Martial Peak

Chapter 788 - Wolf Behind, Tiger in Front

Chapter 788, Wolf Behind, Tiger in Front

Whether it was Feng Biao or Yu Mo, both of them obviously had great confidence in their own strength and were unwilling to work together with other Demon Race cultivators, so they consciously maintained some distance between themselves, the other pursuers, and Yang Kai.

This however gave Yang Kai an opportunity.

With a whoosh, Wind and Thunder Qi surged up and Yang Kai’s Wind and Thunder Wings unfurled from his back.

With a flicker of these wings, Yang Kai’s already quick pace suddenly multiplied several times over. Meanwhile, An Ling’er narrowed her eyes and circulated her True Qi in order to resist the violent surge in wind pressure around her.

In an instant, the pair left Feng Biao and Yu Mo’s Divine Sense’s coverage range.

An Ling’er couldn’t help letting out a shout; although this wasn’t the first time she had seen Yang Kai use his Wind and Thunder Wings, having already witnessed them back when they were fleeing from Saintess Nan, no matter how many times she saw them, should couldn’t help feeling fascinated by their beauty.

Such a pair of wings should not be owned by a man, but instead by a woman.

Even so, seeing Yang Kai like this, An Ling’er felt he seemed quite heroic at the moment.

An Ling’er pursed her lips slightly as she stared at Yang Kai’s profile, her eyes blurring slightly, unconsciously pressing her tender body closer to his as she tightly held onto him with her arms.

“Hey, why are you going starry eyed in this kind of situation?” Yang Kai immediately noticed An Ling’er’s abnormal behaviour and turned a dumbfounded gaze towards her as an amazingly soft and elastic sensation made contact with his arm, causing his fierce momentum and tension to rapidly deflate.

An Ling’er’s face suddenly flushed bright red and immediately shot back indignantly, “What nonsense are you talking about? I… I just thought that the outside world is truly filled with wonder, completely different from what I imagined it would be like back in the Holy Land.”

Since her first encounter with Yang Kai, An Ling’er’s days had truly been filled with excitement. All this stimulation frightened her and caused her much grief, but it was also incredibly thrilling; it was as if, so long as she stayed together with Yang Kai, no matter what kind of danger they encountered, they would be able to safely pass through it.

“An average person can’t have such an exciting life!” Yang Kai laughed somewhat dumbly, waving his wings rhythmically, pushing his speed faster and faster, transforming into a streak of light that shot across the sky.

The expressions of the Demon Race masters who had been tailing the pair all abruptly changed when this occurred. All of them were closing in on Yang Kai, but in the blink of an eye, they had actually completely lost track of him.

Amongst the group of pursuers, even three Saint Realm masters couldn’t hide their shock. Not daring to hold back any longer, they quickly pushed their speed to its maximum and shot off in the direction Yang Kai fled.

A moment later, two figures flew over and joined the pursuit. Obviously these two were Feng Biao and Yu Mo who noticed something had gone wrong and thus increased their pace.

The expressions of the two Saints were particularly awful, especially Yu Mo’s. It wasn’t until now that he realized that even in that brutal life or death battle with Di Xiao, Yang Kai had still been hiding his strength.

With the astonishing speed Yang Kai just displayed, it would have been easy for him to have Di Xiao dancing in the palm of his hand, but he had actually concealed it until just now; obviously he had done so in order to get his pursuers to lower their guard, giving him a chance to escape.

As a result, Yang Kai really managed to escape from his pursuers’ Divine Sense search range.

“That damn brat!” Yu Mo’s face twisted in anger as he cursed while continuing to chase after Yang Kai.

An hour later, the Transcendent Realm Demon Race masters who had been pursuing Yang Kai finally came to a stop. They had no idea which direction Yang Kai and the few Saint Realm masters had gone or any way to track them, so after letting out a few bitter sighs and curses, they turned around and headed back to Sand City.

Three thousand kilometers from Sand City, Yang Kai’s expression became gloomy.

He found that he had still underestimated the means of these Saint Realm masters. Although Yang Kai had already used his Wind and Thunder Wings to flee from the range of their Divine Senses, he could clearly tell that, using some unknown method, they were still actually chasing after him.

The Demon Land was vast, and Yang Kai wasn’t even sure where he was, so he could only chose to flee in a random direction and pray that he eventually left this place.

Yang Kai’s powerful Spiritual Energy played a vital role at this time; although his True Qi cultivation was only at the Second Order Transcendent Realm, his Spiritual Energy was no weaker than a Saint Realm master’s.

His Divine Sense’s strength was actually even greater than Feng Biao and Yu Mo’s, allowing him to grasp their location even when they couldn’t grasp his.

With this advantage to aid him, Yang Kai somehow managed to avoid populated regions and being discovered by other Demon Race masters, saving him a lot of unnecessary trouble.

After fleeing for a long time though, even Yang Kai began to feel fatigued. Whether it was physically or mentally, he had consumed a great deal of stamina, even An Ling’er’s face was dispirited, obviously tired out.

Repeatedly escaping and hiding, the pair still couldn’t get rid of Feng Biao and Yu Mo’s pursuit. The other Saint Realm masters had given up after chasing Yang Kai for a few days, but these two were like rabid dogs, swearing not to rest until they sank their teeth into their prey.

Feng Biao and Yu Mo, who both found the other unpleasing to the eye, even formed a kind of subtle camaraderie born of mutual hatred during this seemingly never ending chase.

Time flew by and soon half a month had passed, then one month…

Carrying An Ling’er with him, Yang Kai had now crossed hundreds of thousands of kilometers of the Demon Land. The only upside was that the Demonic Qi which constantly lingered in the air seemed to be getting thinner, causing Yang Kai to secretly rejoice, feeling like he had not chosen the wrong direction and that so long as he kept this up, they would soon be able to leave the Demon Land.

As long as they left the Demon Land, Feng Biao and Yu Mo would likely stop pursuing them.

With a renewed sense of hope, Yang Kai suddenly became full of energy.

One day though, as Yang Kai was soaring forward, his expression suddenly became solemn and he quickly came to a halt, staring fixedly at a patch of jungle in front of him.

From the direction he was staring, Yang Kai noticed the aura of a large number of masters seemingly concealing themselves while waiting in ambush.

When Yang Kai came to a stop, from the jungle below, a pair of cold eyes fixed onto him.

“Such a vigilant brat!” The Demon Race said in praise as a look of surprise flashing across his face. He and the people he had brought with him had perfectly concealed their auras and hidden themselves amongst the environment, but had unexpectedly still been discovered by their target.

“Still trying to act stealthy at this point? Just show yourselves!” Yang Kai observed for a moment before suddenly calling out.

The leader of this group of Demon Race masters grinned and no longer tried to conceal himself, soaring up into the air to face Yang Kai directly.

Observing this Demon Race master, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling somewhat suspicious. He had never met, or even seen this man before, but from the other side’s attitude, it was obvious he was waiting here for him and An Ling’er.

This person’s cultivation was also not weak, probably a Saint Realm master, and even if he wasn’t as strong as Feng Biao or Yu Mo, he wasn’t much worse. Behind this man, there were also a number of powerful masters who seemed to be curiously eyeing Yang Kai.

Hearing a rushing sound coming from behind him, Yang Kai’s face sank, realizing that Feng Biao and Yu Mo were quickly approaching.

Sure enough, a moment later, these two made dogs appeared and stopped close behind Yang Kai.

“Yu Mo, this is the human brat you said escaped from Sand City?” The Demon Race master in front stared at Yang Kai and casually asked.

With an ice cold expression, Yu Mo nodded and said, “Yeah!” Then turning to Yang Kai and cursing, “Damn brat, you really run fast! If I didn’t send word to City Lord Man to block your path, I’m afraid I really wouldn’t have been able to stop you!”

As he spoke, a look of deep hatred flashed across his eyes.

After receiving Xue Li’s orders, Yu Mo thought he would quickly be able to capture Yang Kai and return to Sand City, but after an entire month of pursuing the latter, not only was Yu Mo thoroughly exhausted, he had nearly failed his mission.

Right now, Yu Mo was feeling quite aggrieved and depressed, secretly swearing to himself to brutally torment Yang Kai the whole way back to Sand City after capturing him in order to vent the hatred in his heart.

After listening to Yu Mo, Yang Kai suddenly understood that, while chasing him, the other party had used some method to convey a message to this City Lord Man, telling the latter to set up an ambush here.

Yang Kai smiled bitterly. In the end, this was someone else’s territory. Although he had managed to escape for a while, he was finally blocked today. This was no doubt a hopeless situation.

As Yu Mo and City Lord Man were conversing, Feng Biao simply stood to the side, his eyes drifting back and forth, seemingly observing the situation.

He and Yu Mo’s purposes were different, his objective was to kill Yang Kai in order to complete the task given to him by Gou Qiong, but now that Yu Mo had called a helper, he suddenly felt that things had become difficult.

His eagerness to stir up trouble was not missed by Yu Mo and even City Lord Man could easily guess what he was thinking, the latter letting out a laugh as he said, “Isn’t this Feng Biao? Instead of staying in Qing Liao City and serving Sir Gou Qiong, you’ve actually come all the way out here to this remote wilderness. What do you plan to do?”

Yu Mo said lightly, “Feng Biao, I’m not interested in embarrassing you today, withdraw!”

Feng Biao coldly snorted before turning his gaze towards Yang Kai, glaring hatefully at him for a moment before turning back to Yu Mo, backing off a short distance, and faintly saying, “If you want to catch him, so be it, I won’t interfere, but everything that’s happened up till now, I will fully report to Sir Gou Qiong. I hope you can afford the consequences!”

Seeing Feng Biao take a stand, Yu Mo no longer spoke any nonsense with him, turning to Yang Kai and sneering, “Little brat, will you surrender without a fight, or do you want me to catch you? I’ll tell you in advance, if you chose the second option, you won’t get off with just some light injuries!”

“Are you so confident that you can catch me?” Yang Kai smiled lightly.

Hearing this, City Lord Man’s eyes bulged for a moment before he snickered dismissively, “Yu Mo, what kind of background does this human kid have? His arrogance is simply heaven defying.”

In front of three Saint Realm masters, actually daring to spout such words, could it be this kid was messed up in the head?

“He has the capital to act so arrogant. Di Xiao was killed by him in the Death Arena of Sand City, one-on-one!” Yu Mo explained faintly.

“What?” City Lord Man was stunned, “Are you sure you aren’t mistaken? That Di Xiao was actually killed by him? He seems like he’s only a Second Order Transcendent!”

“I saw it with my own eyes, how could I be mistaken, and… when he killed Di Xiao, he was only a First Order Transcendent, after killing Di Xiao, he broke through to his present realm.”

“Is that true?” City Lord Man asked in disbelief, shocked to the point of speechlessness.

“Do you think Feng Biao and I would chase after him for an entire month if it wasn’t?” Yu Mo ground his teeth, “Fuck, don’t mention it any more, it’s shameful to even bring it up.”

“Ha ha ha ha!” City Lord Man burst into laughter, a look of ridicule appearing on his face, “You chased after him for a whole month yet still couldn’t catch him?”

As he laughed, his face suddenly became cold and he solemnly said, “If that’s the case, this little brat really must have some skill.”

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