Martial Peak

Chapter 731 - Acting Unruly

Chapter 731, Acting Unruly

On the outskirts of the ice mountains, the several Ice Sect Transcendent Realm masters teamed up against Yang Kai were constantly complaining in their hearts.

They had initially thought that their opponent was just a young ignorant brat, someone any one of them could easily send packing, but never had Ni Ren and his fellow brothers thought that Yang Kai’s strength would be so monstrous, completely surpassing all three of them put together, forcing them into a miserable situation.

Such a huge contrast in expectation and reality dumbfounded them.

Although the two side’s True Qi attributes mutually repelled one another, this youth’s True Qi was far more dense and pure, so every time they fought, the Ice Sect disciples Martial Skill would melt like snow under the spring sun. Even just their basic True Qi defence around their bodies was severely strained by the blazing hot aura Yang Kai was giving off.

“Anyone who dares to stop me today will die!”

All of a sudden, Yang Kai showed an impatient expression and angrily roared, his gaze becoming cold and ruthless.

Ni Ren’s heart clenched as his instincts cried out to him to retreat, immediately forcing him to put all of his strength into defending himself. Under the threat of Yang Kai murderous intent, he finally felt the situation had become untenable.

Yang Kai’s performance was completely unexpected; Ni Ren couldn’t understand how a boy so much younger than himself could completely suppress him and his fellow brothers.

“This is my Ice Sect’s domain, not somewhere you can act dissolute!” Ni Ren somehow choked down his fear, grit his teeth, and tried to act strong.

“You’ve said that once before,” Yang Kai stared at him coldly, “Not somewhere I can act dissolute? Is Ice Sect really so great? I’ll show you the meaning of dissolute!”

As he said so, a burst of wind was thunder erupted, engulfing Ni Ren and his two fellow disciples in a dense storm filled with sharp wind blades and lethal lightning bolts. A slaughtering field instantly appeared and the three Ice Sect disciples’ defensive artifacts all began to flicker rapidly under the intense bombardment, dimming quickly and soon losing their effect all together.

After that, the Ice Attribute True Qi the three Ice Sect disciples used to guard their bodies was swiftly eroded by the wind and thunder field, their clothes shredding, and dense wounds soon appearing on their bodies.

The aura of death breathed down their necks, causing Ni Ren and the others to pale with fright.

Trapped inside this strange killing field, they were unable to escape no matter what they tried.

Yang Kai slowly lifted his hand and patted towards their direction. A giant palm print appeared in the sky as he did so, shining a blinding golden light like the midday sun, falling towards the three Ice Sect disciples in the next instant, bringing with it a terrifying heat and destructive force, as if a volcano was pressing down on them.

Containing a fierce momentum, before the palm print had even hit its target, the surrounding glacier began to melt, sending a thick cloud of steam soaring up into the sky.

Ni Ren and his fellow brothers’ knees all went soft and each of them nearly collapsed to the ground, their bodies trembling violently as they stared at the huge palm print descending upon them.

“Stop!” A loud voice resounded in all of their ears as a white figure shot out from one of the ice mountains. In the blink of an eye, this figure arrived in the sky above Ni Ren and raised a jade-like palm towards Yang Kai’s attack.


The golden palm print directly collapsed and Yang Kai was forced back several steps, his face paling and a trickle of blood leaking from the corner of his lips.

However, no signs of surprise appeared on his face; instead, he cracked a light smile as he stared towards the woman who had suddenly appeared.

This woman was a mature beauty clothed in a pure white dress with an enchanting figure and a cold expression. At this moment, she too was staring towards Yang Kai, an incredulous look upon her face, seemingly unable to believe that this young man could easily defeat Ni Ren’s team.

Ni Ren and his fellow brothers were all First Order Transcendent masters and their strength within Ice Sect was not low. They should have been more than enough to take care of this minor incident but had actually almost died just now, this result was something she found difficult to accept.

Since when did such an astonishing young talent appear in Tong Xuan Realm?

“You finally decided to show yourself,” Yang Kai snorted.

“Elder Qian Yue!” Ni Ren and others shouted happily, as if they had just seen their saviour, their eyes filled with pleasant surprise.

“Draw back,” Qian Yue waved her hand and easily dispersed the field of wind and thunder around Ni Ren and the other.

Yang Kai’s expression was dignified. This woman was a Saint Realm master, so her having such ability was no surprise to him. The whole reason he had made a show of killing Ni Ren was to lead this woman out.

This woman was the one who had been spying on this place from the nearby ice mountain.

Ni Ren and the others didn’t have any real authority in Ice Sect, but this person probably did.

“What force are you from? Why are you proficient in three different attributes?” Qian Yue frowned as she stared at Yang Kai solemnly, wanting to find some kind of clue from his clothes or manner, but eventually coming up empty.

“Where I’m from isn’t important, I’m only here to see someone!” Yang Kai took a deep breath, “I hope you can open your Ice Sect’s doors and allow me to see her. If she is well, I’ll lead her away from here and consider this time’s matters settled. If she is not, I’ll make your Ice Sect pay an appropriate price.”

“Foolishness,” Qian Yue slowly shook her head, a look of ridicule flashing across her beautiful face, “My Ice Sect has been in seclusion for many years and its reputation no longer resounds throughout the world, but it still not so easily bullied. The person you are looking for is not here, go back to wherever you came from, other don’t blame me for taking action against a Junior.”

“You don’t need to feign ignorance with me, you and I are both well aware that Su Yan is in your Ice Sect,” Yang Kai replied indifferently, completely undeterred by Qian Yue’s words.

“I said the person you’re looking for is not in my Ice Sect,” Qian Yue repeated, a tinge of anger welling up in her heart.

“Oh really?” Yang Kai smiled mockingly, “Would you like me to point out exactly where she is right now?”

Saying so, Yang Kai pointed his finger in a particular direction and confidently stated, “The person I’m looking for is inside a tall ice mountain fifteen kilometers in that direction and is currently in some kind of deep sleep state.”

Qian Yue beautiful face twitched as she stared at Yang Kai in amazement.

This boy was correct, and the precision with which he described Su Yan’s current state and location were extremely high. Qian Yue couldn’t figure out how he could possible know all of this.

“Anything you’d like to say?” Yang Kai glared back at the mature beauty silently for a moment before firmly declaring, “All I want is to see her and determine whether she is alright.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Qian Yue quickly adjusted her expression and doubled down on her previous statement.

“If you insist on not letting me see her, then I can only force my way in,” Yang Kai’s aura suddenly became callus as he exclaimed, “I hope your Ice Sect can afford the price.”

“If you dare act unruly here, I cannot guarantee your life!” Qian Yue grit her teeth and issued an ultimatum.

Yang Kai nodded gently and no longer spoke, immediately pushing his True Qi to its limits.


Yang Kai opened his Wind and Thunder Wings directly and immediately grabbed everyone’s attention, all of them wondering what kind of profound Martial Skill or artifact composed these beautiful wings.

In that brief moment of absent-mindedness, Yang Kai disappeared from all of their sights.

Qian Yu’s face changed dramatically, her tender body flickering in the next instant as she hurriedly pursued him.


A loud bang erupted from a nearby thousand meter tall ice mountain, and under a terrifying force, its upper half exploded, sending chunks of ice and snow scattering in all directions.

*Hong Hong Hong…*

A series of loud explosions continued to spread across the ice mountain range as Ni Ren and his fellow disciples looked on in a daze. None of them could grasp Yang Kai’s movements, after opening that strange pair wings, the latter’s speed had increased to an incredible degree.

They couldn’t even lock onto Yang Kai’s position after fully releasing their Divine Senses.

As a blurry figure flickered about, one ice mountain after another was struck. This intruder was like a raging fireball, smashing directly into the ice mountains, using his own body and True Qi to destroy everything in his path.

Within a few breaths of time, six thousand-meter ice mountains had been obliterated, the Ice Sect disciples who were cultivate inside them scrambling out of the debris, many of them either confused or cursing but without exception, falling unconscious moments later.

The same happened to Ni Ren and his two fellow disciples. After watching Yang Kai’s performance for a brief moment, they had all suddenly fallen to the ground unconscious.

Qian Yue didn’t notice this strange anomaly because at the moment all her attention was focused on Yang Kai, a thick look of shock plastered all over her face. Even though she was a First Order Saint and wasn’t holding back, her wanting to catch up to Yang Kai who had opened his Wind and Thunder Wings was somewhat unrealistic.

The wind was swift and the thunder was agile; the enhancement the Wind and Thunder Wings provided to Yang Kai’s speed could no longer be described in words.

Amidst the ice mountains, two figures flashed rapidly, one fleeing, the other chasing, running around and around in circles, the surrounding ice mountains breaking open and crumbling one after another.

From the very beginning, Yang Kai never intended to confront this Saint Realm master head on.

His current strength was indeed quite astonishing, allowing him to fight and defeat enemies above his own realm with ease, so dealing with Ni Ren and the other two Ice Sect Transcendents wasn’t difficult, but Yang Kai still had some self-knowledge, a Saint Realm master was not an opponent he could fight right now.

The energy flowing through Saint Realm masters was very different from that of Transcendents, so every Martial Skill and move a Saint made was incomparably stronger that one’s displayed by Transcendents.

The Saint Realm dominated above the Transcendent Realm!

If he wanted to fight against a Saint Realm master and not immediately be defeated, Yang Kai figured he had to at least become a Third Order Transcendent.

If he tried to stand and fight this beautiful woman, Yang Kai had no chance of winning, so he could only try another method to get the other party to give way.

He had to make the biggest ruckus he could!

“Little brat, stop!” Qian Yue was infuriated, she couldn’t catch up to Yang Kai so she could only shout angrily at him from behind.

“I already said, if I can’t see Su Yan, I’ll flatten all of your Ice Sect’s mountains!” Yang Kai coldly snorted, not slowing down but instead increasing his speed even further.

Wrapping his intrepid physique in blazing hot True Qi, Yang Kai hit straight towards the ice mountains in front of him. None of these mountains could withstand the force of his collision. Everywhere he went, he smashed open the landscape as easily as one would smash a plank of rotten wood.

Qian Yue’s eyes went red as she saw her beloved Ice Sect’s thousand-year-old foundation crumbling around her, a deep sense of distress and anger filling her heart.

Bumping into such a reckless and unreasonable young man really made her feel like her luck was too bad.

In the middle of their chase, Qian Yue stopped suddenly, her beautiful eyes flashing an icy cold light as she glared towards Yang Kai’s figure, shouting loudly, “Suppress!”

The surrounding World Energy suddenly twisted unnaturally, causing Yang Kai’s expression to change dramatically, hurriedly coming to a halt and turning in a different direction, but no matter what way he faced, a wall of icy energy was closing in on him, leaving him no way out.

The astonishing methods of a Saint Realm master were beyond his ability to comprehend or resist.

*Hong Hong Hong…*

The wall of frigid energy smashed into Yang Kai and sent him tumbling through the air. Fresh blood spurt from his mouth and the golden light which had been surrounding his body vanished as he fell uncontrollably towards the ground below.

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