Martial Peak

Chapter 772 - Do We Fight or Negotiate?

Chapter 772, Do We Fight or Negotiate?

During the Ice Sect incident, Yang Kai had already tested the power of the Soul Devouring Insects and knew that anyone below the Saint Realm would be unable to resist them!

The first group of Sun Clan cultivators to arrive were not weak and were significant in number, but there was no Saint Realm master amongst them.

The shockwave of Spiritual Energy impacted all of these newcomers and although it didn’t cause them any direct injuries, it allowed Yang Kai’s Soul Devouring Insects to silently penetrate the former’s Knowledge Seas. This meant that in the short term, Yang Kai could attack and destroy their Knowledge Seas as he pleased.

At the same time Yang Kai moved, the Divine Tree also launched a violent attack, tossing around its golden whips wildly, carving up the surrounding ground with its chaotic barrage.

Rumbling sounds rang out as the newly arrived Sun Clan cultivators suffered tremendous damage, none of them able to even approach Yang Kai before they were swept up by the Divine Tree’s attacks, the less fortunate ones dying instantly.

Taking in the situation around him, Yang Kai wore a dignified expression.

A tyrannical pressure suddenly spread from the distance and rapidly approached, the Sun Clan’s old leader and Elders appearing before Yang Kai a moment later.

“Leader, something is very wrong with the Divine Tree!” One of the cultivators who had survived the Divine Tree’s last assault quickly yelled.

The old leader wore a sullen expression as he observed the Divine Tree, a cold light flashing across his eyes as his gaze moved to the nearby Yang Kai, a trace of shock mixed in with his anger.

The other Sun Clan Elders’ performances were worse as they called out in amazement, “How can this be?”

They were all Saint Realm masters so with their powerful Divine Senses it was not difficult for them to detect the Soul fluctuations coming from inside the Divine Tree. On top of that, they could clearly feel this consciousness’ disgust towards their prying eyes; it seemed to harbour a strong hostility and was firmly rejecting them.

“The Divine Tree… it has a consciousness now?” The old leader’s eyes narrowed as he stared at Yang Kai’s face and asked in a solemn voice.

Yang Kai grinned back at him, “You guessed it.”

“Is this your doing?”

“I can’t take the credit here, I just helped it along,” Yang Kai shook his head.

“And because of that it treats you kindly yet rejects my clan?” The old leader was an experienced and worldly person, so although he didn’t know the full story, seeing the scene before him, he quickly inferred the truth of the matter.

A newly born consciousness would always be kind to the one whom it was familiar with.

“The Divine Tree is my clan’s sacred object, you damn thief!” The Sun Clan’s old leader roared angrily.

“I didn’t want to steal it, it just happened to grow close to me, what do you want me to say?”

“Back then, I should have just killed you!” As he spoke these words, the old leader felt a deep sense of regret while the other Sun Clan masters gnashed their teeth as they glared hatefully towards Yang Kai.

“En, you should have, but now you can’t!” Yang Kai declared, his face filled with confidence.

“If you really think so, you’re gravely mistaken,” The Sun Clan’s leader smiled grimly, “A trivial First Order Transcendent dares act so arrogantly in front of this old master, you simply don’t know how high the Heavens are!”

Saying so, a potent Spiritual Energy suddenly burst forth from his mind.

Yang Kai didn’t even have time to react before a sharp thorn pierced his Knowledge Sea, causing him an indescribable amount of pain as if his very Soul was being torn apart, his expression twisting in an instant as his body trembled and large drops of sweat rolled down his forehead.

What this old man’s true cultivation was had always been a mystery but at that moment, when Yang Kai suffered an attack from him, the pressure he felt was no less than when he faced Saintess Nan.

This old man was at least a Second Order Saint!

The Divine Sense attack from such a master was something even Yang Kai couldn’t ignore.

His Knowledge Sea tossing violently made Yang Kai feel nauseous and unsteady.

At the moment the old leader released his Divine Sense attack, several of the other Sun Clan Elders quickly launched their own killing blows towards Yang Kai.

The Divine Tree’s branches immediately fell from the sky and before these strikes managed to land, wrapped up Yang Kai and An Ling’er who was supporting the latter, bringing the pair to the top of its canopy.

An Ling’er cried out in shock but by the time she came to her senses, she and Yang Kai were already atop the Divine Tree’s trunk, shielded from the outside by a large number of tightly woven branches.

At the same time, the energy whips which hung down from the Divine Tree’s crown shot forward to intercept the approaching Sun Clan masters.

Facing this storm of attacks, the expressions on all the Sun Clan Elders’ faces changed dramatically. None of them had anticipated such a development. When they wanted to chase after and kill Yang Kai, they were blocked by the Divine Tree, and since they were concerned that they might damage the foundation of the Sun Clan they had no choice but to fall back.

“Leader, the Divine Tree seems to be sheltering him!” One of the masters said with an ugly look upon his face.

“I know,” The face of the old leader also clouded over and became especially complicated.

The Divine Tree was not only sheltering this thief but even attacking their clansmen. What was worse though was that the attacks from the Divine Tree were no less powerful than those of a Saint Realm master. Obviously, it wouldn’t be easy to break through its defence.

A great sense of shame and unwillingness filled the Sun Clan leader’s heart. This feeling was like watching the baby he had raised since birth for a lifetime suddenly being stolen away by a shameless thief, yet the baby happily accompanying him.

“It doesn’t matter, that brat shouldn’t live long after taking my attack!” The old Sun Clan leader coldly snorted, letting out a long breath.

With his cultivation, killing a young man like Yang Kai was as easy as pinching an ant, so he was convinced that Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to withstand his previous blow.

As soon as said that that, low laughter resounded from the top of Divine Tree.

All of the Sun Clan Elders wore expressions of shock as they turned their gazes towards the source of the laughter only to see Yang Kai step out somewhat unsteadily from a sea of branches, his eyes red with rage.

“He didn’t die?” The Sun Clan leader’s brow furrowed as he muttered unconsciously, “Impossible!”

Even if this Human Race boy had an extremely high-grade Soul type artifact to assist him, such a young man couldn’t possibly have resisted the previous Divine Sense attack. Also, the old man saw that Yang Kai’s consciousness was somewhat blurry still so there was no doubt the latter’s Soul had suffered damage, yet somehow this boy was still alive.

*Dong dong…*

*Dong dong…*

A dull, rhythmic pulsing sound suddenly came from the Divine Tree, immediately gathering everyone’s attention. The Divine Tree’s newborn consciousness seemed to have nearly gone crazy because of the injuries Yang Kai had suffered and an aura filled with anger and hostility stronger than anyone had imagined possible began radiating out from it.

Even Yang Kai, whose head was still throbbing in pain and had even passed out for a brief moment froze up in shock, discovering he had still been underestimating the Divine Tree.

Centred around the roots of the Divine Tree, the earth began to crack open, and a rich and powerful Yang Attribute energy rushed out, incinerating everything in the surrounding.

Even the masters from the Sun Clan had to protect themselves with their True Qi in order to resist this aura, their skin soon turning a dark shade of red from the excessive heat.

The branches of the Divine Tree danced wildly through the air and the energy whips hanging from its canopy lashed about randomly, filling the air with crackling noises.


The huge Divine Tree swayed left then right then back again, gradually becoming faster and faster as it did.

After a few breaths of time, in front of everyone’s astounded eyes, the Divine Tree, which had been rooted here since before the Sun Clan’s ancestors arrived in this Mysterious Small World, actually split the earth and extended pillars of Yang Attribute energy similar to human legs from its trunk, lifting its huge body off the ground and stepping forward

Its roots, each glistening with a brilliant golden radiance, joined the energy whips hanging from its canopy and began attacking the surrounding dumbfounded Sun Clan masters.

“Ha ha ha ha!” Yang Kai hand held his forehead and laughed loudly towards the sky.

There had been so many things he hadn’t expected this time around, the Divine Tree actually possessing such ability was something he never even considered.

The wounds he had suffered to his Soul didn’t concern him much because with the Six Coloured Soul Warming Lotus’ assistance, it wouldn’t take long for them to heal.

As long as he didn’t suffer an attack that could instantly smash his Knowledge Sea and destroy his Soul, Yang Kai had nothing to fear, this was something the Sun Clan leader obviously didn’t know.

Unlike his carefree celebratory mood, all the Sun Clan masters felt as if they were losing their minds as they watched the Divine Tree lumber towards them while unscrupulously attacking, forcing all of them to hurriedly retreat.

After allowing the Divine Tree to vent its anger for a while, Yang Kai gently comforted it, “It’s alright now, you’ve given them enough of a lesson.”

Yang Kai saw that the Divine Tree’s actions were quite clumsy. Although it had incredible strength, it was somewhat unrealistic to expect it to actually kill the Sun Clan’s top-level masters, the latter only needed to withdraw a certain distance in order to ensure their safety.

Also, it was only because of the Divine Tree’s importance to the Sun Clan that these masters had not attacked Yang Kai, seemingly afraid of harming the former.

Now having the Divine Tree’s shelter, Yang Kai’s first thought was to quickly leave this place.

This was a heaven-sent opportunity.

After being soothed by Yang Kai, the Divine Tree calmed down and became much more stable; however, it still waved his golden whips around, as if warning the Sun Clan not to get any closer.

“Little thief, if you get down here and beg for mercy, I may still spare your life, but if you wait until my clan seizes you, you’ll have no such opportunity!” The Sun Clan’s old leader shouted as his face twisted with rage.

“Oh no, I’m so scared!” Yang Kai stood on the trunk and cried out in a frightened voice, doing his best to further antagonize the surrounding crowd.

“Do you think you can escape? Wishful thinking! You dare confuse my clan’s Divine Tree, even if I have to chase you to the ends of the world, I will shred your corpse into ten thousand pieces!”

“Stop farting out of your mouth already!” Yang Kai grinned defiantly.

An Ling’er, who was behind Yang Kai, still hadn’t quite adapted to their current situation and was in a state of confusion, but upon hearing Yang Kai’s words, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Yang Kai glanced back at her and smiled, obviously in a good mood, before turning back and shouting, “Old dog, do we fight or negotiate here?”

“Do you think you’re qualified to bargain with this old master?” The old leader of the Sun Clan stared at him with an enraged gaze, as if he couldn’t to cut Yang Kai to pieces, drink his blood, and eat his meat.

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