Martial Peak

Chapter 767 - Yang Liquid’s Magical Usel Use

Chapter 767, Yang Liquid’s Magical Use

In front of everyone’s eyes, Yang Kai walked over and stood before the giant Divine Tree.

Both Gou Che and An Ling’er secretly clenched their fists, neither of them knowing what Yang Kai was thinking.

Standing beside the Divine Tree’s roots, Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled slightly as he slowly extended his hand and pressed it against the tree.

The instant he touched it, his body shook.

The Divine Tree in front of him was simply a gigantic treasure! The Divine Tree had so much Yang Attribute energy stored within it, it was difficult for Yang Kai to even fathom. It was as if Yang Qi flowed through the tree’s trunk like a raging river. It was to the point where it he listened carefully, Yang Kai could actually hear sound of the flowing Yang Qi.

Yang Kai’s expression changed greatly, wondering just what kind of height his strength would grow to if he could absorb this massive amount of energy.

However, he quickly shook his head. This was the Sun Clan’s Divine Tree; in front of so many masters, it was simply impossible for Yang Kai to absorb any energy from it. If he even tried, he would become a corpse in the next moment.

As Yang Kai stood there, all of the Sun Clan’s masters had their Divine Senses locked onto him, if he made any kind of suspicious movement, they would ruthlessly kill him.

However, Yang Kai’s performance was quite tactful as he simply investigated the Divine Tree, nothing more.

After some time passed, many of the Sun Clan began to show impatient expressions because the fluctuations coming from the Divine Tree had not decreased in the slightest.

Yang Kai also no longer wasted any time, instantly smashing the seal on his Spiritual Energy and then sending his Soul Avatar into the trunk of the Divine Tree.

Inside the Divine Tree, Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar found a golden world filled with Yang Qi so rich it turned into a liquid and flowed like a mighty river. Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar swam through this river, tracing it back to its source.

After a little hard work, Yang Kai arrived at a mysterious space.

This space was somewhere inside the Divine Tree and, strictly speaking, should be its core.

In front of Yang Kai’s Avatar, he discovered an unusual energy formation that seemed to be quietly floating within the golden river. This energy formation exuded an astonishingly hot aura that was subtly different from its surroundings.

As he watched, Yang Kai saw this energy formation pulse slowly, giving it the appearance of a great, beating heart.

Seeing this, Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling shocked.

There is always a reason when there is change.

When he had first arrived before the Divine Tree and the latter had taken the initiative to reach out and contact him, Yang Kai had a faint idea what was going on, and now that he had seen this mass of energy, he became certain about his speculations.

At the same time, Yang Kai thoroughly understood what the bouts of restlessness the Divine Tree had were about.

The Sun Clan were unclear about the actual situation and could only provide the Divine Tree with nutrients in the form of blood sacrifices.

Letting out a long sigh, Yang Kai continued to stare at the energy mass in front of him for a while.

This energy formation continued to pulse as it revealed a sense of eagerness and intimacy towards Yang Kai.

This energy formation was still in a state of chaos, but Yang Kai believed that if it was given enough time and enough nourishment, it would form a complete consciousness.

The world was truly vast, even giving birth to such a strange life form.

Yang Kai had encountered the Jade True Spirit and the Bone Race skeleton before which were similarly strange existences, and now he had come across this Divine Tree which, from the looks of it, was in the process of evolving into a completely new life form.

Transforming from a mere plant to a sentient being!

This energy formation at the heart of the tree was actually a gathering of Spiritual Energy and once it completed its evolution, it would become something akin to the Divine Tree’s Soul.

Yang Kai was deeply surprised, never having thought a tree could actually reach such a step.

The occasional riots of the Divine Tree weren’t because it had contracted some kind of illness or because it was on the verge of death, but because its evolution required a massive amount of energy.

It was rooted here so there weren’t many nutrients it could absorb from its surroundings, so whenever it needed more, it would unconsciously cry out. That was also why, when the Sun Clan offered it blood sacrifices, the Divine Tree would settle down for a while.

After eating and drinking enough, it naturally became stable.

However, such a method wasn’t a cure for the problem so it would inevitably start complaining again after a period of time, causing the Sun Clan no small amount of worry.

The amount of energy the Divine Tree needed for its evolution was too large, but judging from the increasing frequency of its riots, Yang Kai felt that it wouldn’t be long before it succeeded.

Yang Kai quickly figured out what was going on, but what he didn’t know was how much the Sun Clan knew.

It was reasonable to say that they could understand the situation by simply sending one of the Soul Avatars into this place, but from their uneasiness and urgency when it came to the Divine Tree’s riots, it seemed as though they were clueless about what was really happening.

Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling confused about this.

The only way to solve this mystery would be to ask!

Thinking so, Yang Kai quickly took back his Soul Avatar.

Just as he opened his eyes, Yang Kai heard many angry voices coming from the Sun Clan’s masters, all of them seemingly growing impatient, anxious to sacrifice Gou Che and his companion to calm the Divine Tree.

“What are you all so worried about?” Yang Kai squinted at them and said faintly, “I just finished my investigation and came up with a plan, wait a moment longer!”

The leader of the Sun Clan stared at Yang Kai coldly as he declared, “I’ll give you the time it takes to boil a cup of tea, if you can’t calm the Divine Tree by then, all of you will die here today! “

“A cup of tea…” Yang Kai chuckled, “Should be enough.”

Saying so, Yang Kai soared up into the sky and hid himself in the Divine Tree’s dense canopy, disappearing from everyone’s line of sight. The Sun Clan masters weren’t worried though. Even if they couldn’t see Yang Kai, their Divine Senses were still watching every move he made.

Atop the Divine Tree’s huge trunk, Yang Kai arrived at a spot he estimated was the location he had encountered the energy formation.

Stretching out a finger, Yang Kai opened a small crack in the trunk.

Immediately after, Yang Kai condensed a drop of Yang Liquid at his fingertip and dropped it into the crack.

The drop of Yang Liquid directly penetrated into the tree and disappeared.

Although he appeared calm on the surface, Yang Kai’s heart was pounding as he wasn’t certain his plan would work.

What he was doing right now was something he had just come up with on the spot, so there was no guarantee it would have any effect at all.

Yang Kai still remembered back when he was first beginning to cultivate that he had grown several Yang Attribute fruit trees by using his Yang Liquid, so he knew his Yang Liquid had such a growth-promoting effect and that the effect was quite significant.

A spirit fruit tree which should have taken several years to grow and produce fruit had fully matured within a month after absorbing a single drop of Yang Liquid.

Right now, this Divine Tree’s evolution required a massive amount of energy and a drop of Yang Liquid was undoubtedly the best choice for this. On top of that, Yang Kai’s Yang Liquid was very different from the past, the energy contained within a single drop was dozens of times greater than before.

Perhaps this could satisfy the Divine Tree’s requirements!

If it couldn’t though, Yang Kai would have no choice but to give up.

Waiting silently, Yang Kai felt a great sense of tension, not because he was afraid to confront the Sun Clan in a fight, but because he was full of expectations. He was looking forward to seeing what kind of role his Yang Liquid could play here and just what the Divine Tree’s evolved, sentient form would be like!

Suddenly, the fluctuations coming from the Divine Tree became much more intense, as if the drop of Yang Liquid had greatly stimulated it and it was now going on a rampage, throwing the surrounding area into a state of chaos.

“Boy! What have you done!?” Among the Sun Clan masters who were waiting down below, one of them immediately roared angrily upon seeing this and flew up towards Yang Kai, intending to execute him.

“Wait!” This time, it was the Sun Clan’s leader who called out, his brow wrinkling deeply as he examined the situation.

“Leader, that brat definitely tried to harm the Divine Tree, please let me immediately kill him!”

“I told you to wait!” The leader glanced at this man and declared in a domineering tone, shutting the latter up instantly.

Up in the canopy, Yang Kai heard the noise down below, but paid it no mind, instead wearing a happy expression.

The Divine Tree was rioting now not because it was upset but because it desperately wanted more of his Yang Liquid, its rioting was its way of begging for more.

The crack Yang Kai had previously opened actually split apart even further all on its own.

The Divine Tree seemed to think that by doing so it would be able to obtain more benefits.

Its consciousness was currently in a state of ignorance, just like an unborn child. It could vaguely sense what was going on in its surroundings, but couldn’t distinguish what much of it meant. This crack opening on its own was a subconscious reaction it took.

Yang Kai grinned and fed the Divine Tree another drop of Yang Liquid into the trunk from his fingertips.

A moment later, the rampaging aura of the Divine Tree became much more stable.

This time, everyone from the Sun Clan couldn’t help showing strange expressions, the old leader’s eyes flashing a cold yet expectant light.

As time passed, the aura of the Divine Tree gradually became calm, as if an invisible hand had gently been lulling it to sleep.

Everyone waited with anticipation and soon enough, Yang Kai jumped down from the Divine Tree, his face pale and sweat dripping from his forehead.

After landing, Yang Kai sat down without a word and began circulating his Secret Art.

No one dared to disturb him and even the Sun Clan clansmen held their breaths as they waited quietly, wondering just what kind of method he had used to successfully comfort the Divine Tree.

Gou Che and An Ling’er were both stunned but soon let out sighs of relief. They knew that this time they had managed to escape from the jaws of death.

After some time, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes, his complexion somewhat better but obviously still quite weak, the True Qi in his body seemingly severely depleted.

His expression was also quite gloomy and it was apparent he wasn’t in a good mood.

This was no act, Yang Kai really was in a foul mood. This time, in order to provide the Divine Tree with enough energy, he had actually fed it twenty drops of Yang Liquid.

This was a big loss.

“Boy, what did you just do?” The Sun Clan leader quickly asked, “How were you able to comfort the Divine Tree?”

“Do you think I’ll tell you?” Yang Kai sneered.

“Brat, you’d best start talking, if you don’t, we’ll let you taste the world’s finest torture!” Someone immediately threatened.

Yang Kai slowly shook his head and replied back in a defiant tone, “Do whatever you want, this time’s comforting was just a temporary fix. If you don’t want to completely solve your Divine Tree’s problem, you can beat me all you’d like, I promise you if one hair on my head is harmed, the next time your precious Divine Tree goes on a rampage I’ll definitely stand by and watch!”

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