Martial Peak

Chapter 764 - I Despise You Humans The Most

Chapter 764, I Despise You Humans The Most

Yang Kai was brought back to the same damp and dark prison and shoved into a new cell.

Inside this cell there was another figure with a bleak expression on their face, sitting curled up in the corner, weeping softly.

After hearing movement from the front of their cell, this person looked up, and in an instant, her beautiful face lit as she shouted tenderly, “Yang Kai?”

As she spoke, she quickly jumped to her feet and rushed over towards him while inspecting him carefully, soon discovering that he had essentially recovered from his injuries, greatly astonishing her.

An Ling’er was separated from Yang Kai and brought here several days ago. She, like everyone else, had thought that after suffering such intense wounds, Yang Kai would either be permanently crippled or worse, dead. Never had she expected him to appear before her so quickly and in good condition.

Yang Kai glanced at her and signaled with his eyes for her to remain quiet. Only after the two guards outside had left did he bring her to the corner of the cell.

“Are you alright?” Yang Kai glanced at her and found that aside from her eyes being swollen from crying, her clothes and face were still in order.

An Ling’er shook her head, “I’m fine, they haven’t done anything to me. What about you?”

“I’m fine,” Yang Kai grinned.

“Where is this place, do you know who those people are? Why are they holding us prisoner?”

“I’m not entirely clear, all I know is that they don’t seem to be human and that they have some kind of deep hatred with the Demon Race!” Yang Kai glanced around at the adjacent cells where a number of curious pairs of eyes were staring at him and An Ling’er, each of the people behind these eyes giving off a faint demonic aura.

These people should be members of the Demon Race who were caught and brought here.

“Out of the wolf’s mouth and into the tiger’s den,” An Ling’er sighed, her expression quite ugly.

“At the very least, your Aunt Nan won’t be able to find us for a while,” Yang Kai sat down and said. Compared to being pursued by the previous generation’s Nine Heavens’ Saintess, this place seemed safer, at least for now.

Listening to Yang Kai’s words, An Ling’er’s mood became a bit better, also sitting down next to Yang Kai and snuggling up beside him.

Yang Kai didn’t pay her actions any mind and instead focused his attention on the surrounding Demon Race people. These people should have had their Demonic Qi and Divine Senses sealed as well, but even if they weren’t, in this place, where the air was rich in Yang Attribute Energy, their Demonic Qi would receive a great degree of suppression.

The number of demons held here numbered at least a dozen or so, and their cultivations varied quite a bit. As for their exact strength, Yang Kai couldn’t tell. With a seal still on his Knowledge Sea, he didn’t dare use his Divine Sense forcefully to spy on others.

As Yang Kai was observing his neighbours, a man suddenly came over to his cell.

Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed as he inspected this man.

Yang Kai had seen this man in the hall just now, he had been sitting in a relatively high position and could probably be counted as one of this place’s masters.

The man stood outside the cell and stared at Yang Kai indifferently. A moment later, a number of others appeared as well.

“Open the cell!” The lead man told one of the guards who immediately opened the cell’s door.

The people who had just arrived walked in and an enticing aroma filled the cell. Yang Kai was amazed because he found that these people had actually brought trays of beautifully arranged delicacies as well as several jugs of wine.

“Brat, consider yourself lucky. Our leader has told us to take good care of you,” The lead man coldly snorted, waving his hand and sending a burst of True Qi into Yang Kai.

The next moment, Yang Kai felt all the seals in his body disappear and his True Qi once again began flowing through his meridians, his strength quickly recovering.

However, Yang Kai didn’t make any hasty movements. The other party so casually unsealing his True Qi was obviously because he wasn’t worried about Yang Kai being able to escape or even hurt him.

The trays of food and drink were placed down in front of Yang Kai while the lead man stood by and watched indifferently.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Yang Kai frowned. These people had suddenly brought him tasty food and fine wine and had then proceeded to un-seal his True Qi and Spiritual Energy, such inexplicable behaviour of course made Yang Kai feel vigilant.

There was no such thing as a free lunch!

“No meaning!” The man sneered, slowly walking over and opening his hand, revealing a pale yellow fruit the size of a small fist. The moment this fruit appeared, Yang Kai felt the surrounding Yang Attribute Energy become stronger and a fragrant scent brush past his nose.

His brow rising, Yang Kai stared fixedly at this fruit.

“Hmph, even after offering this to you, the way you act is still filled with suspicion. Hurry up and eat it!” The man tossed the fruit over and Yang Kai caught it, staring back and forth between the fruit and the man’s face suspiciously.

The lead man no longer said anything and simply turned around and left with his clansmen.

A moment later, the group had disappeared.

Yang Kai sat deep in thought, not eating the fruit in his hand or touching the food in front of him, unable to hide his confusion. No matter how he thought about it, he couldn’t understand what was going on.

Suddenly, from the cell to his left, a strange laughter rang out, “Human brat, your luck isn’t bad, you actually get a nice meal before you die, it seems like those bastards value you quite a bit.”

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled as he glanced over at the source of the voice but the light was too dim for him to tell what this man looked like.

His eyes narrowing slightly before relaxing, Yang Kai let out a friendly laugh and asked, “Friend, everyone here is in the same predicament, is there any need to taunt one another? Do you want some of this?”

“Nope, best of luck to you!” The man flatly rejected Yang Kai’s offer and then stopped talking.

“Is it poisoned?” An Ling’er asked nervously.

“You think too much,” Yang Kai shook his head. If these people really wanted to kill him, they didn’t need to use such petty tricks, from the strength they had shown, they definitely had the ability to put Yang Kai and An Ling’er to death instantly, why waste good food simply to poison them?

On top of that, although Yang Kai didn’t recognize what it was, the fruit he was given last was definitely something extraordinary. At the very least, this fruit was a Spirit Grade Top-Rank ingredient which contained a very rich Yang Qi.

One such fruit would be enough for someone with Yang Kai’s cultivation to completely restore themself.

“Eat up, there’s nothing wrong with it,” Yang Kai smiled and stuffed one of the plates into An Ling’er’s hand.

After having her True Qi and Spiritual Energy both sealed and spending a number of days living in fear, An Ling’er really did need to replenish her strength, so she immediately accepted and began eating.

Yang Kai also began stuffing his face, quickly sweeping away everything in front of him, not even letting the pit of the fruit go, swallowing it directly, adding a few drops of Yang Liquid to his dantian in the process

Over the next few days, people would come and deliver food to Yang Kai’s cell, which were all heavenly delicacies.

Yang Kai had already adjusted to this new environment and after these past few days, not only had his injuries completely healed, his strength had also improved slightly. This place was simply a cultivation paradise for the True Yang Secret Art.

Whenever Yang Kai and An Ling’er received these meals, the Demon Race people on either side of them became particularly unhappy.

They were all prisoners in the same prison, but the difference in treatment was as different as Heaven and Earth, causing all of them to wonder just what kind of connection Yang Kai had with the clan that occupied this Mysterious Small World.

In the cell on the left, the Demon Race person who had first spoken to Yang Kai had thought the latter would soon be killed, but after so many days, not only had the people here not found any trouble with him but instead continued to offer him various benefits, leaving him practically speechless.

Roughly five days later, Yang Kai, who was meditating in his cell, suddenly felt an unstable Yang Attribute energy fluctuation in the air, seemingly emanating from somewhere in the distance.

Wrinkling his brow, Yang Kai tried to examine what was going on, but was unable to discover anything useful.

On the other hand, the Demon Race people in the all the cells all wore dignified expressions as soon as they felt this strange energy fluctuation, all of them going silent as uneasiness filled the air, as if this energy fluctuation marked the coming of some kind of disaster.

“What happened to them?” An Ling’er huddled closer to Yang Kai and whispered.

Yang Kai shook his head, his expression also becoming solemn.

The clatter of footsteps could soon be heard as a number of people rushed into the prison from the outside and immediately grabbed a number of Demon Race people, dragging them kicking and screaming from their cells.

But with their strength completely sealed, there was no way these Demon Race people could fight back effectively and soon they were all knocked down and brought out.

After dragging these prisoners out, the doors to the cells were locked again.

Those who still remained began to clamor and curse but obviously no one responded to them.

“Enough! All of you shut up, you think shouting is of any use here?” In the cell to the left of Yang Kai’s, the Demon Race man who had spoken to Yang Kai before called out.

Soon after, everyone fell silent.

Seeing this, Yang Kai glanced over at this man curiously. Apparently this guy had some fame and prestige amongst the Demon Race or else the others here wouldn’t have so easily obeyed him.

After roughly the time it would take to burn a stick of incense, the unsteady energy fluctuations gradually subsided and eventually faded away.

A somber mood fell over the prison as all of the Demon Race people inside became noticeably low-spirited.

Yang Kai’s eyes flashed as he thought to himself that these captives should know more about what was going on. Perhaps he could acquire some useful information from them if he could just get them to talk.

A day later, someone once again brought food and wine, but this time Yang Kai didn’t stuff his meal down immediately but instead took a jug of wine over to the Demon Race man on his left and said in as friendly a tone as possible, “Do you want to share a drink? This wine isn’t half bad.”

Amidst the darkness, a pair of eyes slowly opened and glanced over at Yang Kai, a moment later a snort ringing out, revealing a sense of disdain and ridicule.

“Although I’m human and you’re a demon, and the relationship between our two races has never been friendly, but where I come from we have a saying, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend.’ What do you think?” Yang Kai continued his attempt to persuade this man.

In response, the man slowly took back his sneer and contemplated for a while before saying, “Hmph, you Humans are infamous for your treachery, but at least you don’t seem too hateful!”

Saying so, he stood up, walked over to where the two cells met, sat down and took the jug of wine from Yang Kai’s hand and drank it down.

A few breaths later, after watching him swallowing down the jug of wine, Yang Kai handed this man another.

Seeing him act so subservient, the Demon Race man couldn’t help nodding while disdainfully snickering, “I despise you, humans, the most. You all act servile to those stronger than you yet boast arrogantly in front of those weaker than you. A sinister and deceitful bunch!”

“Heh heh,” Yang Kai didn’t get angry and simply handed over the jug of wine, “Drink first, we can talk later.”

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