Martial Peak

Chapter 768 - What Good is That to You?

Chapter 768, What Good is That to You?

Yang Kai’s fearless and defiant attitude caused the Sun Clan to hesitate.

The old leader smiled strangely and maintained a neutral attitude while cynically saying, “Boy, your courage isn’t small. Do you think we’ll be so easily intimidated? You only have one life, you should cherish it more, obeying us is your only option here!”

Yang Kai just glanced over at the old leader indifferent and said nothing, stubbornly refusing to cooperate.

Now that he had finally seized the initiative, Yang Kai’s best option was to remain silent, once the Sun Clan learned what he had done, they would likely treat him as a long-term nutrient supply for the Divine Tree and force him to continuously manufacture Yang Liquid to water it.

That was not an outcome Yang Kai wanted to see.

However, listening to their tone, Yang Kai faintly felt that they really didn’t know the Divine Tree was evolving, causing him to frown, it wasn’t until after a moment of reflection that Yang Kai suddenly understood.

He was able to learn the truth because his Soul Avatar had broken into the Divine Tree’s interior to examine it.

But the Sun Clan’s Soul Avatars obviously couldn’t replicate this. Within the Divine Tree’s trunk was an intense flow of Yang Qi, once any of their Soul Avatars entered, they would likely be burned to death!

They didn’t have Yang Kai’s Conflagrated Knowledge Sea which could ignore that scorching heat.

Considering all this, Yang Kai’s last worries disappeared as his courage inflated again.

As long as the Sun Clan didn’t know the truth of the matter, Yang Kai could firmly grasp the initiative in their negotiations.

The Sun Clan leader stared deeply at Yang Kai, his brow furrowed as his expression became somewhat gloomy, only after a while smiling and nodding, “If you don’t want to explain then so be it, I’ll have plenty of chances to figure it out.”

This place was their home turf, and his cultivation was much higher than Yang Kai’s, so naturally the old leader felt Yang Kai couldn’t be able to conceal his methods for long.

Yang Kai simply shrugged his shoulders and remained indifferent.

“Because you have the ability to comfort the Divine Tree, you still have some value, so we won’t be killing you today, but I warn you, don’t try to play any tricks. You won’t be able to afford the consequences!”

Yang Kai chuckled and finally spoke, “You can feel relieved, I understand my own worth, as long as you don’t harm me or my companions, I’ll cooperate with you.”

“You’re an interesting one, boy!” The leader smirked, Yang Kai’s adaptability had gained the old man’s approval.

“But before that, I have a few requests I hope you can fulfil.”

“Don’t reach out for a yard after taking an inch, you don’t have the qualifications to discuss any conditions with us, it seems you really don’t understand your own position!” The old leader coldly snorted, his expression becoming gloomy again.

“I’m not asking for myself but for your Divine Tree. If you want your Divine Tree to be restored as quickly as possible, it’s best if you hear me out, if you don’t want to thought, that’s also fine.”

The Sun Clan cultivators all frowned as they stared at Yang Kai distrustfully.

“Speak!” The old leader said calmly.

“First, starting today, I want all of your Sun Clan clansmen to stop absorbing Yang Qi from the Divine Tree, if you want to cultivate, do it far away from this place!”


“I can only say that this has something to do with the riots of the Divine Tree,” Yang Kai replied perfunctorily.

The Divine Tree’s evolution required a massive amount of energy which Yang Kai was no supplying in the form of Yang Liquid, the last thing he wanted was for a portion of that to be absorbed by the Sun Clan, further increasing his consumption.

“What kind of joke is that? With just one sentence you want our entire clan to stop cultivating?!” A Sun Clan master shouted.

“It’s up to you to decide, I don’t care either way, I’m just making the suggestions.”

“How long do you want us to stop?” The Sun Clan’s leader asked.

Yang Kai frowned and asked, “How long ago did your Divine Tree start acting up?”

The old leader calmly replied, “It has been about three years, though it was not very obvious in the beginning, but as time passed the episodes became more and more frequent.”

Yang Kai nodded lightly. If what the old man said was true, then the evolution of the Divine Tree had started roughly three years ago which was similar to Yang Kai’s own estimates. Since that was the case, as long as he could at least maintain the current conditions, it shouldn’t be long before the Divine Tree finishes its evolution and obtains sentience.

“If my guess is correct, then you’ll only have to endure this situation for at most a year, half a year or even less is possible though.”

“Acceptable!” The old leader nodded and agreed to Yang Kai’s request, with him agreeing, none of the other Sun Clan masters raised any objections.

Enduring for a year wasn’t a big deal for them!

“Second, I need something to supplement my True Qi, preferably those fruits from the Divine Tree, the more the better!” Yang Kai said lightly.

Hearing this second condition, all the Sun Clan present wore sour expressions.

The old leader even laughed, “The more the better? Do you think that the fruit of the Divine Tree is easy to come by? Every fruit here has been grown for several hundred years, even I don’t have the opportunity to take one so easily. Do you think you have the right to obtain such valuable treasures?”

“Aren’t there a lot right here?” Yang Kai’s expression dimmed, these people were really too stingy, there were obviously a few dozen fully matured fruits hanging from the Divine Tree, their aroma stimulating Yang Kai’s appetite even now.

“These are the accumulated wealth of my clan’s thousands of years worth of effort, how could we let some outsiders take them?” The leader old said bluntly.

“Fine, it doesn’t have to be these fruits, Yang Attribute spirit grasses, herbs, fruits, or pills are also fine! You shouldn’t be lacking those too, right?” Yang Kai said impatiently.

Yang Kai wasn’t about to be a shorn sheep. Since he was providing Yang Liquid for the Divine Tree’s evolution, naturally the Sun Clan should supplement his consumption.

“You all saw, just now, in order to sooth your Divine Tree, I had to expend all of my True Qi, if I don’t have something to help me supplement my consumption, how am I supposed to restore myself?”

To this argument the old leader could only nod reluctantly, “Good, what you say makes some sense. We’ll give you something to supplement your True Qi, you don’t need to worry about this point!”


“Stop while you’re ahead, our patience is limited, we won’t allow you to keep naming conditions so wantonly,” The old leader said unhappily, directly interrupting Yang Kai’s words.

Yang Kai sneered back in response, “I just wanted to say that since you have a need for me, shouldn’t you give me a better living environment? I can’t escape from this place anyways, is there a need to keep me in your dungeon still?”


“My female companion, en, and these two Demon Race friends of mine, if it’s convenient, let them live with me as well.”

Gou Che couldn’t help but glance over at Yang Kai in surprise, his expression showing some signs of gratitude.

“Very well!” The old leader was obviously becoming impatient and didn’t wait for Yang Kai to continue before saying, “The conditions you proposed, I can satisfy, but if you can’t meet my clan’s expectations… you should understand.”

“I’m very clear about that,” Yang Kai nodded lightly, his face filled with a bright carefree smile.

“Take them away and have someone fulfil his requests!” The old leader waved his hand and quickly said.

The master who had previously escorted Yang Kai and the others here came over and immediately took them away.

After they had left, one of the Elders from the Sun Clan wore a gloomy expression as he muttered, “This little brat is so rude, daring to make so many demands, why did you agree to his conditions?”

“Me promising him is my own decision, besides, he only asked for some trivial things. This is just until we figure out what means he used. The next time he comforts the Divine Tree, I’ll be watching him closely! Send someone to monitor them, especially that young human boy. I want to know everything he does from now on.”



Inside a small palace, Yang Kai’s group of four people settled in.

After arranging accommodations for these four, the Sun Clan man who had led them here promptly left.

However, both Yang Kai and Gou Che knew that there were many powerful masters lurking about just outside, their Divine Senses unscrupulously monitoring them, obviously there was no chance of them escaping right now.

Having moved into a comfortable environment after just escaping death, everyone in the group felt some lingering fear, especially Gou Che and the unknown Demon Race cultivator, they didn’t understand why Yang Kai had even bothered to save them.

Inside one of the rooms, the four people gathered together and Gou Che stared at Yang Kai with a complicated expression, hesitating several times before finally asking the questions on his mind.

In response, Yang Kai simply smiled and said, “There’s no particular reason, all of us are in the same situation, and saving you two didn’t take any extra effort, so I just decided to do so. Does Brother Gou Che need any other explanation?”

Gou Che wore a stunned expression as he scratched his cheek, suddenly saying in a firm tone, “No matter what, this time, I, Gou Che, owe you my life. I will not forget this kindness, in the future, if the opportunity arises, I will certainly repay this grace!”

This time, if it weren’t for Yang Kai interfering, he would most certainly have been turned into a sacrifice by the Sun Clan.

“Brother Gou Che is too serious,” Yang Kai faintly waved his hand. “Us being able to leave here is another matter altogether, if things don’t go well we may still die here.”

“If such a time comes we’ll just have to fight it out with them.”

“We’ll deal with that when the time comes. Good, this palace is big enough, you two find a place to stay for now. There won’t be any danger in the short time, I need to hurry and restore myself!”

“Then I won’t disturb brother any longer. Rest well!” Gou Che said before quickly leaving together with his fellow clansmen.

An Ling’er on the other hand didn’t leave and just stared at Yang Kai with her beautiful pair of eyes, a thoughtful expression upon her face.

“Need something else?” asked Yang Kai.

“You lied,” An Ling’er said bluntly, “I know you’re not kind enough to save Gou Che for no reason. You must be plotting something!”

“Beauty, haven’t you ever heard of silencing others for knowing too much?” Yang Kai grinned evilly.

“Stop it, I know you won’t do anything to me,” An Ling’er spat disdainfully, rolling her eyes at Yang Kai’s act she had seen too many times already, lowering her voice as she continued to ask, “What scheme do you have? What are you trying to get from him?”

“Nothing,” Yang Kai smiled, “What I want is his gratitude.”

“What good is that to you? Here, his gratitude can’t save you.”

“In here it really can’t save me, but what about outside?” Yang Kai gave her a meaningful look.

“Outside…” An Ling’er’s brows wrinkled, obviously not comprehending what Yang Kai was implying.

“Idiot!” Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “It’s said that women with big chests don’t have any brains, it seems to be true!”

“I…” An Ling’er turned bright red and quietly looked down at her towering peaks, gritting her teeth as she mumbled, “How are they big?”

“They certainly don’t look small, en, you’ve developed quite nicely,” Yang Kai said with an obscene look upon his face.

“Rogue! Shameless!” An Ling’er shouted angrily, her skin flushing crimson.

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