Martial Peak

Chapter 762 - Terrible Luck

Chapter 762, Terrible Luck

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An Ling’er couldn’t help thinking that if back in the Soul Battle Hall, she hadn’t used her Soul Skill on Yang Kai, he never would have learned the Nine Heavens Divine Skills and wouldn’t now be facing her Saintess Nan’s pursuit.

Her head filling with such thoughts, she naturally felt she had harmed Yang Kai, causing him to suffer an untimely death far before his time.

“Fuck, you better teach me all of your damn Divine Skills or else this time I’ll have suffered a huge loss!” Yang Kai’s face was pale white but he still endured the pain assaulting his body and managed to angrily complain.

He hadn’t expected this Punishing Heaven Spear could even penetrate his body after using his Devil Transformation. Yang Kai’s current physique was so intrepid that he could even resist the destructive force of a Starry Sky Storm but this Saintess Nan had still managed to pierce him like paper.

It was obvious just from this how powerful this Divine Skill was.

If it had been any other Transcendent, having suffered this blow from Saintess Nan, they would likely have already been vaporised.

“You, how can you be thinking about such things even now…” An Ling’er stretched out her hand as she stared at the deep wound on Yang Kai’s body. Feeling the fresh blood flowing down her fingers, her heart clenched tightly as tears rolled down her face, soaking her clothes.

“Can you stop crying already? All your blubbering is distracting me!” Yang Kai shouted, “You silly woman, how can you be so weak under pressure?”

Hearing his harsh words, An Ling’er quickly stifled her voice but she was unable to stop her tears from leaking out.

Suddenly, in an open space up ahead, a large black hole which seemed like it led to an unknown abyss appeared, causing Yang Kai’s face to light up, “We’re here!”

Gathering the remainder of his strength, Yang Kai crashed towards the Void Corridor with An Ling’er.

Just as he reached the Void Corridor, Yang Kai felt Saintess Nan’s murderous intent converge on him.

Arriving at the final moment of their escape, how could Yang Kai possibly let his guard down? Tossing An Ling’er into the Void Corridor, Yang Kai abruptly turned around and summoned a giant Black Dragon above his head. Opening its mouth and letting out a great roar, this Black Dragon charged towards the approaching Saintess Nan.

*Hong long long…*

A massive explosion occurred as the two collided.

The Black Dragon only lasted for an instant before collapsing and Saintess Nan shot towards Yang Kai, her momentum not decreasing in the slightest as the latter dove into the Void Corridor.

Yang Kai grinned as blood trickled from his mouth and his Demonic Qi fiercely burst out, wreaking havoc all around.

At the bottom of the sea, the Void Corridor which had existed for countless years was simply unable to bear this kind of violent explosion and quickly shattered, sending out a violent shockwave of void energy, swallowing up Saintess Nan and Yang Kai.

In the next moment, Yang Kai felt a strong sense of vertigo and nearly passed out.

Through pure force of will, Yang Kai forced himself to remain awake and after a few breaths, the darkness around him was swept away and a sea of white clouds appeared high up in the sky above his head. There was no sun, moon, or stars to be seen and only a faint scent of heat lingered in the air.

This hot aura made Yang Kai feel somewhat comfortable.

Falling through the air, Yang Kai figured he had successfully been sent to a distant place by the Void Corridor because the aura of Saintess Nan was nowhere to be found.

Just before he crossed the Void Corridor’s threshold, Yang Kai deliberately destroyed it so he estimated that Saintess Nan would not be able to find them for quite some time.

Thinking so, Yang Kai breathed a heavy sigh of relief. Being chased by a Saint Realm master was not a pleasant experience.

That Saintess Nan should have at least been a Second Order Saint because she was much more powerful than Ice Sect’s Qian Yue. In front of her, Yang Kai had no power to fight back and was even hard pressed to escape.

His falling body was suddenly hugged by a pair of jade arms. Yang Kai turned to look and sure enough, the one who caught him was An Ling’er who he had sent through the Void Corridor ahead of him, a big smile plastered all over her still crying face.

Yang Kai struggled for a moment and managed to free himself from her embrace and stand on his own atop a giant tree, gasping heavily as he began examining his surroundings.

He and An Ling’er were currently standing on a towering tree at least three hundred meters off the ground and were surrounded by a dense and vibrant forest.

Yang Kai also quickly noticed a strange phenomenon. The trees here seemed to be somewhat different from others he had seen, not just in shape, but in nature, as they had a faint Yang Attribute Energy flowing through them.

Simply put, these trees seemed to possess a Yang Attribute aura.

Yang Kai was incredibly puzzled, these trees seemed to be just ordinary trees and not any kind of Precious Treasure or spirit grass, so how could they have a Yang Attribute aura?

Looking up at the hazy sky, Yang Kai frowned and muttered, “Mysterious Small World?”

Only Mysterious Small Worlds would have no sun, moon, or stars, the one where the Ancient Demon Clan lived was also like this.

“Ah? A Mysterious Small World?” An Ling’er was obviously taken aback but that didn’t stop her beautiful eyes from filling with curiosity. She had never seen or entered a Mysterious Small World and had only heard about them in rumours. Coming to this kind of place for the first time was obviously novel to her.

“En, this should be a Mysterious Small World!” Yang Kai nodded lightly, but after speaking just a few words he began violently coughing and all the wounds on his body once again began leaking blood.

“You need to rest and recover!” An Ling’er held him nervously. The wounds Yang Kai had suffered this time were all quite serious. Not only was he run through by Saintess Nan’s Punishing Heaven Spear, but also the last moment, when he destroyed the Void Corridor, the resulting explosion and the rampant power of void had also left their mark on him. His clothes were tattered and scars marred his entire body while parts of his flesh had been ripped apart entirely, it was an incredibly miserable picture.

An average person would have died several times over having received these kinds of injuries but Yang Kai still had the strength to speak and even the energy to observe the surrounding environment, causing An Ling’er to not know whether to laugh or cry.

As she spoke, An Ling’er took out a bottle of pills from the Universe Bag on her belt and pushed it into Yang Kai’s hands, “This is my Holy Land’s Saint Grade healing pill, quickly take it”

Yang Kai nodded lightly, already feeling unsteady on his feet, accepting the pill bottle, pouring a few out, and directly swallowing them.

Before he had time to begin refining them though, Yang Kai felt a burning heat rapidly shoot towards him from all directions and in the next instant, he found himself and An Ling’er bound by energy ropes.

The two of them were caught completely off guard, quickly incapacitated, and fell to the ground.

After landing, Yang Kai found he was unable to move.

Having already exhausted all of his strength, suffering from a sudden surprise attack, Yang Kai had no way to resist and soon fainted.

[Goddamn it! Captured again?] That was the last thought to go through his mind as Yang Kai’s eyes went dark.

He had twice entered Mysterious Small Worlds since arriving in Tong Xuan Realm, both times as a captive. The first time he had been abducted by the Coffin Carrying Man and this time, before he could even get his bearings, he had been captured. It was really terrible luck.

“Hateful Demon Race!” Yang Kai faintly heard someone curse and saw a number of indistinct figures approaching him before his consciousness completely faded.


Amidst the pitch black darkness or night, Yang Kai slowly woke up, every single inch of his body ached. Even with his strong physique, he could not simply ignore such intense trauma.

Not sitting up or even opening his eyes immediately, Yang Kai quickly probed his current situation.

A moment later, Yang Kai’s expression became gloomy.

Just as he imagined, his True Qi and Spiritual Energy had a number of seals placed on them. In order to unseal his True Qi, it would take him some time but it shouldn’t be impossible, it was likely someone with only slightly higher strength than his own had applied his bindings. As for the seal on his Knowledge Sea, Yang Kai was confident he could easily crack it, but to not attract any unwanted attention, he didn’t dare act rashly.

He didn’t know where he was or what kind of masters were lurking around, if he were to free himself haphazardly, it would likely end very badly for him.

However, something that was of particular interest to him was the seal on his True Qi actually had a faint Yang Attribute aura to it and the ambient Yang Qi in the air was far richer than the outside world.

The Yang Attribute aura he had felt in the Ancient Ruins should have originated from this place.

The injuries on his body had already mostly healed, allowing him to infer that he had been in a coma for at least three days.

There were some other auras nearby but none of them belonged to An Ling’er.

Where had that woman gone?

An Ling’er was a rare beauty with a noble and innocent demeanour, if she had fallen into the hands of unscrupulous people, it wouldn’t end well for her. Yang Kai couldn’t help but slightly worrying about her.

Right now he seemed to be in some kind of prison cell which was constructed of sturdy wood, not something he could break easily with his True Qi sealed.

After opening his eyes and taking a moment to adjust to the ambient light, Yang Kai slowly sat up.

This movement did not go unnoticed by the others around him and soon someone came over and muttered in surprise, “Hm? Brat, you’re actually alive? How is that possible?”

“Where is this place, who are you?” Yang Kai asked as he looked around.

“Shut up! You’ll speak only when spoken to, I’ll pull out your tongue if you keep blabbing,” The man coldly snorted, his attitude extremely unfriendly, opening the cell door as he ordered, “Get out, my clan’s leader wants to see you.”

“Leader?” Yang Kai frowned.

“Stop asking questions and do as your told, otherwise I’ll chop you up and feed you to the Divine Tree right now!” The man threatened as he glared towards Yang Kai, turning around and walking out, “Follow me.”

Yang Kai’s expression remained indifferent as he followed the man outside, quietly inspecting his surroundings as he walked forward.

Currently, he was in a dark and damp corridor that was lined with cells similar to the one Yang Kai was in before, each one separated from the others. There were also a number of people in these cells who, after hearing movement, turned their eyes towards him curiously.

Yang Kai’s brow wrinkled when he saw these inmates, feeling like something was off with them.

The auras these people emitted were different from those of average people. Strictly speaking, there were traces of Demonic Qi lingering around each and every one of them!

Among these people, Yang Kai didn’t see any trace of An Ling’er, nor were there any signs of where she might have been taken.

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