Martial Peak

Chapter 774 - Can’t Be Saved

Chapter 774, Can’t Be Saved

Void Energy was something that only appeared in the presence of a Void Corridor.

Since Yang Kai could sense Void Energy in front of him, it was safe to assume there was a Void Corridor up ahead.

A moment later, a pitch black hole appeared before everyone’s eyes in a spot a several dozen kilometers away from where the Sun Clan lived.

Yang Kai secretly nodded to himself, thinking it was obvious he hadn’t been able to detect this Void Corridor earlier given how far away it was from where he had been kept prisoner.

A moment later, the Divine Tree stopped in front of the Void Corridor.

This Void Corridor was about 3 meters in diameter and could allow several people to walk through it side by side; however, it was obviously not big enough to fit the Divine Tree through.

If the Divine Tree tried to enter it forcibly, there was a great chance that the Void Corridor would collapse and crush it into dust.

“Brother Gou Che, do you have any impression of this place?” Yang Kai asked in a serious tone.

Gou Che observed the area for a while before nodding lightly, “En, I remember seeing this place when we were first captured and brought here.”

“That’s good!” Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction.

Although he has already reached an agreement with the Sun Clan, Yang Kai had no idea if they would bring him to the appropriate Void Corridor. If the world on the other side of this corridor was not the Demon Land but instead a forbidden zone or dangerous region, all his efforts would be in vain.

“Boy, you’re certainly cautious enough,” The Sun Clan leader snorted, “Since this old master promised to let you go, I won’t play any tricks. There is only one exit to this place, there are no other Void Corridors!”

“One can never be too cautious!” Yang Kai didn’t pay the old man’s sarcasm any mind, instead wearing a serious expression as he spoke to Gou Che and the other Demon Race man, “You two enter with An Ling’er first, I’ll follow soon after.”

Gou Che and this Demon Race’s cultivator’s Demonic Qi and Spiritual Energy were both still sealed, so they were currently no different from ordinary mortals with the exception of their great physical strength; remaining here would only be a burden for Yang Kai.

Hearing this, the two of them nodded, the other Demon Race cultivator not saying a word before stepping through the Void Corridor and disappearing while Gou Che shouted, “Brother, you must be careful. We’ll be waiting for you on the other side!”

Yang Kai smiled and nodded.

Gou Che stepped into the Void Corridor, leaving only An Ling’er behind, the latter shooting a worried glance towards Yang Kai before she too evacuated.

After the three of them left, Yang Kai let out a light breath and then sat down atop the Divine Tree’s trunk, not immediately following after them.

All of the Sun Clan clansmen frowned as they stared at him vigilantly, worried he was up to some kind of mischief.

“Boy, why don’t you leave? We’ve met all your requests already!” The Sun Clan leader stared at him as if looking at a god of plague, hoping he would hurry up and disappear. This time, the Sun Clan had suffered a huge loss but had no choice but to choke it down, as long as they had the Divine Tree which had evolved into a sentient lifeform, they price they had paid would be worth it.

“No need to be so anxious, I’m just having a quick rest!” Yang Kai smiled as he began circulating his True Qi and controlling his breathing.

Meanwhile, he sent his consciousness into the trunk, his Soul Avatar manifesting itself inside the Divine Tree’s heart a moment later. Under the Divine Tree’s protection, Yang Kai wasn’t worried about the Sun Clan masters trying to harm him.

Sensing Yang Kai’s arrival, the Divine Tree immediately rejoiced and the flow of energy inside its trunk became faster.

“Calm down!” Yang Kai quickly communicated to it, “I need to ask you something. I’m about to leave this place, would you like to go with me?”

The Divine Tree’s Soul immediately began wrapping around Yang Kai, expressing its agreement and eagerness.

“Seems like you’re willing,” Yang Kai smiled happily, “Good, although I have never tried this before, this method should be feasible. Remember, if this doesn’t work, you’ll have to stay here for the time being. If that turns out to be the case, I promise you that before long I’ll come back to get you.”

Yang Kai’s message was a bit complicated and the Divine Tree didn’t seem to understand it for a while, but by feeling the emotions behind Yang Kai’s words, it still managed to somehow understand, becoming a bit sullen for a moment before quickly recovering, seemingly happy to receive the latter’s promise.

“Good, then first, I’ll leave my mark with you!” Yang Kai said quickly before consuming a massive amount of his Spiritual Energy to leave behind a mark on the Divine Tree’s Soul.

This way, even if he failed to take the Divine Tree away with him today, he would be able to subtly sense its existence no matter how far they were apart.

This was different from the time he ‘accepted’ An Ling’er’s Soul brand, one instance was Yang Kai receiving something, the other was him giving. In other words, if the Divine Tree’s Soul ever became damaged, Yang Kai’s Soul would also suffer harm. On the other hand, if An Ling’er’s Soul was to be injured, Yang Kai wouldn’t suffer any ill effects.

After he finished communicating with the Divine Tree, Yang Kai took back his consciousness and returned to his body.

In front of everyone’s eyes, Yang Kai slowly got up swept his eyes over the Sun Clan masters indifferently, his gaze filled with a firmness that had not been there before, his body straight like a javelin, as if he had just made a serious decision.

The Sun Clan leader’s heart jumped as he quickly shouted, “It’s bad, this little brat lied to us, he’s up to something!”

Yang Kai let out a great laugh before calling out, “I’m not up to anything, I just thought I’ll give you all a surprise before leaving!”

Saying so, Spiritual Energy poured out from Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea and immediately wrapped around the entire Divine Tree.

With a single through, from inside Yang Kai’s body, the Wordless Black Book began emitting a powerful suction.


Yang Kai’s heart clenched tightly, thumping as if it had been struck by a hammer.

His face went white as his figure stumbled. In that instant, Yang Kai felt the aura of death close in on him.

However, no one paid any attention to him as they were focused on something much more astonishing. Right before their eyes, the huge Divine Tree turned into a stream of light and magically vanished.

Everyone from the Sun clan was dumbfounded, all of them standing in place with their jaws dropped, unable to process what had just happened.

Through sheer force of will, Yang Kai managed to maintain his consciousness and not faint on the spot, turning around rapidly and leaping into the Void Corridor, releasing a series of attacks he had prepared beforehand.

His True Qi surged up and the surrounding aura became chaotic.

*Hong long long…*

As the sound of explosions rang out, the Void Corridor warped and Void Energy began spewing out from it. A moment later, the Void Corridor suddenly shrank and disappeared.

At the same time, pitiful screams resounded from all directions.

As soon as Yang Kai had left, the Soul Devouring Insects which had infected the Sun Clan no longer had anything holding them back and immediately went wild, causing every cultivator before the Saint Realm to fall to the ground!

The Sun Clan’s old leader and Saint Realm Elders all stared blankly at their surroundings, unable to utter a single word!

The Divine Tree had disappeared, the only Void Corridor which linked them to the outside world was destroyed, and a massive number of their clansmen had inexplicably died… all these tragedies had occurred in the span of a few breaths, not giving them any time to process what was happening.

The Void Corridor being destroyed was within their expectations, the Sun Clan’s masters had long seen that Yang Kai had such a plan; however, they made no attempt to stop him from doing so. In any case, they had already lived inside this Mysterious Small World for generations and outside was the Demon Land. It wasn’t safe for them to come and go through it, so the Void Corridor being destroyed didn’t bother them too much.

Their clansmen suddenly falling down dead was probably the result of that little brat’s mysterious methods. He had silently killed a few of them earlier without any of them being able to stop him, so this was probably just a repeat of that.

However, what none of these powerful Saints could understand was how this weak Human Race boy had caused the Divine Tree to disappear.

The Void Corridor was not nearly stable enough to support the Divine Tree leaving, and even if it was, it was impossible for its giant form to simply vanish in front of their eyes.

“Little thief! I swear I’ll find you and chop your corpse into ten thousand pieces!” The Sun Clan’s old leader roared towards the Heavens, the fiery red hair on his head all standing on end.

The other Sun Clan Elders also made similar oaths, but it was already too late, the object of their mutual hatred had disappeared.


Amidst a sea of sand, Yang Kai’s body fell heavily to the ground, causing Gou Che and the others who had arrived early to rush over in surprise.

After seeing Yang Kai’s current state, An Ling’er couldn’t help panicking.

Yang Kai’s face had drained of all colour and his lips were a deep shade of purple. His True Qi flow was chaotic and his Spiritual Energy was essentially non-existent.

Although he didn’t appear to have suffered any external injuries, his body had already gone cold, as if he was on the verge of death, his heart beating loudly yet without any sense of rhythm, seemingly struggling to continue.

Ever after being chased by Saintess Nan last time, Yang Kai had not fallen into such a bleak situation.

An Ling’er didn’t know what happened in the Mysterious Small World after she had left, but seeing Yang Kai like this now made her feel incredibly anxious.

“Brother, brother…” Gou Che also hurried over and shook Yang Kai, but he did not receive any response no matter what he tried. After carefully inspecting Yang Kai, Gou Che found that the former’s Soul was fluctuating weakly and his Knowledge Sea had suffered a tremendous loss.

“He can’t be saved…” The other Demon Race man slowly shook his head, his expression somewhat low spirited.

Although he had no real connection to Yang Kai, regardless of anything else, this time, it was thanks to Yang Kai that he could survive. Seeing his saviour in such a state inevitably left a bad taste in his mouth.

Gou Che frowned and wanted to say something, but upon seeing the heart-wrenching look on An Ling’er’s face, he couldn’t bring himself to speak.

They had no pills or herbs on them currently, back in that Mysterious Small World, even their Universe Bags had been taken away by the Sun Clan. Currently, even though they wanted to help Yang Kai, there was really nothing they could do.

With their Demonic Qi and Spiritual Energy sealed, they also had no way of even assisting Yang Kai’s vital functions.

“No, he won’t die,” An Ling’er kept shaking her head as she lifted Yang Kai’s upper body and placed his head on her laps, her hands trembling as she gently tried to brush the sand from his face, as if afraid she would use too much strength and injure him further, “The last time he suffered such serious injuries, he didn’t die, this time… for sure…”


Another strange heartbeat was conveyed from Yang Kai’s chest after which his vitality seemed to become weaker once again.

An Ling’er burst into tears as her heart filled with pain.

“Junior Sister, don’t cry,” Gou Che stuffily said, “Your True Qi is not sealed, quickly try to support him.”

Hearing this, it was as if An Ling’er was woken from a dream, hurriedly using her Nine Heavens Holy Land’s mysterious Divine Skills on Yang Kai, trying to preserve his last remaining vitality, but no matter how hard she tried, the latter showed no signs of improvement.

“Haa…” Gou Che sighed heavily, feeling sorry for Yang Kai. Gou Che had wanted to find a chance to repay him, but had not anticipated that the moment they escaped from that accursed Mysterious Small World, Yang Kai would actually end up like this.

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