Martial Peak

Chapter 766 - Divine Tree

Chapter 766, Divine Tree

The leader of this group was the man who had previously lifted the seal on Yang Kai’s True Qi and Spiritual Energy, his expression this time could only be described as gloomy. After arriving, he waved his hand and several of his clansmen immediately opened the two cells..

“Boy, your time of death has arrived,” The man said coldly, “Wasting so many of our resources and living so comfortably for so long, I want to see just how much return you’ll pay!”

As he spoke, he once again sealed Yang Kai’s True Qi before turning to his clansmen and ordering, “Take them all!”

Gou Che and his fellow Demon Race cultivator both suddenly let out muffled grunts as they received several punches and kicks and were dragged out of their cell. On the other hand, Yang Kai and An Ling’er didn’t resist and were spared such unpleasantries.

Walking along the prison’s dark corridor, Gou Che seemed to be somewhat unwilling to cooperate, so it was stop and go for a while, resulting in several whippings. As a result, when the group finally made it out of the prison, Gou Che was a bloody mess, but he was still stubbornly resisting, spewing curses from his mouth as he struggled against his captors.

The master from the Sun Clan simply sneered in response, “Go on, curse, curse like there’s no tomorrow, cause there isn’t! Son of a Demon General? Hmph, you’re nothing but a dead man walking. No one will come to rescue you.”

“If you have the guts, let me go. As soon as I return I’ll rally soldiers and lead my father’s army back here to annihilate you all!” Gou Che yelled.

“Idiot!” The man spat disdainfully.

As Gou Che spoke, he continuously shot glances towards Yang Kai, seemingly urging him to act, but Yang Kai just kept indicating that now was not the time.

Right now was when the surrounding masters were wariest. Even if he was at full strength, Yang Kai couldn’t guarantee he could escape successfully, so how was he supposed to do so when his True Qi and Spiritual Energy were sealed?

He had to wait for an opportunity to release his Soul Devouring Insects and take a large number of Sun Clan clansmen hostage first.

After seeing Yang Kai respond this way several times, Gou Che stopped signalling to him and instead began staring suspiciously, wondering what this strange Human brat was thinking.

As the group walked forward, the Yang Attribute energy fluctuation also grew stronger and more unstable.

The Sun Clan clansmen seemed to be in a hurry and were constantly urging Yang Kai and the others to walk faster.

A short time later, Yang Kai came to an open space where there was nothing within a thousand-meter radius beside a giant golden coloured tree that’s canopy seemed to stretch into the clouds.

Yang Kai could sense that all the Yang Attribute energy in this place was being generated from this giant tree.

It was almost like a giant umbrella, its huge canopy stretching out in all directions, radiating so much Yang Qi that it formed a thin, film-like barrier that subsequently covered the region where the Sun Clan people lived.

As soon as he arrived, the True Qi in Yang Kai’s body showed some signs of movement and soon after, the seal which had been placed on him was silently destroyed.

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed with shock.

He had never thought such a strange tree could exist in this world. This giant tree was obviously the Sun Clan’s Divine Tree, the foundation of their race.

Because of the Secret Arts the Sun Clan cultivated, as long as they remained near this Divine Tree, their strength will rapidly increase, unlike Yang Kai who needed to constantly search for Yang Attribute Precious Treasures and auras just to cultivate.

This was simply a paradise Yang Kai could only dream of.

Staring up at the huge Divine Tree, Yang Kai spotted a number of fruits hanging from its branches. These fruits were the same as the one Yang Kai had eaten soon after waking up in this strange Mysterious Small World, some of them were mature while others seemed to still need more time before ripening.

Not far from the roots of the Divine Tree, the Sun Clan’s Elders were waiting, and upon noticing Yang Kai and the other prisoners’ arrival, they turned around and stared with expectant eyes.

Soon after, the Divine Tree seemed to give off some unusual fluctuations, as if trying to convey a message of desire, releasing a wave of pure Yang Attribute aura that transformed into several visibly ropes which wrapped around Yang Kai.

Seeing this scene, all of the Sun Clan Elders’ spirits roused.

The old leader smiled and nodded as he muttered, “It looks like the Divine Tree likes this human.”

“Thank the Heavens, with this human, the Divine Tree should be able to stabilize for a while, giving us enough time to find some new nutrients!”

“Being able to become the Divine Tree’s nutrients is your life’s greatest honour!” The master who escorted Yang Kai and the others here sneered.

“Doesn’t seem like it to me,” Yang Kai replied flatly but made no attempt to free himself from the energy ropes the Divine Tree had wrapped around him.

These Yang Qi ropes not only didn’t restrict Yang Kai’s movements, they actually gave him a feeling of comfort.

Glancing around, Yang Kai saw that not far in front of himself was a pile of bones and earth that had been dyed red by blood. Obviously, these were the remains of the Demon Race cultivators who had previously been brought here.

This sea of bones and blood was quite shocking at first sight.

An Ling’er pretty face went pale, thinking that she would soon join this mass grave, her heart couldn’t help filling with panic.

*Kacha Kacha…*

As they were pushed forward and stepped, the bones beneath their feet cracked and crumbled, releasing a somewhat gruesome sound.

Gou Che roared as his eyes gradually turned red and filled with anger, the aura around his body become violent and dangerous.

The blood and bones here were all left behind by his clansmen, naturally, Gou Che felt enraged.

As he approached the Divine Tree, Yang Kai’s expression gradually became strange, he felt as if the Divine Tree was trying to convey something to him but was unable to decipher it, causing him to sink into contemplation.

Soon, the group of prisoners was brought before the Divine Tree.

The Sun Clan didn’t seem to want to waste any time, all of them eager to start the blood sacrifice to appease the Divine Tree.

The old leader stared at Gou Che and bluntly commanded, “Start with him.”

Immediately, someone came over and knocked Gou Che to the ground.

“Kid, if you don’t act now when will you?” Gou Che suddenly yelled at Yang Kai, his body swelling up as he spoke, his physique filling with a kind of explosive power that easily smashed through the seals with just his Demonic Qi.

Without hesitation, Gou Che thrust his hand towards the nearest Sun Clan clansman’s heart, trying to strike him to death.

None of the Sun Clan present even batted an eye though, instead staring at Gou Che as if he were some kind of idiot. The old leader simply waved his hand and Gou Che’s movements froze, no matter how the latter tried he simply couldn’t move. Sweat dripping down his forehead, unwillingness filled Gou Che’s red eyes but in the face of absolute power, there was nothing more he could do.

“You think by risking your life you can put up some kind of last-ditch struggle?” The leader chuckled, “Foolishness, do you think I would give you any such chance?”

“You old bastard!” Gou Che gnashed his teeth and cursed, the veins on his forehead nearly popping out, not losing hope as he continued to push his Demonic Qi but still unable to free himself from this predicament.

Gou Che’s strength wasn’t low, already arriving at the Third Order Transcendent Realm, but in front of a Saint Realm master, he still couldn’t put up any kind of resistance. On top of that, this place was right below the Sun Clan’s Divine Tree, the ambient Yang Qi was incredibly rich, harshly suppressing Gou Che’s Demonic Qi, even the weakest Sun Clan clansmen in the same realm could easily beat him here.

“Kill him!” The leader shouted somewhat impatiently.

The two Sun Clan guards who had dragged Gou Che here sneered as they raised their hands, their True Qi surging as they prepared to cut off their prisoner’s head.

“Wait!” Seeing Gou Che’s head about to roll, Yang Kai suddenly shouted.

“Boy, what do you want?” The old leader turned to look at Yang Kai sullenly, “Don’t tell me you want to take his place and die first?”

As soon as this statement came out, Gou Che’s expression also became somewhat confused.

Yang Kai simply grinned, “Sorry, my relationship with him isn’t nearly that good, whether he lives or dies has nothing to do with me.”

“Then why did you open your mouth just now?”

“I just thought I might have a way to resolve your problem and appease your Divine Tree,” Yang Kai smiled lightly.

All the Sun Clan clansmen present wore unpleasant expression upon hearing this, the old leader coldly glaring towards Yang Kai as he said, “Boy, you know to talk big I’ll give you that, but if you dare try to stir up trouble here, I’ll make you suffer a fate worse than death.”

“Whether I’m boasting or not, you can determine after letting me try; in any case, you have nothing to lose,” Yang Kai said, shrugging lightly.

In the next moment, True Qi surged out from Yang Kai’s body.

“You…” The master who had escorted him here stared in disbelief, unable to understand how this boy had so easily broken through the seals on his strength.

“Don’t look so surprised, it’s not that I have the ability to break through your seals, it was the Divine Tree that helped me!” Yang Kai smiled as he pointed at the energy ropes still tied around him.

“Strange!” The man shook his head in confusion.

“Now then, do you want me to try? To be honest, if you want to kill us all now, I have no opinion. At worst I’ll die a quick death, but if you let me try, you might receive an unexpected surprise. En, well, even if it doesn’t work, it won’t be too late to kill us then. It’s your decision.”

Seeing him look so calm, seemingly indifferent to whether he lived or died, the Sun Clan’s Elders became somewhat hesitant.

The most important point here was the Divine Tree’s behaviour. They had never seen the Divine Tree entangle someone like this before. Not even the strongest members of their Sun Clan had experienced such a thing.

As such, Yang Kai’s words had some credibility to them.

Perhaps it was as he said and he could give them some unexpected surprises

The crowd whispered amongst themselves for a moment before all of them turned their attention to their leader.

The old man sunk into contemplation for a moment, his eyes staring at Yang Kai with some distrust but eventually nodding as he said, “This old master will allow you to try, but you must first tell us what you plan to do.”

“There’s no way to describe it, you’ll just have to watch and see!” Yang Kai smiled, ignoring the unfriendly stares of the surrounding Sun Clan clansmen as he walked forward.

“If you dare damage the Divine Tree, I will pull out your Soul and torture you for all eternity!” The old leader threatened coldly.

Yang Kai secretly snorted, not caring at all about the old man’s threat.

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