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Chapter 1254 - 1254 Exchanging Cultivation Techniques

1254 Exchanging Cultivation Techniques

Although his Internal Breath could not continue to circulate in his finger, the spatial energy stored in his body still existed. After his finger disappeared, it still condensed at the location of his original finger as if it was not affected at all.

Moreover, after the finger disappeared, this spatial energy that was originally stored in his body did not melt in the surrounding space. Instead, it still maintained its original appearance and the circulation situation when the finger existed. Moreover, because he had lost the obstruction of the finger, it was even more direct and easy to come into contact with the spatial energy of the outside world.

The effect of this was that Chu Nan discovered that his control of spatial energy in that small area had become even easier. There was even a feeling that he had directly reached into the spatial energy in the surrounding space and could directly control it without his Internal Breath.

This feeling was much better than attracting and transforming spatial energy through his Internal Breath. If not for the fact that he had yet to completely control his body rebirth, Chu Nan even wished he could test the effect of melting his entire body.

“Heh, Angie Prairie, have you tried body rebirth?” Chu Nan could not help but ask her.

“Not yet. Didn’t I just break through to the Heaven Control Realm?” Angie Prairie shook her head, “If I don’t successfully condense a star cloud, it’s very difficult to succeed in body rebirth. Even if I barely succeed, it’s very easy for all kinds of problems to happen. Therefore, before I break through to the Heaven Control Realm, Master forbid me from trying to undergo body rebirth. Even now, Master has instructed me not to choose body rebirth unless I encounter a situation where I can’t resist at all.”

“Is that so?” Chu Nan was a little surprised, “Then Supremacy Oville has tried so many times herself?”

“Master likes to find people to fight and likes to find people stronger than her to fight, so she often encounters situations where she can’t even escape.” Angie Prairie shrugged, “Have you forgotten? The last time you happened to encounter her on the Perseus Arm, wasn’t it because she fought with that Supremacy Lahir?”

Chu Nan was immediately speechless.

Supremacy Oville’s current appearance looked young and beautiful, lively, and pleasant. She was simply a girl, but he did not expect her personality to be so crazy.

However, on second thought, it made sense. If he was not crazy, why would he focus on such an exaggerated and special cultivation method like the Flame of Life?

Hearing Angie Prairie mention Supremacy Lahir, a thought flashed through Chu Nan’s mind and his heart suddenly stirred.

“Right, Angie Prairie, since body rebirth requires a large amount of life force, and I unintentionally encountered Supremacy Oville last time, I helped her quickly reconstruct her body by injecting a large amount of life force. Then, won’t the Goddess’ Song cultivation method be very useful when combined with body rebirth? At the very least, it can greatly reduce the time for body rebirth.”

“Yes, Master has also mentioned this. However, only you know the Goddess’ Song cultivation method. Even those people from the Rand Clan don’t. Therefore, you can only try this idea yourself. I can’t help you.”

Chu Nan pondered for a moment and nodded, “How about this? After this matter is over and we return to the Earth Federation, help me contact Supremacy Oville. I want to try handing over the Goddess’ Song cultivation method and let her study it carefully. It’s best if you can learn it too. Even if you can’t directly learn the Goddess’ Song cultivation method, you have to at least let her improve this body rebirth. I think it’ll be helpful.”

“Really?” Angie Prairie immediately became happy, “You’re willing to hand the Goddess’ Song cultivation method to Master to study?”

“Why not?” Chu Nan shrugged, “Didn’t Supremacy Oville say that we’re family now? She’s willing to take out such an important Flame of Life cultivation method for you to teach me. What’s there to be unwilling about?”

“That’s great! I believe Master will definitely be very happy! Oh, I want to tell Master this good news now!”

Seeing Angie Prairie excitedly open her personal terminal and send a communication request to Supremacy Oville, Chu Nan smiled and shook his head. He got up and put on his clothes. Just as he was about to pick up his personal terminal, he discovered a pass request.

Looking down, he discovered that it was from Yang Xirui. Chu Nan was stunned for a moment before turning to look out the window. He discovered that he had chatted with Angie Prairie for a while. The star light outside the window was brighter than before and the sky was brighter.

He turned around and saw that the time on the wall clock was already 7:30. Chu Nan cried out in his mind and hurriedly chose to answer the call.

Half an hour later, Chu Nan and Angie Prairie appeared in front of Yang Xirui and the three assistants she had brought. The four of them revealed ambiguous gazes and smiles to the two of them.

“Heh, Chu Nan, did you have a good time last night?” Yang Xirui smiled and waved at him.

Chu Nan rolled his eyes at her.

“Thanks to you, I’m doing very well.”

“What about you? Angie Prairie, are you satisfied with Chu Nan’s performance last night?” Yang Xirui asked her again.

“Chu Nan’s performance last night?” Angie Prairie nodded forcefully, “Yes, I’m very satisfied. Chu Nan is very powerful, even more powerful than I imagined.”

“Really?” This answer surprised Yang Xirui and the three assistants.

On the one hand, he was surprised by Angie Prairie’s answer, and on the other hand, he was surprised that she would answer so bluntly and… naked.

Only Chu Nan could not help but roll his eyes.

He knew very well that Angie Prairie and Yang Xirui were not talking about the same thing, but he could not be bothered to explain to both sides. He waved at Yang Xirui and said, “Alright, Sister Yang, let’s not talk about these things anymore. Come, tell me, what do you plan to arrange today?”

“Us?” When it came to work, Yang Xirui quickly returned to normal, “No, it’s not how we arrange it. Our studio followed and filmed you today, Chu Nan. We should ask you how you arrange it.”

“Then what if I don’t do anything today and go shopping with Angie Prairie?”

“That’s also very good.” Yang Xirui was not moved at all. Instead, she had an excited expression, “When the most popular martial artist new star in the federation participates in the extremely important Declan Empire’s Garden Hunting Assembly, she actually has the mood to shop with her girlfriend all day. Moreover, her girlfriend is a famous genius female martial artist in the federation and the disciple of a Star-Grade Martial Artist! What a good title this is. I believe many people will definitely like to see such a scene very much!”

Chu Nan was completely helpless.

He could tell that he was equivalent to a celebrity now. As long as he appeared on screen, he would attract attention no matter what he did. What Yang Xirui and the Martial Arts World Channel she represented wanted was for him to appear on the screen. They did not care what he did at all. In any case, they could give a reasonable explanation for everything.

Moreover, Yang Xirui was right. Him being with Angie Prairie was the greatest topic.

“Right, Angie Prairie, if you follow me today, the fact that the two of us are in a relationship will be exposed. Do you mind?”

“Why should I mind?” Angie Prairie looked puzzled, “This is the truth.”

“Alright, I knew you would say that.” Chu Nan shrugged and glanced at the three assistants who were preparing to start recording. He thought for a moment and suddenly snapped his fingers, “Let’s go, I’ll bring you to see a few people. I guarantee that you’ll be very satisfied.”

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