Martial Peak

Chapter 769 - Helping Its Evolution

Chapter 769, Helping Its Evolution

Inside the palace, after Yang Kai painstakingly explained, An Ling’er finally understood what he was after.

If his guess was right, after escaping from this Mysterious Small World, the place they would appear would be the Demon Land!

The Demon Land was naturally ruled over by the Demon Race, and since ancient times, humans and demons had been enemies. In Tong Xuan Realm, with the exception of the central neutral zone, once members of the two races met, there would inevitably be a battle.

If two humans like Yang Kai and An Ling’er suddenly appeared in the middle of the Demon Land, they would surely encounter the chase down of the Demon Race, and even if they possessed Heaven defying abilities, they wouldn’t be able to safely escape.

However, with Gou Che’s help, it would be a different story.

This guy’s father was Demon General Gou Qiong, a man whose hand could cover the sky in the Demon Land. As long as they could obtain the latter’s shelter, Yang Kai and An Ling’er wouldn’t have to worry about losing their lives at least.

Therefore, Yang Kai was trying his best to earn Gou Che’s gratitude right now.

Hearing this, An Ling’er stared at Yang Kai with a scornful look, “You want to depend on something as flimsy as gratitude? Is your brain filled with flowers?”

Yang Kai snorted back, “I’m just thinking farther ahead than you. Of course, all of this first depends on us being able to leave this place. If we can’t escape from this Mysterious Small World, even if that delinquent Gou Che becomes my sworn brother, it wouldn’t do us any good.”

“Do you think we can leave?” An Ling’er narrowed her eyes and bit her lip anxiously.

“I don’t know, it’ll depend on our efforts from now on,” Yang Kai shook his head helplessly. Right now, he didn’t dare make any guarantees; he could only say he would do his best.

“I wonder what state the Holy Land is in,” An Ling’er sighed faintly.

Saintess Aunt Nan suddenly becoming like that meant that the old Holy Master must have fallen, which meant that the entire Holy Land had probably become a mess.

“I don’t know about your Holy Land, but I fear your three Saintess sisters are more unfortunate than fortunate!”

“Ah…” An Ling’er’s beautiful face paled as she called out in alarm. Thinking about it now, she felt that what Yang Kai said was very possible.

Because they cultivated the same Secret Art, Saintess Aunt Nan could easily find the other Saintesses’ positions. An Ling’er had just barely escaped thanks to Yang Kai and the Void Corridor, but her three sisters would likely not have such luck. There were no Saint Realm masters in the teams escorting the Saintesses so none of them could possibly resist the attack of a Second Order Saint.

In all likelihood, Saintess Aunt Nan had killed one or more of the other three before coming for An Ling’er.

Yang Kai’s words had instantly wiped away all the joy An Ling’er felt from surviving their most recent disaster, causing her mood to sink to its lowest point yet.

“Well, uh, just pretend I didn’t say anything. The situation might not be that bad!” Yang Kai fumbled for his words as he secretly regretted opening his mouth just now; to him, it was just something obvious which didn’t make any difference to him, but to An Ling’er, it was obviously nothing short of a tragedy.

“This is all your fault… just as I was starting to feel better…” An Ling’er glared at Yang Kai before turning around and running out.

Yang Kai shook his head helplessly while reminding himself to not be so talkative in the future.

The Sun Clan kept their word and soon after moving Yang Kai and the others into their new housing, delivered a number of Yang Attribute pills.

In this place, the ambient Yang Attribute energy was incredibly rich so it was naturally suitable to the growth of spirit herbs of the same attribute. The Sun Clan apparently also had their own Alchemists who could refine these herbs into pills.

There was a total of ten bottles, each with ten Spirit Grade Low-Rank pills inside.

Although these pills weren’t too high-end, they also weren’t too bad.

Ten bottles of Spirit Grade Low-Rank pills took less than half an hour for Yang Kai to consume, essentially compensating for the Yang Liquid he had just used.

However, Yang Kai obviously wasn’t satisfied just making up for his loss, he wanted to use this opportunity to extract as many benefits as he could from the Sun Clan.

After all, he would likely have to comfort the Divine Tree many times in the future with his Yang Liquid. How could a trivial ten bottles of pills satisfy him?

Waiting three days so as not to cause too much suspicion, Yang Kai once again asked the Sun Clan for more pills, causing the eyes of the Sun Clan guards who were monitoring him to nearly pop out of their sockets.

Ten bottles of ten pills each was enough for any one of them to use for several months, but this Human Race brat had actually spent just three days to consume them all.

However, as he was under their constant supervision, they also understood that Yang Kai had not secretly hidden or destroyed these pills. He hadn’t taken a half step outside the palace nor did he have any kind of storage artifact on him, so naturally it was impossible for him to have misappropriated these pills.

After cursing him out for a while, the guards finally brought ten more bottles of pills to Yang Kai, repeatedly emphasizing that he had to use them sparingly. Even for their Sun Clan it wasn’t easy to refine so many cultivation pills.

Yang Kai nodded solemnly while secretly sneering, swallowing these pills like beans the moment the guards left.

He could refine Spirit Grade Low-Rank pills at will now, so even just eating them casually as snacks they wouldn’t last more than two days.

It could only be said that the level of the Sun Clan’s Alchemists was too low.

Time passed day by day and the Sun Clan thought that after this most recent unusual comforting, the Divine Tree would remain stable for quite a while, but after only five days, the Divine Tree once again began releasing unstable energy fluctuations.

When he noticed this, Yang Kai quickly prepared himself.

Sure enough, only a few breaths later, someone came and escorted him to the Divine Tree.

This time, An Ling’er and the others didn’t follow and instead remained in the palace.

Beneath the Divine Tree, the Sun Clan masters gathered around their leader, all of them waiting anxiously. After seeing Yang Kai arrive, all of their Divine Senses locked onto him, apparently wanting to take this opportunity to figure out what method Yang Kai was using to sooth the Divine Tree’s rioting.

In response, Yang Kai wore a casual expression, not displaying a single hint of nervousness.

Yang Kai didn’t care about them spying on them, because in this world, besides him, no one else could do what he was about to do.

As such, he really wasn’t worried about anything.

When he arrived, Yang Kai didn’t bother speaking any nonsense and simply leapt up into the Divine Tree’s canopy, found the crack in the great trunk he had split open last time, and began feeding it drops of Yang Liquid.

Each drop of Yang Liquid represented the entire amount of True Qi Yang Kai’s physique, with the exception of his dantian, could contain, which meant that each drop of Yang Liquid, given the current size and toughness of his meridians, contained an incredible amount of pure Yang Qi.

Even so, each time a drop of Yang Liquid was fed to the Divine Tree, it would easily be absorbed, dispersing and disappearing almost instantaneously.

The energy fluctuations from the Divine Tree became even more violent as it tried to convey its desire for more.

However, Yang Kai wasn’t in any rush and continued to steadily feed the Divine Tree one drop of Yang Liquid after another, gently soothing it.

All the Sun Clan’s masters stood close by and observed but were ultimately unable to understand what was happening, causing each of them to frown. Although they could sense a massive amount of energy suddenly appearing every now and then, it would disappear just as quickly in the next moment, denying them an opportunity to investigate.

Watching this process repeat itself, all of their brows wrinkled deeply.

Many of them wanted to move closer to get a better look, but hesitated out of concern that they would annoy Yang Kai, causing him to stop cooperating with them.

After about half an hour, the Divine Tree’s aura settled down once more.

Yang Kai’s then sent his Soul Avatar into the Divine Tree to inspect its condition and quickly discovered that the energy formation which formed the latter’s core had become more solid and slightly less chaotic in nature.

Nodding with satisfaction, Yang Kai figured that it wouldn’t be long not before this energy formation finished evolving and gained sentience.

When Yang Kai leapt down, the Sun Clan immediately noticed that his condition was the same as last time, his face pale and all the True Qi drained from his body.

Glancing around at each other, they nodded approvingly.

Regardless of how Yang Kai was comforting the Divine Tree, from his performance, it was obvious to them he was at least giving it his all and not cutting any corners, something the Sun Clan wanted very much to see.

After allowing him to recover for a moment, they walked over to him.

The Sun Clan’s old leader called out, “Boy, I heard that you consume pills very quickly, do you take my Sun Clan for fools?”

Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes and panted lightly, struggling to argue back, “I indeed consumed many pills, but although I had some small gains, the one that ultimately benefits is your Divine Tree. I’ll tell you this right now, ninety-nine percent of the energy I absorbed from those pills was returned to your Divine Tree. Having just seen what I did, I think all of you are clear about this point. Are you really going to care about some insignificant benefits I gain in the process?”

The old leaders of the Sun Clan narrowed his eyes upon hearing this. Although he felt that there was something wrong with Yang Kai’s explanation just now, he also couldn’t definitively refute them.

“I might as well take the opportunity to mention this to you then, and you had best take what I say seriously. I need more pills, many more, otherwise the next time your precious Divine Tree acts up, I can’t guarantee that I’ll have enough True Qi to comfort it!”

Hearing his rude request, the Sun Clan masters all wore gloomy expressions. Yang Kai’s attitude was so brazen and arrogant that they couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable and annoyed.

“If it really is for the Divine Tree, I can provide you with what you need, but your rate of consumption is too high, if this last too long, I’m afraid our Alchemists won’t be able to keep up!” The Sun Clan leader calmly said.

“If there aren’t enough pills just give me herbs instead, I’ll refine them myself!” Yang Kai compromised.

“Do you understand Alchemy?” The Sun Clan’s leader looked at him with some shock.

“That’s none of your business!” Yang Kai bluntly stated.

“Fine, after having them prepared, I’ll have the appropriate materials delivered to you,” The Sun Clan’s leader nodded before asking, “Right, why did the Divine Tree’s riot come so quickly, shouldn’t you explain this to us?”

“What’s there to explain? You couldn’t have thought that after I comforted it last time your Divine Tree would no longer riot, did you?”

“Of course not, I just felt that the cycle should have been longer.”

“Idiot,” Yang Kai sneered, “The faster these bouts come the better, only after reaching a certain frequency will it stop altogether. In fact, if possible, I hope to come here every day to appease instead of waiting for its riots to appear on their own.”

“Come here once a day?” The gathered masters all showed puzzled expressions.


“Very well, I agree to your request. Rest assured, as long as you single-mindedly assist the Divine Tree, my Sun Clan will not treat you poorly, we will even give you some benefits. Since you cultivate a Yang Attribute Secret Art, perhaps my Sun Clan will have some Martial Skills and auxiliary techniques which will be useful to you!” As if appreciating Yang Kai’s ‘sincerity’, the Sun Clan’s old leader’s expression became more temperate and started throwing out some casual words of praise.

Yang Kai smiled happily on the surface while spat disdainfully in his heart. From what he had seen of these people so far, he knew they only considered him a slave labourer. Even if they delivered him any Martial Skills or Secret Arts, they would only be low-grade things.

Regarding such things, Yang Kai wouldn’t spare a glance.

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