Martial Peak

Chapter 789 - Damn Woman

Chapter 789, Damn Woman

Though City Lord Man seemed like a gruff and brutish person, he was no fool. He knew that given Yu Mo’s personality, there was no way he would be praising a human cultivator unless there was no other alternative.

Realizing this, City Lord Man immediately understood that there was probably something special about this human boy. Killing a Third Order Transcendent with only a First Order cultivation… No one from the Demon Race could accomplish this kind of feat. On top of that, the one who was killed was Di Xiao, a man who always killed people in higher realms than his own; this only further emphasized how absurd this human’s strength must be.

“Gu Man, this time I’ll have to bother you to take action while I stand guard!” Yu Mo glanced over at Feng Biao who was standing not far away, indicating that he obviously didn’t trust Feng Biao and was concerned the latter would try something once he saw an opening.

“No problem, I like destroying the pride and self-confidence of young brats, especially ones like this human… Hah, this will be fun!” Gu Man nodded casually, lifting his head arrogantly as he waved to his hand, “All of you go test his skill. Don’t get careless, I don’t want to have to collect your corpses if you screw up!”

The masters behind City Lord Man all snickered as they turned malicious stares towards Yang Kai.

Yu Mo frowned and faintly felt that this course of action was somewhat improper, but he soon felt that so many people dealing with Yang Kai shouldn’t be a problem so he made no attempt to stop them.

“City Lord, if we catch this human brat, can we get some kind of reward?” One of the masters suddenly asked, apparently wanting to extract some benefits from Gu Man.

“Rewards your ass! Father here was sent to the edge of the Demon Land by Sir Xue Li to serve as City Lord of this desolate waste yet you dare ask me to reward you? If you want something, ask Yu Mo,” Gu Man spat angrily.

Hearing this, Yang Kai’s eyes light up as his mouth curled into a slight grin.

Gu Man’s words were nothing but curses and complaints, but they had actually revealed a piece of information that made Yang Kai quite excited.

This place really was at the edge of the Demon Land! That meant that as long as he could escape from here, he could leave the Demon Land.

“Enough! After grabbing him are you still concerned you won’t get any benefits?” Yu Mo shouted, “Gu Man, you never change. If not, how could Sir Xue Li have sent you here? Your short-sightedness is the reason you never make any progress!”

Even after being insulted so, Gu Man didn’t get annoyed and just laughed heartily, “You heard that right? Yu Mo just said that there’ll be reward for catching him. What are you waiting for, hurry up you idiots!”

As soon as the masters behind Gu Man heard this, their auras became fierce as they directed menacing stares towards Yang Kai, quickly spreading out to surround him.

Yang Kai didn’t panic and simply observed his surroundings with cold eyes, secretly preparing to unleash his Spiritual Energy to release his Soul Devouring Insects and kill all the cultivators here below the Saint Realm!

Just as the two sides were on the verge of clashing though, An Ling’er suddenly shuddered and a look of fear and panic appeared on her pretty face, quickly pulling on Yang Kai’s clothes to get his attention.

“What happened?” Yang Kai brow rose slightly as he asked under his breath, thinking An Ling’er might have sensed the other side trying to pull some kind of trick he had missed.

However, An Ling’er’s beautiful eyes simply trembled as she gently lifted her finger and pointed to the distant horizon, “Over there!”

Unconsciously glancing in the direction she was pointing, everyone was immediately dumbstruck.

In the distance, where the sky met the earth, a thick and tumultuous dark cloud had suddenly appeared and was now rapidly approaching them. From this dark cloud an ominous and eerie aura that made one feel particularly uncomfortable and a potent yet somewhat incoherent Spiritual Energy radiated.

Everyone present paled slightly upon noticing this newcomer.

“Saintess Nan?” Yang Kai asked solemnly.

“It must be!” An Ling’er gently nodded, her beautiful eyes becoming dim and gloomy.

“Fuck!” Yang Kai couldn’t help cursing under his breath. Whether it was being chased by Yu Mo and Feng Biao or being ambushed by Gu Man, Yang Kai was still able to maintain his calm because he still had cards to play. He believed that as long as he used his Devil Transformation, he could successfully bring An Ling’er and escape from here.

But at this critical moment, this never killing before death, after death slaughter a million corpses previous generation Saintess had actually appeared, disrupting all of Yang Kai’s plans and causing him a great deal of anxiety.

Yang Kai had already experienced Saintess Nan’s methods and knew that he was unable to resist her, even if he had broken through to the Second Order Transcendent Realm, he didn’t have any confidence he could flee from her.

Being able to escape from her hands last time was entirely thanks to the Void Corridor at the bottom of the sea, but now that Yang Kai had encountered Saintess Nan in this vast wilderness, there was no possibility of him fleeing successfully.

Yang Kai was agitated, but so were Feng Biao and Yu Mo.

They were both Saint Realm masters, so naturally they were able to sense how tyrannical the approaching person was. This was an existence that caused even them to feel dread.

Just what kind of powerful master would come to this remote place? Unable to understand, they both unconsciously glanced over towards Yang Kai, wanting to obtain some kind of clue from him.

“If you don’t want to die, I suggest you let us go, my reinforcements will be here soon!” Yang Kai looked at them coldly, trying his best to put on a calm appearance.

Seeing this though, Yu Mo just snickered, “If the one coming is your reinforcements, why are they directing murderous intent towards you and that woman you’re holding?”

Yang Kai curled his lips helplessly, knowing there was no way he could fool Yu Mo and the other Saints here.

“Boy, you sure know how to stir up trouble, actually provoking such a powerful enemy, you being able to live until today is nothing short of a miracle.”

“Do you think I intentionally go around making powerful enemies?” Yang Kai grumbled indignantly. If he hadn’t inadvertently learned those three Nine Heavens Divine Skills from An Ling’er and become stained with her aura, Saintess Nan wouldn’t be targeting him like this.

“Yu Mo, this aura of that person is a little weird…” Gu Man frowned as he carefully probed the approaching master, feeling that the Death Qi aura coming from them was far too heavy and that they lacked any kind of vitality a living person should have. Shaking his head, he asked, “What should we do?”

“Quickly capture this little brat first!” Yu Mo didn’t dare to delay and immediately tried to seize the initiative. No matter how odd this newcomer’s aura was, Yu Mo was certain they possessed terrifying strength. Even if he and Gu Man joined forces, it was unlikely they’d be able to defeat this person.

Delaying here would only bring them more troubles.

“Don’t bother, I’ll go with you!” Yang Kai said freely and easily, his attitude taking a complete one hundred and eighty degree turn. If he went with Yu Mo and the others, there was a chance he could survive, staying here would only mean certain death. Right now, he still didn’t have the ability to resist Saintess Nan!

“Seems you know your limits, boy,” Yu Mo nodded lightly, expressing satisfaction, but soon his look changed again, a bitter smile appearing on his face, “I’m afraid it’s too late though… this person is too fast!”

Just as these words left his lips, from the dark rolling cloud which was still a fair distance away, a hand seemingly carved of the finest jade stretched out towards them.

As this jade-like hand reached towards them, it grew larger and larger until eventually it seemed to cover the entire sky, blocking out all traces of light!

Heaven Covering Hand! The hand that can cover the Heavens.

The Demon Race masters all began cursing while Yang Kai hastily retreated from this place together with An Ling’er.


The earth shook and the patch of jungle that Gu Man and the others had previous hidden in was blown away, leaving behind only a dozen kilometer long palm print.

It was as if the region had been struck by some kind of natural disaster, the wind whipped and sand and dust flew in every direction. A few of the Demon Race masters with bad luck were unable to escape and were flattened on the spot.

Everyone else, by pushing their strength to its limits, barely managed to avoid this calamity.

Yu Mo and Gu Man gathered together, both their faces unsightly. Even though the two of them already knew the strength of the approaching person was higher than their own, it wasn’t until the other side attacked that they discovered they had still underestimated this person.

Second Order Saint! This person had at least reached such a realm.

Standing mid-air, Yu Mo and Gu Man didn’t show any fighting intent, only wishing they could quickly flee from this place, but they didn’t dare make any rash movements because ever since that huge palm had been thrown at them, a powerful Divine Sense had locked onto their bodies. Once they tried to escape, they would certainly be greeted by a ruthless attack.

Both of them took a deep breath and turned their eyes towards a certain spot in the distance. From the direction they were staring, the graceful figure of a woman dressed in a long white dress was slowly approaching.

She had exquisite looks and a noble and holy temperament; a rare beauty.

But at the moment, her expression was faint, and there was a thick Death Qi between her brows, making her complexion appear somewhat dark.

From her, Yu Mo and Gu Man couldn’t feel the slightest trace of life.

As she walked forward, energy gathered at her slender fingertips, quickly shaping into sharp blades that shot towards everyone around her.

The Demon Race cultivators below the Saint Realm didn’t have the slightest ability to resist and within a few breaths had all been killed by this woman.

Seeing this, Gu Man’s eyes went red as he shouted, “Whore, you dare attack my, Gu Man’s people?”

Yu Mo also wore a gloomy expression as he shouted out, “Damn woman, not even saying a word before indiscriminately killing everyone in sight, don’t you think you’re going too far?”

Facing the angry roars of these two men, Saintess Nan didn’t respond at all and simply continued to leisurely step forward, her beautiful eyes not even blinking.

In his heart, Yang Kai cheered while maintaining a solemn look upon his face.

Saintess Nan was already dead and obviously wouldn’t respond no matter what Yu Mo and Gu Man said, so naturally Yang Kai was happy to sit back and watch them confront one another.

The only problem now was how to escape from this previous generation Saintess. Even if Yu Mo and Gu Man worked together to intercept her, Yang Kai estimated that they wouldn’t be able to block her for long!

Still standing in mid-air, as they watched Saintess Nan approach, the hairs on Yu Mo and Gu Man’s necks all stood on end, the two of them quickly exchanging a glance before condensing their strength.

They knew that today, they could not avoid fighting this woman.

Even Feng Biao, who had so far been sitting back and observing, began to prepare himself. He too had been locked onto by Saintess Nan’s Divine Sense, so if he wanted to live, he could only temporarily join forces with Yu Mo and Gu Man to resist her.

The three First Order Saints immediately gathered together and relaxed slightly, even if they couldn’t defeat Saintess Nan, working together, they shouldn’t have too much trouble escaping her.

A moment later, when Saintess Nan had approached within three hundred meters of them, a thick Demonic Qi burst out from the three Demon Race Saints, each of them using their full strength to launch a pre-emptive strike.

In response, a giant sword appeared in the sky and immediately slashed down towards the three Demon Race Saints, carrying with it an earth shattering power.

Profound Heavenly Sword!

This giant sword projected an overwhelming power causing Yu Mo, Gu Man, and Feng Biao to tremble in fear.

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