Martial Peak

Chapter 773 - Great Shame

Chapter 773, Great Shame

Although the Sun Clan was really somewhat hesitant to act here, none of them put Yang Kai’s cultivation in their eyes; they felt, as long as they could find the right opportunity, when the Divine Tree’s guard was lowered, they could instantly take Yang Kai’s life.

So after listening to Yang Kai’s question, the Sun Clan’s old leader refused without giving it a second thought.

Such great shame! In his own home, the Divine Tree, which was regarded as his clan’s greatest treasure and foundation, was seduced by a little foreign brat. Such shame for the Sun Clan could not be erased even if they killed Yang Kai ten thousand times over.

However, Yang Kai simply sneered, and from the protection of the Divine Tree’s branches, stared down at the old man and replied confidently, “Indeed, I do think I have the qualifications.”

As he spoke, Yang Kai sent out a faint pulse of Spiritual Energy.

This pulse didn’t contain any murderous intent, nor did it have the slightest attack power, but when it swept over several of the nearby Sun Clan clansmen, the latter collapsed to the ground, clutching their heads as they howled in agony.

Three breaths later, these people all went stiff, lying their without the slightest hint of vitality, blood leaking from their seven orifices.

The rest of the Sun Clan masters instantly went pale, the old leader included, sweeping his gaze around as cold light flashed across his eyes.

Even he had not realized what kind of trick Yang Kai had used just now. On top of that, the clansmen who had fallen were not weak, yet none of them seemed to have the slightest ability to resist this human boy’s strange attack.

A chill filled the air as the remaining Sun Clan masters turned to look at Yang Kai again, this time a hint of fear apparent in their stares.

“Boy… you’ve successfully enraged me.” The Sun Clan’s leader muttered in a low tone, his murderous intent so thick it was almost palpable.

Yang Kai remained indifferent and simply shook his head with a smile, “I’m just giving you proof I have the necessary capital to bargain with you.”

As he spoke, his voice suddenly became cold, “My patience is limited. Old dog, you’d best give me a reply as soon as possible, or else, besides your few precious Saints, everyone else will die!”

Hearing this, over eighty percent of the Sun Clan masters stumbled backwards in horror, as if doing so gave them a sense of security. What they didn’t know was that their Knowledge Seas had already been contaminated by Soul Devouring Insects, so no matter where they tried to run it was pointless.

The old leader of the Sun Clan seethed with anger as he glared towards Yang Kai, only managing to squeeze out a strained voice after a long silence, “What do you want?”

“Let us leave! That is my only requirement,” Yang Kai shouted.

“Leader, we can’t just let him go. Our clan’s losses are so heavy, allowing him to just walk away is unacceptable!” Someone immediately objected.

“En, if we don’t kill him my anger will never subside!”

“Kill him! We must kill him, even if we have to injure the Divine Tree to do it!”

Several Saint Realm masters shouted angrily, determined to put Yang Kai to death for his crimes, unwilling to accept any kind of negotiation.

In response to their clamouring, Yang Kai just laughed and shouted, “Your losses are indeed not small, but have you not thought about what you’ve gained? Your Divine Tree now has its own consciousness, which means it is a completely different life form from before. As long as I leave this place, you can slowly get closer to it and once you earn its favour, the benefits you’ll receive are unimaginable!”

Just as Yang Kai spoke these words, the huge Divine Tree shook noticeably, apparently quite dissatisfied and aggrieved, it seemed quite sad as it thought Yang Kai was trying to abandon it.

Yang Kai’s heart clenched and quickly used his Divine Sense to convey some comforting words to it while still negotiating with the Sun clan, “However, it’s a different story if you force me to remain. Because I helped the Divine Tree evolve into its current form, it is very close to me right now. As long as I’m given enough time, I’m confident I can make it only favour me, so that even if you try to win it over in the future you won’t be able to. This won’t take me long either, perhaps only a few days, so if I were you, the one thing I’d want to do is send me away as soon as possible!”

The brows of all the Sun Clan Elders wrinkled upon considering this.

Yang Kai’s words were spoken from their perspective, and although they were still quite suspicions of his claims, what he said was undeniable possible.

The Divine Tree undergoing such a huge change was a pleasant surprise to them, even taking into consideration the losses they had suffered, this change was undoubtedly a great thing for the entire Sun Clan.

The Divine Tree possessing its own Soul and being able to actively assist them was something the Sun Clan had never even dreamed of before.

“We could also just kill you and end these troubles once and for all!” The Sun Clan’s old leader obviously was something tempted but when he thought about how many of his clansmen had already been killed, he couldn’t bring himself to simply let Yang Kai go free like this, gritting his teeth as he declared, “As long as you are dead, the Divine Tree will still belong to my clan.”

“Fair enough!” Yang Kai smiled, “You guys really should have enough ability to kill me. I’m not arrogant enough to think I can escape from so many of you, but I can at least bury most of your clansmen along with me, you should ask yourselves if you can afford to pay such a price! In addition, if you want to kill me, you’ll have to damage the Divine Tree. If you hurt it now, will it ever accept you? This little guy’s thinking is quite simple, if you injure it, it will definitely remember for the rest of its life. Old dog, don’t try to steal a chicken only to lose your rice!”

Yang Kai’s shamelessness as well as his insulting tone caused the Sun Clan’s old leader to feel both rage and helplessness.

The Elders who had been calling for Yang Kai’s death also fell silent and frowned, feeling the situation had become somewhat tricky.

If the Divine Tree did not have its own consciousness, even if it meant damaging it, they wouldn’t hesitate to kill Yang Kai.

But now that the Divine Tree could think for itself, they didn’t dare act rashly, for fear of exactly what Yang Kai said would happen. If the Divine Tree came to hate them, and refused to give them any Yang Attribute energy from now on, the entire Sun Clan would be finished.

Turning their eyes towards their leader, all the Sun Clan clansmen waited for him to make a decision, none of them willing to offer their opinions anymore.

The Sun Clan leader pondered for a while before staring up at Yang Kai and asking, “Can you guarantee that the Divine Tree will recognize us when you leave?”

“Why do I have to guarantee you anything? It’ll all depend on your own hard work. For a start, you should speak more politely right now. You acting so hostile towards me makes this little guy quite unhappy.”

Seemingly in order to back up Yang Kai’s words, the branches of the Divine Tree swung more fiercely at that moment, as if trying to express its anger.

Many of Sun Clan’s masters couldn’t help frowning, their hearts filling with grief and indignation, quickly restraining their murderous intent while their expressions became even uglier than before.

“En, that’s right, smile. If fate decrees it so, the next time we meet we’ll all be good friends, right?”

“Little brat, don’t reach out for a yard after taking an inch!” The old Sun Clan leader’s face contorted, his extreme unhappiness apparent to all.

Yang Kai simply grinned happily in response.

“Good, I’ll let you leave, and I hope we will never meet again,” The Sun Clan leader shouted gloomily.

“Glad you understand!” Yang Kai nodded towards him approvingly and added, “Not only me, but my companion as well. Right, I’ll take those two Demon Race cultivators too.”

The Sun Clan leader frowned, “You want to take those two as well? They have nothing to do with you, right?”

“I have a good and generous heart. Helping others brings me the greatest joy, I simply can’t stand the thought of others suffering!”

An Ling’er, who was still hiding behind Yang Kai, heard these words and rolled her eyes.

“In any case, your Divine Tree has now evolved, obtaining wisdom and awareness. You have no need to offer it those Demon Race cultivators as blood sacrifices anymore,” Yang Kai continued to persuade.

The Sun Clan leader nodded lightly, turning to one of his subordinates and shouting, “Go bring the two demons here!”

The man hurried off towards Yang Kai’s old palace after receiving this order.

Yang Kai sat down and waiting atop the Divine Tree’s trunk and soon after the Sun Clan escorted Gou Che and the other Demon Race man over.

Gou Che’s face was gloomy and was constantly struggling, but his resistance was only counterproductive. When he arrived at the Divine Tree, his face was swollen and bloody, obviously having taken a harsh beating.

“Brother Gou Che!” Yang Kai stood up and shouted.

Gou Che frowned, his expression becoming somewhat awkward but still eventually nodding in response as he glanced around suspiciously.

Gou Che could feel that the atmosphere at the scene was odd, but he couldn’t understand what exactly had happened, so he figured it was best to keep silent for now, lest he say something wrong.

“Bring those two up,” Yang Kai patted the Divine Tree and whispered.

The next moment, two long, whip-like energy ropes stretched out towards Gou Che and his companion, wrapping them up and hauling them over to where Yang Kai was standing before the two of them could react.

Upon landing, Gou Che whispered in a low voice, “Brother, what is going on here?”

“I’m taking to two of you with me!” Yang Kai smiled.

“With you?” Gou Che’s face changed slightly, “Where?”

“Away from here.”

Gou Che was dumbfounded, quietly glancing at the crowd below as he whispered, “They agreed?”

“Whether they want to or not, they had to agree. Rest assured, I’ve already reached a deal with them.”

“Then why does it look like they all can’t wait to kill you? Are they really willing to let you go just like that?” Gou Che was completely lost.

Yang Kai nodded in response, not bothering to explain too much, simply calling out to the people bottom, “Where is the exit?”

The Sun Clan’s leader took a deep breath to calm his anger before coldly pointing in a certain direction.

Yang Kai looked over before gently patting the Divine Tree.

The next moment, the huge Divine Tree slowly began moving, the earth shuddering with each great step it took as it carried Yang Kai and the others towards that side.

Behind them, a large group of Sun Clan masters followed closely.

Gou Che’s eyes went wide as he stared at the big walking tree foolishly, muttering in a tone of disbelief, “Brother, what strange method is this? Why is this tree… walking on its own?”

“Heh hehe, the Divine Tree has gained sentience so it can understand my words.”

“Incredible…” Gou Che still couldn’t believe what he was seeing, even with it happening right before his eyes. Sweeping his eyes around, he quickly discovered that the Divine Tree really was walking on its own, supported by two golden pillars in the shape of human legs formed entirely of Yang Attribute energy.

In an instant, Gou Che felt his understand of the world undergo a drastic change, he and the other Demon Race cultivator unable to speak for quite some time after.

The Divine Tree’s movements were awkward and neither fast nor slow. It took half a day of walking before Yang Kai felt a faint trace of void energy coming from up ahead.

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