him in the middle, and there was him in the middle. Not to mention a conflict, it was simply like they were stuck together.

Even if the two of them did not have the intention to fight, so the fluctuations of spatial energy were controlled and minimized the possibility of a conflict, this phenomenon was still shocking.

Moreover, other than that, under the influence of the other party’s spatial energy, the two of them actually discovered that their control of spatial energy had become more stable as if they had been affected by the other party to produce such a beneficial change.

This situation could simply be called magical.

Angie Prairie and Princess Romanti looked up at the same time. Their gazes met and they instantly understood each other’s thoughts.

There was no need to say anything else. The two of them strengthened their Internal Breaths again and strengthened their control of the spatial energy around them.

In an instant, the milky white light flourished. At the same time, the black gas spread even more. The white light and the black gas intertwined further and rolled endlessly.

These two fellows were both extremely talented and were indeed bold enough. They actually dared to try so boldly in such an initial experiment. They were really fearless.

Chu Nan immediately perked up and prepared to deal with any accidents.

Angie Prairie and Princess Romanti continued to increase their Internal Breath. The milky white light and black gas continuously changed their forms, proving that the two of them were trying to use different methods to come into contact with cultivation methods.

At first, the two of them were still restrained and careful, but as time passed, the two of them came into contact with more and more cultivation methods and their understanding of each other deepened. Their courage became greater and greater, and their Internal Breath strengthening had already reached an extremely powerful level. It was almost no different from an official battle.

At this moment, the large amount of spatial energy controlled by the two of them reacted. It was no longer limited to the milky white light and black gas around their palms. Instead, it had already begun to spread out and envelope the space around the two of them.

Chu Nan frowned and also raised his mind. He activated his Internal Breath and tried his best to control the spatial energy in the surrounding space to stabilize it. At the same time, a barrier that emitted a faint golden light landed and completely enveloped the three of them.

This was the energy shield he had set up according to the Arhat Overlord Golden Body cultivation method. The defense around his body had greatly increased, and it was enough to block the full-strength strike of an initial-stage Heaven Control Martial Artist.

In the distance, Yang Xirui and the three assistants were originally only maintaining a distance to film the conversation of the three of them. Now, under Yang Xirui’s command, they retreated a little with the three assistants, but they did not retreat too far. Instead, their expressions were filled with fear, but they stared at the three of them excitedly.

Especially Yang Xirui. Her eyes were shining brightly now, and her expression was so excited that she was almost excited.

That was great!

It was simply great to be able to track and film Chu Nan today!

He originally thought that it was shocking enough that Chu Nan could actually invite the extremely famous Princess Romanti in the Declan Empire, but he did not expect the three of them to do such an intense action in public!

Although Yang Xirui could not figure out what Chu Nan and the other two were doing, she discovered that Angie Prairie was clearly fighting Princess Romanti with her eyes.

The most popular female genius martial artist in the Earth Federation, Angie Prairie, and the genius Princess Romanti, who was also the most popular in the royal family of the Declan Empire, fought. What explosive news was this?!

Not to mention that this scene had been completely captured by them!

If not for the fact that she was worried that if an accident happened, the few of them might be affected, Yang Xirui would have long ordered her assistants to approach closer and strive to film their confrontation more clearly and intuitively.

However, even so, she was already very satisfied.

Just this news was already worth it today!

On the other hand, Angie Prairie and Princess Romanti naturally did not have the time to pay attention to what Yang Xirui and the others were thinking and doing. The two of them had only tried in the beginning, but now, as their contact deepened, they gradually invested more energy and became more serious.

As the two of them continuously tried, they were surprised to discover that their previous feeling was not an illusion, but that their two different cultivation methods could really produce a strange connection. Most of the time, they could even complement each other.

This was a very strange phenomenon and feeling. The two of them had never thought that two completely different cultivation methods would actually have such a reaction to each other.

The curiosity in their hearts became stronger and stronger, and the attempts they made naturally became more and more varied and bold…


A change occurred.

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