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Chapter 763 You Certain Have a Lot Of Questions

Chapter 763 You Certain Have a Lot Of Questions

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Soon, Yang Kai followed the man out of prison. After coming outside into the light, the man looked back at Yang Kai and seemed to want to say something but after seeing his prisoner’s state, he couldn’t help showing a shocked expression as he pointed at him and stuttered, “You… your body…”

“Is there something wrong?” Yang Kai asked indifferently.

“You were on death’s door, how are you…”

When Yang Kai was first brought here, there wasn’t one place on his body that wasn’t wounded, his stomach had even been pierced clean through, leaving behind a gaping hole. Everyone had thought he be dead before night fell.

But now, seeing him essentially unharmed, the man couldn’t help feeling somewhat stunned and uncomfortable.

“My restorative abilities are better than most!”

“‘Better than most’ doesn’t even begin to describe it,” The man stared at Yang Kai distrustfully, suddenly asking coldly, “Brat, you must have used some miraculous healing pill. If you still have any, hand them over, if I find them on you later you’ll only suffer more.”

“I don’t have anything like that,” Yang Kai shook his head.

The man swept his eyes up and down Yang Kai, seemingly looking for traces of a hidden pocket or Universe Bag; unfortunately for him, he didn’t discover anything and was somewhat disappointed. Grinding his teeth unhappily, he grabbed Yang Kai and pushed him forward.

Inside a large hall, many people were gathered, each of them having an almost glowing complexion, a thick and somewhat scalding aura pulsing from each of their bodies.

Everyone here, whether they were male or female, young or old, actually cultivated a Yang Attribute Secret Art, similar to Yang Kai. On top of that, each of their cultivations wasn’t low, the weakest of them still having reached the Immortal Ascension Boundary Eighth Stage while a fair number of them were Transcendents.

There were more than a dozen people gathered here and at the head of the hall sat an old man with a particularly strong aura. This old man’s hair was red and wore an indifferent expression, giving off an imposing air.

Next to the old man was a square-faced youth wearing a grey shirt who made no attempt to conceal his surging True Qi.

This youth was actually a Third Order Transcendent!

This group of people was apparently in the middle of some kind of discussion but when Yang Kai arrived, all of them couldn’t help stopping and casting looks of surprise and amazement towards him, a strong sense of curiosity flashing across their eyes.

“Leader, I’ve brought him!” The man who led Yang Kai here cupped his fists and said. The old man sitting at the head of the room nodded lightly before waving his hand, dismissing the man. Before he left though, he didn’t forget to warn Yang Kai about showing proper respect again.

“Yi Feng, is this the Human you brought back?” The old man stroked his beard and temperately asked as he stared deeply towards Yang Kai.

As the old man spoke these words, Yang Kai could clearly feel a burning aura probing his body, seemingly inspecting him inside and out.

“En,” The young man standing next to the old man quickly responded, also staring at Yang Kai somewhat strangely.

“Didn’t you say he was on the verge of death? How can he be standing here now like nothing happened?” The old man asked again.

Yi Feng scratched his head and frowned, “I don’t know. When we brought him back here, he looked like he would die at any moment, I thought he wouldn’t last more than a day… Hey kid, what happened, how did you heal yourself?”

Yang Kai looked at the youth, then at the old man, wrinkling his brow as he asked, “From what you’ve said just now, you don’t seem to be Human.”

Only someone from a different race would refer to him as ‘Human’.

“Impudence!” Yi Feng’s expression immediately became cold, “When I ask you something you answer, otherwise keep your mouth shut.”

Saying so, he waved his hand a stream of energy, like a whip, struck Yang Kai’s body.

With a snapping sound, a new bloody mark appeared on Yang Kai’s chest, with his True Qi sealed, there was no way he could have resisted such an attack.

Yang Kai didn’t move and simply grit his teeth, turning his eyes towards the young man and staring fiercely.

“You’ve got guts at least!” Yi Feng sneered, raising his hand again and condensing his True Qi, seemingly planning on teaching this rude brat a harsh lesson.

“Enough, Yi Feng!” The old man suddenly raised his hand and stopped the youth from whipping Yang Kai, staring at the latter with a tinge of curiosity as he grinned, “Human Race kid, you have some skill. If I am not mistaken, the strength of your physique isn’t inferior to an average Saint’s, is it?”

“What?” Yi Feng’s expression changed to one of shock, “But his cultivation is only at the First Order Transcendent Realm.”

“He must have continuously tempered his body in order to achieve his current strength. Having such a strong physique at such a young age, truly impressive!” The old man smiled and asked, “How did you do it?”

“Every day I had someone whip me ten thousand times. Anyone who does the same can achieve what I have,” Yang Kai grinned back.

“A stupid way of doing things, but indeed possible.” Whether the old man didn’t know Yang Kai was spouting nonsense or just didn’t care, he simply the issue drop and moved on, “Because you are a Human, we’ve let you live for now. If you were a member of the Demon Race, your luck wouldn’t have been so good.”

Saying so, the old man’s expression suddenly became solemn as he asked, “Boy, I’ll ask you some questions, if I am satisfied with your answers, I can allow you to live a few more days. If I am not… you know the consequences.”

People under the eaves have to bow, so Yang Kai simply nodded.

“Do you any relationship with the Demon Race?”


“You don’t? Then why did you appear here? Where did you come in from?”

“I came here from the seabed! There was a Void Corridor in an Ancient Ruin I recently explored. My companion and I were being chased by a powerful master and used that Void Corridor to escape. After coming to my senses, I found myself here.”

As Yang Kai spoke, the old man continued staring fixedly at him, seemingly wanting to determine if the former was lying. After a moment of silence, the old man continued, “Tell me about what happened, in detail.”

Under the gaze of the other party, Yang Kai began narrating his story, neither lying nor trying to conceal anything. The strength of this old man was unfathomable and Yang Kai didn’t know whether the former had some kind of special skills regarding interrogation so right now, lying would likely be counterproductive.

“You managed to escape from the pursuit of a Saint Realm master?” The old man was astonished, “You’re skill isn’t small!”

“Ha! It was mostly luck, I almost died…”

The old man nodded lightly, accepting Yang Kai’s explanation.

“Why did you think I had some sort of connection with the Demon Race? Also, where is my companion now? What’s her situation?” Yang Kai asked.

“Brat, you certainly have a lot of question,” Yi Feng coldly snorted.

The old man also frowned, apparently displease with Yang Kai asking so many questions, but he still responded, “Because only those from the Demon Race have ever entered this place, you are the first Human to come here. As for your companion, you don’t have to worry, she is fine, only her freedom of movement has been restricted.”

Saying so, he then turned to Yi Feng, “Go back to the place you found them see if there is another entrance. If you find one, destroy it!”

Yi Feng was just about to nod when Yang Kai cut in, “There’s no need for that, I destroyed the Void Corridor before coming here.”

“And we’re supposed to just take your word for that?” Yi Feng snorted as he glared over at Yang Kai, quickly cupping his fists to the old man before leading a group of people back to the forest Yang Kai had appeared in.

After Yi Feng left, the old man continued, “You cultivate a Yang Attribute Secret Art?”

Yang Kai nodded.

The old man grinned, “Not many Humans cultivate Yang Attribute Secret Art, and looking from your appearance, your cultivation technique isn’t bad, is it?”

Yang Kai’s expression tightened slightly, thinking this old man was interested in his True Yang Secret Art, but before he could say anything, the old man simply waved his hand dismissively and said, “But even the best Human Yang Attribute Secret Art is nothing compared to ours.”

When the old man said this, everyone else in the room wore a proud expression and nodded, directing contemptuous looks towards Yang Kai.

Yang Kai expression relaxed as he asked, “You all seem to cultivate Yang Attribute Secret Arts, what race are you, and where is this place?”

“Us?” The old man stroked his beard and said, “We are Human yet also not Human!”

Yang Kai’s brow furrowed as he listened to this non-answer.

“Our ancestors belonged to the Human Race, but we are a little different from Humans now,” The old man continued, not explaining much. “This place is our home, you outsiders refer to it as a Mysterious Small World.”

“I saw a lot of people back in your dungeon, are they all from the Demon Race? What hatred do you have with the Demon Race?”

“Boy, you really have a lot of questions! It seems your one of those fools who don’t know their places!” The old man starred him coldly, but still grit his teeth and muttered, “The hatred between us and the Demon Race is absolutely irreconcilable. One day, we will wipe all of the Demon Race from existence. As for you, we won’t kill you for the time being. Your strange physique should have some uses for us!”

Saying so, he narrowed his eyes towards Yang Kai once more before waving his hand, “Take him away!”

Immediately, one of the guards came up to Yang Kai and pushed him towards the door.

After Yang Kai had left, everyone in the hall began chattering.

“Leader, the physique of that brat is really quite unique, what’s more, he actually cultivates a Yang Attribute Secret Art, if we turn him into nutrients for the Divine Tree, perhaps the Divine Tree will be stable for a while.”

“En, the Divine Tree has become more and more unstable recently, if this continues, we may end up losing our place of shelter.”

“Grabbing these Demon Race dregs isn’t a long term solution, we need to figure out how to resolve the issue with the Divine Tree. If the Divine Tree were to have an accident… our clan would be devastated.”

“All of you shut up!” The old man shouted, “Do you think this old master doesn’t want to solve this problem? We still don’t even know what the cause of all this is, so how do we go about solving it?”

Hearing this, everyone’s expression sank.

After a brief silence, the old man issued a new commanded, “Xu Qiu, go inform our clansmen to take special care of that boy, give him the best food available and lift the seals on his body. Also, send him one of the Divine Tree’s fruits, I want him restored to his peak condition as soon as possible!”

“Yes,” The man named Xu Qiu quickly got up and walked outside to carry out his orders.

Everyone in the room secretly gripped their fists with a sense of anticipation, knowing what their leader was planning.

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