Martial Peak

Chapter 790 - Great Elder Xu Hui

Chapter 790, Great Elder Xu Hui

The three Saint Realm masters from the Demon Race didn’t know anything about their opponent and instantly found themselves embroiled in a difficult struggle with Saintess Nan.

Although there were three of them, Saintess Nan’s cultivation was higher than their own by a Minor Realm so she wasn’t at any kind of disadvantage.

Seeing this, Yang Kai was overjoyed.

Without a word, he quickly pulled An Ling’er and began escaping!

“That damned brat…” Yu Mo saw this but couldn’t do anything about it, grinding his teeth angrily. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to complete his task this time and thus directed his anger towards Saintess Nan, even summoning his Saint Grade artifact and launching one ruthless blow after another towards her.

After the time it would take to burn half a stick of incense , Yang Kai and An Ling’er had managed to flee about a hundred kilometers, but with this much distance between them, they could still feel the fallout from the battle of the four Saint Realm masters, causing them a bit of lingering fear.

Yang Kai had always felt that there was some kind of fundamental difference between the Saint Realm and Transcendent Realm. Yang Kai sensed that the energy flowing in every one of the Saint Realm masters he had met was somewhat different from the True Qi flowing through his meridians.

Not having arrived at such a height, Yang Kai didn’t know much about the secrets of the Saint Realm, so he could only wait and ask about it later.

“Ah…” An Ling’er suddenly shouted, narrowing her eyes as she stared towards a spot in the distance, seemingly sensing something.

At the same time, Yang Kai’s expression also sank. Using his Divine Sense, he had discovered several tyrannical presences in front of them that were rapidly approaching!

The auras of these people were no weaker than Yu Mo’s and one of them was even comparable to Saintess Nan’s!

In this remote wilderness, suddenly encountering so many Saint Realm masters was not something Yang Kai could simply ignore!

Just as Yang Kai wanted to draw An Ling’er away from the approaching masters, the latter suddenly smiled and her expression relaxed, “It’s my Holy Land’s people!”

“Ah?” Yang Kai was shocked.

“We’re saved, it must be a team led by Great Elder Xu Hui!”

Hearing what An Ling’er just said, Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled. Calling all of this a coincidence was a bit of a stretch. However, when he thought about it, if it really was a group of masters from Nine Heavens Holy Land, they only needed to follow Saintess Nan and they could sooner or later find An Ling’er, the premise being that An Ling’er was still alive of course.

Yang Kai’s first instinct was to escape. He really didn’t want to have any contact with the people from Nine Heavens Holy Land, but as soon as this idea came up, he immediately dismissed it.

If he were to suddenly flee at this time, it would only cause the approaching group of masters to be suspicious. Also, Yang Kai wasn’t sure what Saintess Nan would do after he separated from An Ling’er. If Saintess Nan were to disregard Yu Mo and the other Demon Race Saints and instead chase after him, he wouldn’t be able to resist. In this situation, Yang Kai’s safest choice was undoubtedly to meet with the masters ahead.

“An Ling’er…” Yang Kai suddenly whispered.


“During this time, how have I treated you?”

“How have you treated me?” An Ling’er was stunned by this question, quickly recalling the events of the past few months, her cheeks blushing slight as she replied softly, “Very good.”

Whether it was the exploration of the Ancient Ruins, the time spent in the Mysterious Small World, or their stay in the Demon Land, Yang Kai had always taken very good care of her. Even during the times it was difficult for him alone to escape he had never abandoned her, the two of them sharing trials and tribulations together for nearly a year. An Ling’er has long ago regarded Yang Kai as someone she could trust with her life.

“Then do me a favour. When we meet your Holy Land’s people, don’t mention anything about me becoming a Holy Master candidate or about me learning three of the Nine Heavens Divine Skills from you!”

“You don’t want to become Holy Master?” An Ling’er clearly understood Yang Kai’s intentions behind this request.

Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “I’ve told you many times before, even if I don’t become your Holy Master, I can still reach that height. If I become your Holy Land’s Holy Master, I’m afraid it won’t even be three hundred years before I become a pile of bones! I absolutely reject that kind of future as it will make many people sad!”

“Would those people happen to be women?” An Ling’er whispered, his voice containing a hint of bitterness.

“*Ahem*… only one or two…” Yang Kai’s face became awkward.

“Good, since you so firmly reject the idea, I won’t say any more. When we reach a safe place, you should find a way to leave on your own, I don’t think Great Elder and the others will try to embarrass you,” An Ling’er pursed her lips slightly.

“En,” Yang Kai nodded, his pace remaining unchanged, flying straight ahead to rendezvous with the approaching group of masters.

As the two were speaking, several power Divine Senses swept towards them. After only a brief examination, these Divine Senses revealed a hint of joy and excitement, clearly identifying An Ling’er’s life aura.

A few moments later, a few indistinct figures appeared in Yang Kai’s eyes and from the distance a voice called out, “Is that you, Your Highness Saintess?”

“Great Elder!” An Ling’er responded quickly.

“It really is Your Highness Saintess!” The figures immediately sped up and in the blink of an eye arrived in front of Yang Kai and An Ling’er.

Four Saints!

Leading this group was the so called Great Elder Xu Hui, the one An Ling’er said was a Second Order Saint no worse than Saintess Nan. He was a slightly older man with sharp eyes and a temperate demeanor.

Behind him, there were three other Saints, which should be masters from Nine Heavens Holy Land.

This kind of tyrannical lineup showed just how rich Nine Heavens Holy Land’s heritage was; after all, if the old Holy Master and Saintess Nan were still alive, there would be two more top level masters in this Holy Land.

Soaring Heaven Sect was considered a powerful force, but it only had two Saint Realm masters, Chu Ling Xiao and another old Martial Uncle Yang Kai had never met before.

Compared to Nine Heavens Holy Land, Soaring Heaven Sect was a bit weaker.

With this kind of background, Nine Heavens Holy Land could be considered an extremely powerful and influential force in Tong Xuan Realm, but after the old Holy Master and Saintess Nan fell, Nine Heavens Holy Land’s strength should have fallen greatly.

“This is surely the blessings of the Old Holy Master’s soul in Heaven. Your Highness Saintess is really safe!” Xu Hui quickly cupped his fists and bowed, looking as if a great burden had been lifted from his shoulders. The other three masters also showed similar expressions. It was obvious how worried they were about An Ling’er’s safety, quickly inquiring about her wellbeing the moment they met her.

An Ling’er waved her hand lightly and assured them she was alright.

As they spoke, the eyes of Great Elder Xu Hui suddenly shifted to Yang Kai, a look of approval flashing across his face as he asked, “Then this should be the future Holy Master?”

Yang Kai’s face changed slightly, his brow furrowing. This old man saying such words the moment they met had caught him off guard.

An Ling’er was also taken aback and quickly shook her head, “No, Great Elder, you’re mistaken…”

“Ho ho, Your Highness Saintess doesn’t have to explain, everything that happened back in the Seven Family Alliance’s archipelago, we have heard about from Qian Ning!” Xu Hui quickly said, revealing a look of appreciation and satisfaction, “So young yet able to comprehend several Nine Heavens Divine Skills all at once, this is a feat no previous Holy Master has ever achieved.”

Yang Kai was even more shocked now, but he managed to maintain an indifferent expression, showing no intention to speak.

Instead, it was An Ling’er who asked anxiously, “Did Uncle Qian survive?”

Back in that remote archipelago, in order to buy time for Yang Kai and An Ling’er to get away, Qian Ning and the other Nine Heavens Holy Land masters had launched a suicide attack against Saintess Nan. Yang Kai witnessed Saintess Nan kill these masters, leaving not even bones behind, so logically there was no way they could have survived.

Indeed, Xu Hui shook his head and explained, “He died, everyone from that expedition team, with the exception of Your Highness Saintess, died; however, before he fell, Qian Ning managed to send out a message. It was because of this that we learned that the future Holy Master had been found. Ever since then, we have been chasing after Saintess Nan, hoping we would one day find the two of you!”

This was basically the same as what Yang Kai guessed had happened, but when he thought about Qian Ning, he couldn’t help grinding his teeth. If he was determined to die then he should have just died, but in his last moments he had actually caused so much trouble. His death really wasn’t worth pitying!

An Ling’er snuck a peek at Yang Kai, and seeing the unhappy look on his face, she couldn’t help worrying, uncertain of what she should do in this situation.

“This isn’t a place we should stay for long, we must quickly leave!” Xu Hui quickly swept his eyes around as he hurriedly urged.

The other Saints also nodded in agreement.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled and finally spoke, “Saintess Nan… do you plan to just ignore her?”

Xu Hui smiled awkwardly and replied, “Saying this will likely make you laugh, but I may not be Saintess Nan’s opponent, so even if we want to stop her, we can’t!”

“Then, from now on, she will always chase after me and An Ling’er?” Yang Kai said in a disgruntled tone.

“Once we return to the Holy Land that won’t be an issue. Once you enter the Holy Land, Saintess Nan will no longer pursue,” One of the other Saint Realm masters quickly said.

“That is why we must swiftly return to the Holy Land!” Xu Hui explained, speaking as politely as possible to Yang Kai, seemingly quite respectful towards him.

The other Saints also showed a polite attitude, so although Yang Kai was unhappy about this situation and didn’t want to have anything to do with Nine Heavens Holy Land, for now he could only agree to follow them back.

Yang Kai decided to observe the situation for now. If on the road things took a turn for the worse, he would immediately separate from this group and not appear before anyone from Nine Heavens Holy Land until he fully matured.

But Xu Hui and the other Saints here knew he had studied several of the Nine Heavens Divine Skills, so Yang Kai worried they wouldn’t easily let him leave, causing him quite some headache.

Seeing him not object, Xu Hui’s expression relaxed and quickly wrapped Yang Kai and An Ling’er in his True Qi before flying off.

A short time later, their group left the Demon Land.

Saintess Nan’s Divine Sense, which had been locked onto Yang Kai and An Ling’er, was also cut off because of the increasing distance.

It was only now that Yang Kai breathed a slight sigh of relief.

As they flew along, Xu Hui appeared calm and composed, but in reality, he was secretly observing Yang Kai, a sense of amazement filling his heart as he did.

He could see that An Ling’er seemed to care deeply about Yang Kai, and not as a Saintess concerned about a future Holy Master, but as a woman concerned about a man. From time to time, when Yang Kai revealed a sullen or dignified expression, An Ling’er would appear panicked and her pulse would race.

This future Holy Master… was really quite extraordinary!

Who An Ling’er was, Xu Hui knew better than anyone else. Which Saintess cultivated by the Holy Land didn’t have eyes atop their head? This future Holy Master actually being able to so quickly capture Her Highness Saintess’ heart fully explained how great his charm and methods were.

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